Packers aren’t sure what to expect from Randy Moss


The Packers defense doesn’t know what to expect from Randy Moss, but the know what they don’t want him to do.

That’s what makes the game that much fun,” cornerback Tramon Williams said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “People want to come in and see the old Randy Moss. They want to see the guy who goes up the field and makes great catches over guys and that’s the mystery of it.

“You don’t know what you’re going to get. You don’t know if you’re going to get that or if you’re going to get a different Randy.”

The mystery is reasonable. The 49ers have had only glowing reports, but it’s hard to know what he’s got left for sure until you see it in a regular season game.

In the past, he’s played some of his best games against the Packers.

He’s played 14 games against the Packers, with 1,273 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns.

Then again, he’s 35, and all but one of those games were eight years ago.

The one in particular keeps coming back to mind, the January, 2005 game in which he faux-mooned the crowd.

“I can remember him wiping his butt on the goal post. I can remember that,” Packers safety M.D. Jennings, who was 16 at the time, said. “I was excited to see that happen. When you see someone do things like that, it’s crazy.

“That’s like a slap in the face if someone comes in your house and does something like that. So we have to keep him out of our end zone and not give him a chance at any celebrations.”

Time may take care of that, as there’s no recent work on which to base a high expectation.

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  1. NOBODY knows what to expect. that is the fun part of football season. Lets get to kickoff! lol

  2. I’ll say this: if the 49ers can’t connect with Moss in a big way against the (still) worst secondary in the NFL, then Moss is going to be a big disappointment for the 49ers this year.

    I expect him to be at the other end of a couple big plays against GB, but have an average year overall.

  3. Every time a visiting team visits Green Bay, the fans moon them when they pass by the team’s bus. It’s been going on for decades. They moon everyone. Randy caught a TD and FAKE mooned them back. Big deal. I thought it was funny then, and still think its funny now. Next time this story gets mentioned don’t forget the classic:

    “Straight Cash, Homie!”

  4. For all anyone knows, he could be a non-factor with just a couple of catches for minimal yards. After all, it’s his first game in over 18 months, and he didn’t look all that great the last year he played.

    Regardless, I’m interested to see if the Randy of old will emerge. Not the egomaniac who acted like a spoiled brat, but the future Hall-of-Famer who made every opposing team look helpless when he took the field. (FWIW, I’m a Packers fan. I still respect Moss as a superstar wideout during his playing days.)

  5. The one in particular keeps coming back to mind, the January, 2005 game in which he faux-mooned the crowd.

    That was when Joe Buck when into histrionics over the so-called “mooning” as if it were the most pornographic act he had ever witnessed.

    Then again, it is Joe Buck – it actually may have been the most pornographic act he had ever witnessed.

  6. I love how people say that GB has a terrible secondary.

    Tramon Williams played all last year with a shoulder injury, and the starting safety was injured in week 1.

    Combined with that, the Packers couldn’t get much pressure on the QB.

    The Packers Secondary will be just fine, and the pass rush will be much better. That said, Randy Moss will probably catch a ball or two.

    Too bad he’ll need to catch about 15 to keep up with the Packers offense.

  7. Superbowl Homeboy!!

    Strait Cash Homey…

    I love watching moss, hopefully he moons the crowd again… That was a great day to be a Vikings Fan (we don’t have not to many of those days anymore) This will be a great game, If the 49ers use Moss to pick apart the secondary of the Packers they’ll win for sure…

  8. I would love to see Randy have a game against them like it was 1998 all over again. That would be soooo sweet! One-fitty & three, that would be perfect.

  9. If his performance for us (Titans) is any indication, then he’s been done for two years now. However, from what we’ve seen of his shameful work ethic the past 15 years, maybe that was just Randy being Randy.

  10. I remember Mr. Revis saying he could handle him just a year ago and got SMOKED !! Faked a pulled hamstring , brain aneurism etc, after Moss crossed the goal post and the rest was history. Yeah, no one can remember the performance, give me a break !!!

  11. This will be a GREAT game between two very well coached teams who will show great power offense AND defense. The Pack drafted almost exclusively ALL defense this last draft and the 49ers did a major overhaul on the WR corp. Nearly every national ‘expert’ out there is saying almost nothing about backup running back Kendall Hunter who will actually see, likely, as many snaps if not more than Gore. Imagine a 290 lb Will Tukuafu taking reps as a Full-Back running behind those hogs!

    Just gonna be an amazing game! Good luck Packers fans 🙂


  12. supremekingz says:
    Sep 5, 2012 2:53 PM
    Every time a visiting team visits Green Bay, the fans moon them when they pass by the team’s bus. It’s been going on for decades. They moon everyone. Randy caught a TD and FAKE mooned them back. Big deal. I thought it was funny then, and still think its funny now. Next time this story gets mentioned don’t forget the classic:

    “Straight Cash, Homie!”


    I thought it was hilarious too. In fact, I was more offended by Joe Buck’s idiotic reaction to it than anything else. Guy drives me nuts to this day, and that’s where it started. People were just mad Randy just scored on the Packers, not that he fake mooned everyone.

  13. Will you see the Randy that moons the Packers after a game winning TD (2004 Playoffs) or the Randy that short arms a game winning pass in the end zone at the end of the game (2010 Regular Season).

  14. Wow no comments about Alex Smith yet? Well since the other post is littered with them I’ll just save some time. Alex will not have a problem getting the ball down the field for Moss….. Anyone to actually pay attention vs just blab in ignorance would know Smith’s problem has always been overthrowing deep balls. Usually in partial credit to slow receivers. He consistently can hit Ginn deep which unfortunately Teddy has hands of granite, and he always finds Davis. Nobody knows what Randy will still bring but I tell you what I got chills when they asked him if he could still perform and his response was “JUST WAIT” Randy with a chip on the shoulder can be a very dangerous thing and he is still faster than at least 85% of the WR’s in the league. Also on one final note, all those saying the Packers secondary is horrible are nuts. They gave up a lot of yards, but they were often playing with big leads and limited pass rush. If I’m not mistaken they also forced the most turnovers in the league. You can’t sleep on Woodson and Williams.

  15. I really can’t wait until the Packers shutup these overzealous 49ers fans. Your team was a flash in the pan and on Sunday they’re going up against the best offense, maybe ever… Y’all are gonna get blown out.

  16. I have a feeling we will be seeing the Randy Moss that played for the Vikings, Raiders and Patriots, not the Titans. Expect 7-8 receptions and 1-2 touchdowns for Moss. He will have single coverage now and then, which he will use to his advantage. Remember, age ain’t nothing but a number.

  17. Double him for awhile if necessary; the Randy Moss we’ve all known for the past ten years will lose interest in all the proceedings pretty quickly.

  18. Expect what he’s delivered for 15 years. If the ball’s not coming to him, he will show no interest and will dog it.

  19. Our secondary isn’t that awful….
    Our Secondary led the league in takeaways in spite of the anemic pass rush…. We got some young guys back there now and some dudes up front who could rush the pocket better than who we had last year…. just saying, don’t sleep on a defense that was no. 2 only 2 years ago.

  20. Randy is going to light that terrible defense up,,,and I’ll be laughing the whole time!!

  21. My biggest concern isn’t if Moss will show up, but if Smith will be able to get him the ball.

  22. This is the match-up of the weekend. 2 teams that have a bad taste in their mouth after last year. Questions: What is the identity of GBs DEF? Are they the ball hawking top5 from 2 years ago or the used and abused DEF from last year? Can the 49ers open up that offense and get all these new weapons involved? Sooooo ready for Sunday!!!!!!!!

    As for the haters…. You keep posting the same unoriginal garbage. Try thinking for yourself. You’re probably not capable though. Awwwww. Sorry.

  23. Alex Smith cannot throw a deep ball to save his life. In this preseason, I can think of 2-3 times when he over threw Moss. I feel really sorry for Moss. He should have joined Carolina. Newton would have set the world on fire with Moss. Too bad.

  24. Some people on here are so amusing. Thinking the Packers’ D is horrible. Allow me to enlighten you. First of all, the Packers’ D was ranked #14 in points allowed before a meaningless game against the Lions where they sat their starters, dropping them to #19. They were tied #1 in turnovers, and #2 in opposing QB rating. YARDS DON’T MEAN ANYTHING.

    Anybody that thinks a washed up Randy Moss is going to do anything against the Packers is a fool, he will be lucky to reach 50yds.

  25. thepvyharvin says:Sep 5, 2012 5:21 PM

    Randy is going to light that terrible defense up,,,and I’ll be laughing the whole time!!

    Won`t be laughing near as hard as everyone watching your team. They don`t play Jacksonville 16 times this year.

  26. Moss will open up the middle of the field for davis and gore. I sure can live with that. Smith can throw the deep ball, just ask the saints.. The pass to davis before the winning td was perfect. Should be a great game, go niners!

  27. Randy Moss will play a huge role in this game and may end up with only 2-3 catches for 30 yards. He was brought in specifically to loosen defenses and open up space for Frank Gore, who’s been running against 8-man boxes for years, and Vernon Davis, whose productivity has been limited by extra blocking duties. With the addition of Moss, and a solidified o-line, the 49er offense will no longer be a weakness, and by the end of the season, when Smith has developed rapport with all of his weapons, it will be darn-near dominating. At this juncture of the season expect a great game, possibly the best game of the NFL season between two heavyweights. A treat for all NFL fans!

  28. Reading some of these comments about Moss tearing the secondary apart is laughable and a joke…first of all the packers had a good draft and they now have the players to put pressure on the QB which takes me to my second point…you need a QB to get the ball to Moss you fools and if Alex is all you have to offer is a joke lolol…Frank Gore is the only player the Packers need to worry about…so for the moron who said he will be laughing through out the game will be laughing at his own remarks lololol.

    Your not going to stop the Packers offense and the Defense will hold there own.

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