Michael Boley leaves with cramps after big return

Getty Images

Giants linebacker Michael Boley made one of the most exciting plays of a lackluster first half, but it might have been the last one he makes all night.

Boley has returned to the locker room in the second quarter with what the NBC broadcast team is referring to as cramps. Boley hasn’t been back in the game since his 51-yard return of an errant Tony Romo pass that set the Giants up in prime field position. The play ended when Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith brought Boley down with a horse collar tackle.

Boley landed awkwardly and his absence on the next series caused concern that the tackle was the reason why he was out. He hasn’t returned since that play, but it doesn’t appear that the tackle led to the injury. There’s no word on a possible return.

The Giants had to settle for a field goal after two failed runs and a missed connection between Eli Manning and Victor Cruz killed the drive following Boley’s pick. Those were the only points of the game until Tony Romo found Kevin Ogletree for a touchdown just before halftime.

UPDATE 10:10 p.m. ET: Boley is back on the sideline stretching as the second half gets underway.