MJD: I have to work to get job back

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Running back Maurice Jones-Drew didn’t work at all for the Jaguars during the offseason, so he should have plenty of energy to tackle the task in front of him.

That task is winning back the starting running back job from Rashad Jennings, who laid claim to it with a strong preseason while Jones-Drew was holding out of Jaguars camp. That’s left Jones-Drew with third-down back duties against the Vikings this weekend and a clear idea of what he needs to do to move up in the pecking order.

“I have to work to get my job back. That’s all it is,” Jones-Drew said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “Nobody has ever given me anything so I’m used to it. I like it because the competition is going to be great.”

Jones-Drew also shot down any suggestion that it would be difficult for him to play a limited role after being the prime offensive force in Jacksonville in recent years.

“It won’t be tough. Last year we had a little fall out because I thought I should have carried the ball more after I thought I was ready. It’s not necessarily about being ready, it’s about earning that position and earning that time,” Jones-Drew said. “It’s going to take a little longer and I understand that. That’s what happens when you do the things I did.”

Jones-Drew was on his way to reclaiming the starting job the moment he ended his holdout. Continuing to do and saythe right things on his way back up the ladder will only make it a quicker trip.

8 responses to “MJD: I have to work to get job back

  1. Let me tell you something, the Jags just got a whole bunch better this week w/ MOJO returning. Its amazing to me how many sports writers are writing this team off on a 3-13 4-12 predicted season. They really addressed the team needs w/ Blackmon(who looks unstoppable), Robinson, and Jennings returns after missing last season. Gabbert looks solid. This team has a shot just like any other team this year. Could be the next 1999 Rams. Cant wait for everyone jumping on that Jaguar bandwagon after week 4. Go Jags!

  2. I have not followed Jacksonville closely but planned to this season. I am a fan of Rashad Jennings and hope he will have a strong year. He will only improve by getting more playing time.
    My thoughts on MJD are this: you signed a contract. Be satisfied with that and play the best you can. When it is time to resign then perhaps you will get more money. Why you need more is my question? You make more $ per year than anyone should be able to spend. If you make less than others, so what? They make too much too. Your self-worth should come from inside yourself and not the amount of $ you make. And you can claim you didnt do anything wrong, but you did. Football is a team sport and you let your team down bc you demanded more $$$. They came to practice and played in the preseason. Where were you? I will root for Jacksonville, but I won’t be rooting for you. I hope you think about what you have done and come to understand that you let everyone down. Especially yourself.

  3. A lot of the names may have changed, but MJD knows how the organization treated Jaguar great and future HOF’er Fred Taylor when MJD was the younger, cheaper option. Now the shoe is on the other foot so he best be careful.

  4. Exactly! And it’s not like Fred Taylor came back and followed around Jags personnel this offseason in an intern type role in his aspirations to become a scout! Or that he’ll be entered into the Jaguars’ Ring of Honor this year! Or that he voluntarily rode around in a caravan to promote the Jaguars this offseason! He definitely hates the Jaguars organization for the way they treated him!

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