Niners ready to unleash Moss

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The notion that the 49ers will use receiver Randy Moss on a limited basis possibly went out the window with the news that he’s one of the starting wideouts in San Fran.

Unless that’s a ploy, it means that we’ll see plenty of Moss, starting on Sunday at Lambeau Field.

For a full and complete take on the issue, here’s a slice from Wednesday’s PFT Live.

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17 responses to “Niners ready to unleash Moss

  1. i drafted him EARLY in fantasy,

    ev1 laughed and said “thanks for the donation” and “I cant even find him on my mock draft, i had to search him manually”

    we shall see how it plays out…

    last time he made no headlines in the pre-season, him and Tom Brady set records in ’07,

    alex smith , tom brady, or tom hanks,

    i dont care who is throwin it,

    superfreak has 1 shot to do this

  2. Isn’t the NFL great, almost every team has some glimmer of hope. Fans can get excited about players they think might be great. Then in about 10 weeks there will be a handful of story lines that none of us saw coming. That’s why Football has become America’s game. The fun part for the football fan is if we see the moss who tore it up in NE & MN, or the Moss who stunk it up in Oak, NE, TEN, MN, it will be a entertaining ride! THANK GOD the NFL is ready to kickoff!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mjbulls45 says:

    i drafted him EARLY in fantasy

    You’ll want to drop him the second Moss or the team experience any challenges.

    When he was two years younger, in the midst of a contract year with everything to play for, he was unable to contribute to three straight teams.

    He was such a distraction to his teams that he got two coaches fired.

    In a way he almost seems bipolar, and his manic period is currently taking place in the pre-season – which doesn’t bode well for when real hits start happening and games count.

    Even assuming he regains speed he didn’t have at age 33 when he’s now two years older, should he encounter any adversity, watch out – drop him quick and put your money on another coach being fired.

  4. “He was such a distraction to his teams that he got two coaches fired.”

    If you seriously think he was the reason Chilly got fired then you need to give everyone in the comment section some of that good stuff you are smoking. You should be a contributor here if you’re going to make reaches like that.

  5. If Fox is broadcasting this game and Joe Buck is in the booth, you better have the fainting couch ready. If Moss has a TD and his hands go anywhere near his belt, Buck will swoon for sure!

  6. Will not last through the season. His body will not hold up. Everyone looks like they’re in shape, but unfortunately father time unleashes his fury, and there is nothing these athletes can do about it.

  7. As a Niner fan, my expectations are tepid at best. It takes Alex longer than most QBs to develop a rapport with his receivers + the Niners are built to do what it takes when they need it.

    In other words, if Moss’ abilities help them on a drive, or a game, he will be used. If the plan is for ball control or grind on the ground, he’ll be invisible.

    Harbaugh has designed numerous packages and schemes that he’ll use in modular fashion. Expect a lot of different looks and personnel through every game.

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