Jason Witten has offered to sign a waiver if he can play


It remains unlikely that Cowboys tight end Jason Witten plays tonight.

But it’s not for a lack of trying on his part.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Witten has offered to sign a waiver that would take the team and its doctors off the hook for any liability if he can take the field.

However, the team doesn’t seem inclined to take him up on the offer, willing to let him sit another week after suffering a spleen injury in the preseason.

He did make the trip to New York, according to Mortensen, and the team’s calling him a game-time decision.

38 responses to “Jason Witten has offered to sign a waiver if he can play

  1. One Good hit from Tuck, JPP, or Phillips, Rolle, and this guy could be in serious, medically serious condition.
    Wanting to play is all good, but were not talking a “hammy”? spleen!

  2. Can’t fault him for trying. Most of the starting offense is on the injury report and Romo needs his security blanket.

    Should be interesting if he does decide to play.

  3. Advice to Jason – Not worth the risk. Its the season opener. Its just one game even though its a divisional opponent and your opponent is going to win anyway irrespective of either you play or not. Its a road game against the Superbowl champs.

    Just recover and be yourselves next week that is the best the cowboys fan and the team want you to do.

  4. witten is NOT a warrior. No one or nobody is shooting at him and trying to kill him. He is a football player. and a very foolish one if he decides to play. he could lose his life if he’s hit in the spleen

  5. I wish my team had the heart he does, but not the brains. Get healthy first! He’s not going to help anyone if he plays 4 snaps then gets lost for the season.

  6. Amen. All in all this is just a game. He still gets paid for it. Jason, it is honorable what you are asking, but stupid. Its a spleen man, kind of a big deal. Sit down, even if you play the Boys will still get stomped.

  7. He is not being a warrior but a fool.

    I’m sure his doctor has explained to him that if his spleen is ruptured and has to be removed, his immunity system will will be compromised for the rest of his life, and, consequently, his expected life span will be shortened.

    Someone close to Witten needs to talk some sense into him.

    Does he think Jerry Jones would risk his own spleen for Witten?

  8. This is one of the reasons why, as a Giants fan, I have a lot of respect for Witten. He plays the game right and he loves the game. I wanted him to play tonight because you ALWAYS want your team to play against the best. But long term its probably best for him to sit this one out.

  9. A signed waiver does mean something, it means that the Cowboys, in this case would be knowingly placing Witten in a more dangerous situation than otherwise would be expected from another player stepping on the playing field. It would be like a surg. doing non-critical surgery on a patient whose blood pressure is through the roof but saying hey he signed a waiver to have it done, he knew the danger. The waiver becomes an admission of guilt that surgeon knew he/she was doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

  10. If this was a December game, he would have been listed as PROBABLE and medically cleared to play the game 2 seconds after he signed the waiver. So, tell me why he’s an IDIOT again?

  11. We’re not talking about a 19th century chimney sweep here. This is professional football in the 21st century. No judge in the free world would honor such a document.

  12. @joetoronto said:

    Waivers don’t mean anything anymore, thanks to lawyers.
    Please Joe, fill us in with your infinite wisdom of U.S. legal system and the value of waivers.

  13. This guy that plays football is not a warrior or a soldier. Only military veterans and current military members are.

  14. Shame on them for not having a more capable backup. Witten being out will change their entire offensive strategy.

    Cooley, Winslow, and Shockey are available as insurance. But they might not be familiar with the offense.

  15. Chalk it up to a chess match, mental game, or whatever you want to….Witten will play tonight. I really don’t think the Cowboys would drop a TE the day of if they weren’t certain he was playing. Also, it will take handcuffs and a security team to keep him off the field.

    Great drama up to kickoff though. Witten is model player for the NFL. Good guy, tough guy, all pro, and he wants the ball in tough situations.

    I wish he could infect the rest of the team, like Felix Jones, Spencer, Spears, and Austin. I mention Austin because his hamstring is always a problem. Be prepared for the season and get the issue taken care of!

    Ready for football to truly start tonight!

  16. Dude is tough for sure, but this is why I don’t feel sorry for these guys when their careers are over, they would obviously rather play and take the risks with no remorse for the future

  17. I have deep respect for the man’s commitment to his team and his teammates. It’s all too rare in professional sports. However, if he steps onto the field to play one single snap, than both Goodell and the union are guilty of outright hypocrisy. Do NOT tell us you are changing the rules because “you care about player safety” and then let a man sign his safety and health away. That’s disgusting. Either keep the man on the bench or admit that player safety be damned and play by the old rules. You either care about these men or they are disposable assets. You can’t switch back and forth on that. If it’s important that these men not become vegetables and cripples in their 50s, then stand up and say no one that needs to sign a waiver to play can come anywhere near the field. If it’s more important that a key player be on the field to further goose the ratings for opening night, than stop this farce that you care. Because it’s clear that you do not. I sincerely hope that if he does take the field, he doesn’t wake up in a NYC hospital bed tomorrow morning. That might not be criminally liable behavior, but it should be.

  18. burgundyandgold says:
    Sep 5, 2012 11:54 AM
    The guy is a dope. Overrated as well.

    I love how the Redskins try to pawn off yellow as gold. The Saints and 49ers have gold. You, are yellow.

  19. Witten needs to remember what happened to chris Simms. Granted Witten is much older and won’t be around to many more years, he should still just rest it. Chris Simms went from a good young qb with a promising future to a nobody due to a spleen injury. That’s just not something you toy around with

  20. Stop with all the “only soldiers can be warriors” crap. If you want to argue that only soldiers can be considered heroes, not football players, then yes, I would agree with you. A warrior is someone who lays it all out on the line during an activity, conflict, battle, etc. Boxers and fighters have been called warriors since the beginning of hand-to-hand combat. Many are willing to die in the ring if necessary, and many have. I am sure many football players have the same mindset.

  21. This mentality from players is both commendable, yet reckless. It is the basis in which the lawsuit for concussions should be dropped. Yet one more bit of proof that players understand the risks and want to play anyway.

  22. Jason Witten is an example of what you like to see in the league. He wants to win football games and is willing to do anything to play. Like others have said though, one knock on him could result in serious injury and I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze in that sense.

  23. I think east96stsaid it best. Unfortunately this is the NFL..you are just a piece of meat to be used and thrown away. Darn shame!

    Take care of your family Jasom and do not play tonite. There are a lot more games this season!

  24. Well if they play him..hit or not he will be out for season hurt more. It rained all day in NJ hard..there has to be at least 2-3 inches of water on field..plus still raining!

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