John Skelton: No reason Cardinals can’t top 49ers in NFC West


The 49ers won the NFC West last year and are favored to win it again this year, but Cardinals quarterback John Skelton has other ideas.

Skelton said on the Dan Patrick Show that his expectations are high, and he expects to be hosting a playoff game in January.

“As long as we come out and we start fast — last year we kind of put ourselves in a hole, starting 1-6 — but if we come out fast, we win the games we know we need to win, we do well in our division, there’s no reason we can’t win the division, knock the Niners off and make it into the playoffs,” Skelton said.

Skelton is being generous when he says “we” started 1-6 last year: Skelton didn’t take a single snap in any of those first seven games. It was Kevin Kolb who led the Cardinals to a 1-6 start in 2011. The Cardinals went 6-2 in their eight games with Skelton at quarterback, including a big win over the 49ers when Skelton entered the game after Kolb got knocked out after throwing just one pass, so it’s easy to see why Skelton feels confident that they can be a winning team this year, when he’s starting the season as the starting quarterback.

Still, topping the 49ers in the NFC West is going to be a tall order for the Cardinals. Even if they have a better chance of doing it with Skelton than with Kolb.

78 responses to “John Skelton: No reason Cardinals can’t top 49ers in NFC West

  1. Actually if they had a decent QB, Rb’s who werent hurt all the time and at least one OL who had even some remote talent then perhaps they would have a chance

  2. When you are a part of a team, its always “we”. That’s showing some leadership on Skeltons part.

    If the Cards go out and beat the Seahawks in week 1 at home, then I’d give them a solid chance at splitting the series agains the 49ers.

    Time will tell.

  3. There’s no reason to be afraid of SF. They have an average football team outside of those LBers and are below average at QB. What you saw vs the Broncos in the 1st quarter is what you’ll be getting this year…in other words, lots of losing because 2011 was a big, fat fluke/mirrage.

  4. Put down the blunt Skelton! You will be lucky to have five wins! Meanwhile, Niners win the Super Bowl. Goals are great but start off with something more realistic and you might gain some credibility!

  5. Its a new season – anything can and will happen.

    BTW, who out there believes the 49ers will again have a repeat Cinderella season where they get virtually every turnover, get every important call from the refs, get every important non-call in their favor from the refs, get almost every bounce in their favor, Smith keeps his turnovers down, and the team remains injury free?

    We are not talking about the Patriots or the Colts with Manning in his prime, we are talking about how last season’s luckiest NFL team is going to do this season with a target on its back.

  6. Big words from Big John Skelton.

    At this point the speculation is redundant. Cardinals will be the worst team in the league, Seattle’s QB is HOF bound after one preseason, and the 49ers are untouchable — all facts you’ve no doubt heard through sites like this.

    Let’s wait until Sunday then let’s talk.

  7. Got to give him credit for being upbeat and ready to go…Considering the state of that offensive line…
    The word ‘delusion’ comes to mind.

  8. With the bad decisions this team’s coaching staff has made over the years, this team will end up at home during the playoffs again! As a season seat holder for this pathetic example of a team (Az Cardinals) it saddens me (especially my wallet) to say that!

  9. the Niner fans are heavy in here, or should I say the Cardinals haters. Dont be mad that one of the few niner losses last year came at the hands of the Cardinals HA!

  10. Love the rams fan that thinks he has any room to talk about at least 29 other franchises in the NFL. Talk about cracking someone up

  11. Let me give you a list of reasons John:

    Their linebackers
    Their receivers
    Their offensive line
    Their running game
    Their secondary
    Their defensive line
    Your offensive line
    Your running game
    Your receivers (other than Fitz)
    Your coach
    Your backup

    Not necessarily in that order…….

  12. they might top the 9er’s this year who will return to their regular 8-8 form, but they won’t top this years top sleeper pick seahawks

  13. Sure, why not, it could happen… and I could win the lotto too. You can argue that Alex Smith is no better and all that but the Cardinals have two back-up quarterbacks in Skelton and Kolb and a subpar defense. If it were not for Fitzgerald they would have Andrew Luck on their roster and maybe then they would have a point. I predict the Cardinals are no better than 3rd in their conference but I think there is a better chance they have the worst record in the league.

  14. Love the “fans”, who claim luck carried the NINERS to their fluke season last year. Haha en route to having one of the most dominant defenses, an offense that didn’t beat itself, and losing a game to an “elite” qb by a few muffed punts and a fumble that was not called but ruled “forward progress had been stopped”. Time will tell indeed, But I keep wondering how a 13-3 49er with a whole defense returning and a totally revamped offense, is supposed to decline..even fall behind, the birds of the division?

    Very funny, good one @sj39 @truths4all. You guys must be in the same rotation with this clown Skelton. Cheers to a slugfest lol between the birdies this weekend..totally trumps that game in lambeau, totally. Hahaha

  15. Lot’s of talk, talk, talk here. Why don’t we see them put on the pads week 1 and play first and then see where the Cards fall before anyone gets their panties all up in a bunch.

  16. What is Skelton supposed to say? “yeah, we got no shot.”? To the poster that listed all the reasons the Cards wouldn’t be better then the 9ers and dare list wrs as a reason…thanks for the laugh dude. Fitz is better then Divatree, Manningham, and Moss put together.

  17. Hey John I’ll give you two reasons, you and Kevin. What a mistake that was. The Eagles hosed you on that one. Neither one of you can throw the ball consistently. I really feel sorry for Larry. Bet he wishes he could take a redo on that one. If I were the cardinals I would throw a line to David Garrard and see what he’s upto. At least he is a proven vet. Kevin, John, Sanchez, Tebow need to find something else to do cause none of y’all can play and your just taking up roster spot from people who can actually play.

  18. Uh, yes there is actually. Worse offensive line, worse defensive line, worse LBs, worse secondary, worse tacklers, worse overall defense, worse overall players…..worse owners…..etc….

  19. sj39 says:
    Sep 5, 2012 11:23 AM
    Love the Niners fans who think that one year (a lucky one at that) makes a dynasty. You crack me up.


    Right, thinking the Cards won’t be a player in the NFC West automatically means Niner fans think they’re a dynasty.

    Oh wait, you just made that up out of thin air.

  20. There are three reasons why it will be difficult for the Cardinals to win the NFC West… 49ers, Seahawks, and yes even the Rams. This should shake out to be a fun year for the NFC West. Personally I’m looking forward to December when the Seahawks play the rest of the NFC West. It’s going to be a fun month with playoff implications. Specifically that game between the 9ers and the Hawks.

  21. News flash – 9ers are a dynasty – one of the first in fact regardless of how long it’s taken to get back to relevancy – still more ringd after an 18 yr hiatus than sny of you hatin jealous clowns franchises other than one and 9ers have a damn good chance is getting that 6th ring in the near future so say what you will to make yourselves feel better – my squad was still one of the first dynasty modeled after storied franchises with successful Bill Walsh tree coaches scattered through the league including the Packers head coach and we’re back so say what you will – it’s irrelevant

  22. well it is possible, if willis, bowman, staley , iupati, and and v davis get injured, and more importantly if Alex Smith stays healthy….then they have a chance.

  23. Wow, and here I thought the 12th Woman threw a hissy fit if you said anything derogatory about her precious little team. Looks like the California Girls have her beat. These next few ten years or so are going to be fun.

  24. Skelton is going to have his soul stripped and crushed this coming Sunday.. The Seahawks are going to show him 2 things…

    1. His Oline is TERRIBLE
    2. Seattle is by far the most improved team in the LEAGUE!!

    Seattle 31
    Arizona 7

  25. There’s no reason except for having a worse team in almost every way that they can’t top the 49ers.

  26. Skelton and Russell Wilson should shut up and stick to playing football … win afew games win afew playoff games and then you can talk the talk.

  27. Dear John Skelton…beg to differ, dude. There’s one big reason that won’t happen…the Niners are a superior team to your Cardinals. Nuff said.

  28. Here are seven reasons, John:
    Isaac Sopoaga
    Justin Smith
    Ray McDonald
    Patrick Willis
    Navarro Bowman
    Aldon Smith
    Ahmad Brooks

  29. To be honest, I still have zero respect for Alex Smith. If the 49ers struggle at all this season, it will be because of his decisions. Coach knows this, that is why Gore, Jacobs, Hunter, and James are going to run the ball for 60% of the plays this year. Its going to be hard to stack the box with Randy and Vernon running down-field. Skelton on the other hand is worse than Smith, his RB is worse, his receivers may be better (never doubt Fitz), but his TE is worse, his defense is worse, and his coach is a moron. No competent coach keeps Kevin Kolb on a roster after seeing him play.

  30. “last year we kind of put ourselves in a hole, starting 1-6”

    That’s an understatement…

    You may win one of your two games against the Niners this year but that doesn’t mean you’ll win the division. I’m reading the comments here and I seem to notice a trend of saying Arizona has no Oline. Well, guess what, the 49ers defense is the best in the league. Aldon Smith is going to be in your backfield more than your running backs. Fitz may smoke our corners from time to time but he’s a HOF bound receiver, so that’s just going to happen. But he can’t catch a ball that isn’t thrown because your QB is on the ground. Sorry, Charlie. 49ers are going back to get some revenge in the post-season.

  31. Does anyone even remember last season? The 49ers lost 3 games by a combined 15 points. 15 points! There were some very close ones that they did win, but they lost 3 games by 15 points combined.

    Yes, they won’t be sneaking up on anyone this year, but they have actually improved the team and had an entire off season to prepare and install the rest of the defense and offense. At what point will people stop calling it a fluke?

  32. I like hearing this from him. Never go into the season talking about placing, always talk winning!

  33. I can’t blame him for trying to show some confidence, however misguided his expectations are, as he is the new leader of the team and is trying to step into that role.

  34. John Skelton’s qb rating in the 4th quater was above 100. He is physically capable of being a good quarterback. He is the starter now and will get the reps he needs. People forget that the cards went 7-2 with Skelton last year. If he can manage games and keep the turnovers down, there may be hope with this defense. The 49ers and Cardinals are pretty similar teams, really. Any 49er fan who wants to argue that needs to chill. ONE YEAR, take it easy!

  35. Nice to see all the 49er fans have such confidence in Alex Smith, of all people. What’s more likely, that last year was the true Alex Smith, or that every other year of his career was the true Alex Smith? Good luck with that.

  36. For everyone saying that the cards have no chance against SF, remember a Skelton lead Cardinals team split the series last year. Only time will tell but if Alex Smith can get to the playoffs, so can Skeleton. Great leadership dude! Go Cards!

  37. sj39 says:

    Love the Niners fans who think that one year (a lucky one at that) makes a dynasty. You crack me up.

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    Crack me up? You are the one who has jokes. Do you think anyone in a fanbase that is 5-0 in Super Bowls and is one of the original dynasties thinks one year is a dynasty? And how is 13-3 luck? Was the Cardinals one Super Bowl appearance luck?

  38. diehardcard: There’s one other thing that’s different from every other year. He’s not playing under Nolan or Singletary. He’s playing under Harbaugh. Just pray that Kaepernick doesn’t get in. He’ll burn you guys.

    As to the Niners losing to Skelton last season, put an * after that one. The Niners had already wrapped up the division and rested some starters. They were leading after 3 quarters and just bagged it. It was a meaningless game.

  39. NFC west is going to be the battle between SF & SEA. Nobody cares about what Cards’ players or fans said. Actually their season is over before the season begins.

  40. It is so much fun to be able to follow the Cards up close and personal. They truly are a leading candidate for the worst professional sports franchise of all time.

    To think that Fitz lobbied for Kolb. To think these nuts signed Kolb and paid him all of that guaranteed money.

    Priceless stuff all the time!

    PS: Do you think Skelton even knows the Cards are home opener dogs to the lowly Seahawks?

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