Kevin Ogletree stealing the show for Cowboys


The Cowboys worried all offseason who their third receiver would be.

Now that they’ve found him, he might be their second.

Kevin Ogletree has six catches for 87 yards and two touchdowns at the moment, and if it wasn’t for a sublime start for Dez Bryant, would be the best receiver on the field.

Meanwhile, Miles Austin has one catch for 9 yards, and if you didn’t see that in the box score you might not know he was there.

Ogletree, the former undrafted free agent who was born in Queens, has made the plays on the big stage that will make him the most popular pickup in fantasy leagues worldwide in the morning.

23 responses to “Kevin Ogletree stealing the show for Cowboys

  1. Sorry, but that was NOT a first down by Ahmad Bradshaw. He was at least a foot and a half away but the side judge spotted the ball too far forward. Would have been 3rd and less than a yard, but…

    The replacements refs have done a decent job up to the 4th quarter. I have to give them credit.

  2. Hey don’t get carried away, you have to acknowledge it is still very unlikely that he supplants Miles Austin as one of the team’s top 2 receivers. As well as he’s playing, it’s still one game.

  3. Kid looks good, damn good. Romo looks like a superstar QB the rest of the team ehhh… Giants… lol… well champs… I guess you didnt show up tonight. Now we will see how my Eagles do Sunday. Props to the Cowboys even though I hate you. and LOL!!!!@giants fans

  4. Let me be the first to say good game by the Cowboys. Cant make any excuses, the Boys plain beat that arse. You have to excuse me, now i have to drive all the way the Queens and burn Ogletrees house down, LOL

  5. Flash in the pan. I laugh at all the people who are scrambling to pick him up in their fantasy leagues. The Cowboys already have Bryant, Witten, and Austin, do you really think this guy is going to emerge as some kind of stud? If anything, the Cowboys WR corps will turn into something like the Saints, where the ball is spread around so much that every pass catcher has reduced value.

  6. “Hey don’t get carried away, you have to acknowledge it is still very unlikely that he supplants Miles Austin as one of the team’s top 2 receivers. As well as he’s playing, it’s still one game.”

    There was plenty of receptions to go around last year w/ Laurent Robinson.

  7. Right here…with 2 rings in 5 years. Dallas exploited our depleted secondary…props and whoopedy-fricken-do. Everyone bashing the Giants..A) you stayed up late to watch it and B) …youre just jealous. And you know it..

  8. What is it with this Dallas team and clock management and false starts? They need to get that O line on the same page and the head coach needs to let the O coach do the play calling and he manage the clock.
    They let the Giants into the playoffs and another super bowl by losing 4 easy contests on poor clock management last year. Without that, the Giants would not have even made the playoffs

  9. I personally do not see any difference with the replacement officials. The regular guys made just as many errors. When Reagan broke the air traffic controllers union there were no planes falling out of the sky. I think things are the same here. Let the greedy part time officials watch the games from the comfort of their homes ande get fatter.

  10. 2 rings in 5 years is pretty good… but it’s not in the same ballpark as 3 in 4 years or 2 in 2 years. And yeah, of course we stayed up late. You stayed up later though.

  11. When some sucker team selects rich, chocolatey Ogletree to be their flavor of the month for a huge amount of cash after this season, Romo will make another never-was look like a player that’s worth a lot of cash like he did with Crayton, Austin and Robinson. Whatever happened to Patrick Crayton, anyway? He caught like 20 TDs from Romo in like 4 seasons going against NFCE DB’s.

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