Patriots bringing in, you guessed it, another TE


At this point, it’s like Bill Belichick is in on the joke, and keeps feeding us punch lines.

The Patriots are taking a look at yet another tight end.

Mike Reiss of reports that they’re bringing in Michael Hoomanawanui, and are expected to sign him if he passes a physical.

They already have four tight ends on the roster, and are also working out Kellen Winslow. But that one has been characterized as an emergency list look.

There were reports that Hoomanawanui was headed to Washington to join the Redskins practice squad. But apparently the lure of playing in the all-tight end, all-the-time offense was too much to pass up.

UPDATE 10:42 a.m. ET: Reiss adds that Visanthe Shiancoe could be going on injured reserve to make room for Hoomanawanui.

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  1. All offseason everyone was talking up the Pats depth and how many stars they had. However, you can’t keep them all on the 53. This team has some serious depth problems at every spot except TE and LB. I see more and more people leaning towards Houston and Baltimore as the top 2 teams in the AFC…

  2. This is sad and pathetic. I know you trying to create mismatches and all but its quite obvious this team has not gotten over Randy Moss. Soon they will just carry 3 WR and a bunch of TE’s.

  3. Oh-Oh was fun to watch on the rare occasions he was healthy. This one kind of surprises me but then again I think BB has lost it as a GM/Pro-player personnel type guy and needs help.

  4. Can we just call Hernandez a WR? Though no longer an issue, if he had been franchised I’m pretty sure the union would’ve insisted he be characterized that way.

  5. McDaniels has some familiarity with Hoomanawanui from STL, and the kid is an above average athlete at the position, so it’s not a total surprise. He won’t get much playing time unless Hernandez lines up at WR a ton, but hey – if you can get talent on your team, why not?

  6. Maybe they’ll start lining up the bigger TEs outside the numbers, and use Welker, Edelman, and the smaller TEs inside, and just ignore the downfield passes for the most part…

  7. Shiancoe is one hell of a TE, he made lots of plays for the Vikes and has a great set of hands. I never knew he was injured, sounds like BB is gaming the system if he puts Shiancoe on IR unless he’s actually hurt.

    Just like they did with Demps a week back. Smells fishy to me.

  8. William is working the system. Rog needs to look into the situation to make certain the players listed on IR are actually injured.

    It won’t happen though. Kraft, Rooney and Mara have free license to operate as they please with full blessing from the NFL.

    The other 29 teams are fuct…

  9. This guy was kind of bad in st louis. Why would you sign a guy that couldn’t make that terrible team

  10. Funny Green Bay carried four TE’s last year on their roster and nobody says BOO. But because its that Evil Hoodie something dasterly must be up !!

    PS bobby2478, yes the Patriots told the world that Shiancoe had a bad hammy,didn’t play in any pre season games and BB is gaming the system.

    Also December 21 st is coming soon according to the Mayans.

  11. Mike is a damn good TE. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be electric catching passes from Brady. One team with 3 TEs with 1,000 yds and/or 8 TDs each anyone?

  12. Yes the Pats have a ton of TEs on the roster, but only 2 of them are healthy. The Pats have been running 3 TE sets for a long time, even before the emergence of Gronk/Hernandez. It’s not unusual that they would look for a 3rd healthy TE.

  13. ya know… hard not to wonder about what is going on here… in 1979 when Bill Walsh was perfecting the west coast offense, noone had a clue what was to unfold on the league the next 12 seasons … 5 SBs later the defenses adapted …

    I think BB and JMac are cooking up something to finally get this team another ring and a bunch of TEs are needed to make it work.

    I hope …

  14. Shiancoe is one hell of a TE, he made lots of plays for the Vikes and has a great set of hands. I never knew he was injured, sounds like BB is gaming the system if he puts Shiancoe on IR unless he’s actually hurt.

    Just like they did with Demps a week back. Smells fishy to me.

    SO because you hadnt heard he was hurt then the pats are gaming the system?

    The guy was hurt all preseason, barely practiced for them. It never ceases to amaze how far Pats haters will go to slander them.

  15. Maybe the reason the Pats defense is so bad is because they have to practice against this every day and miss out on practicing against the teams that run conventional offenses. They must get pretty beat up on defense in practice also. Good thing Wanny built the Bills to stop the TE barrage this year.

  16. Quit talking up this guy like he’s going to make some huge impact for the Pats. He has 200 CAREER yds in 2 NFL seasons. Just because the Pats signed him, does not automatically make him a superstar…

  17. Hopefully opposing coaches are as clueless as fans who fail to recognize Hernandez as a WR who simply lines up at TE to create mismatches.

    Belichick watched as his division rivals invested in expensive CBs, and then adapted his game plan and personnel to make CBs significantly less relevant.

    Belichick also knows that if the Pats had more depth at TE last year they’d likely have won the Super Bowl. He’s clearly not going to make that mistake again.

  18. Shiancoe will be moved to IR and possibly brought back midseason and Hoomanawanui will probably be here for the short term to be used as a blocking TE since Fells has yet to be completely healthy plus adding a healthy TE will limit the mileage on Gronk and Hernandez, who were on the field for 96% and 77%, respectively, of the offensive snaps the Patriots had last year…At some point they wear down and get hurt and if you have two other TEs to do the more physical job of blocking then it takes that much more off of Gronk and Hernandez’s shoulders…Hernandez will most likely line up more as a WR/FB anyway so they can legitimately have 4 TEs on the field while running normal plays

  19. A Tight end can be used a a blocker. Maybe they are worried about keeping Tom confident in the pocket.

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