Rex Ryan: Mark Sanchez is a strength, not a weakness, of the Jets


Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may be one bad pass from hearing the home fans chanting for Tim Tebow, but Jets coach Rex Ryan says he sees a big year coming from Sanchez.

As Sanchez opens his fourth season as the Jets’ starter, Ryan said he’s more confident in his quarterback’s abilities than he’s ever been.

“As a rookie, it was like he was looked as a weakness of our football team,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I said there’s going to be a day when he’s looked as a strength, not a weakness. I think that day is right now.”

Ryan insisted that he’s behind Sanchez and he won’t be swayed by calls for Tebow.

“I understand how popular Tim is . . . and for good reason,” Ryan said. “He’s a tremendous young man and a talented football player, but Mark had a job to do. Mark’s our starting quarterback. That’s how he approached it. . . . If you asked Mark, he’d tell you he’s happy that Tim’s here. Because we see Tim as being an outstanding football player. Is he behind Mark as the backup quarterback? Yes, he is.”

Ryan added that “I have complete confidence in Mark.” The question is whether the Jets’ offense will play in the regular season like it did in the preseason, and if so, whether Ryan’s confidence in Sanchez will start to waver.

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  1. Funniest thing I’ve heard all week – right alongside “I can’t see a situation in which I’d be fired.”

    Try going 8-8 again and seeing what happens. IF you can win 8 games.

  2. With Morano as the Offensive Coordinator get ready for a lot of fist pumping celebrating FG’s. that’s all you can look forward to.

    As for the QB situation. Look for that to be a breath of fresh air for all the Jests haters. Just sit back on the couch, open a cold beer, enjoy the drama, and please pass the nachos!!

  3. Yeah most teams who’s QB is a strength are going with a “ground and pound” offense and lots of wildcat. Oh wait…

  4. What else is he going to say? He’s hitched his wagon to Sanchez and he’ll either ride it to the playoffs or out of town.

  5. While the Jets entire organization continues to mouth off.

    The other NFL team from NY continues to practice and focus on another Superbowl Victory. All while their lips are sealed.

    Which method, as a fan would you prefer?

    The Circus or the Focused.

    I’ll go with focused. LOL

  6. Good for you Rex. I see a big year from him too. Super Bowl number one now, and from this point on, Mark’s Hall of Fame career is no longer questioned. The Sanchize rolls on. J-E-T-S

  7. What’s most surprising is that this will be Sanchez’ 4th year!? Aren’t you supposed to be at least marginally better than you were as a rookie. Or at least show some flashes of potential? In my amateur opinion, he’ll be no better in year 6 than he was in year 2.

  8. mhs8031 says:
    Sep 5, 2012 1:18 PM
    bad signs:

    When the coach has to tell the media and fans that a player is good.

    Rex Ryan trying to win the Super Bowl with his mouth again.

    If you could win the Super Bowl by talking the Jets would be the undisputed champions of the world. To Ryan the jets are always the super bowl champs on paper. Until he gets hungry and eats the paper as a snack.

  9. I think Sanchez is a decent middle of the road starting QB. I think the biggest problem is the lack of receiving targets and lack of commitment towards the passing game.

  10. Dennis Green put his coaching future in the hands of Matt Leinart inexplicably drafting him 10th overall in the 2006 draft.

    Rex Ryan put his in Sanchez’s hands inexplicably selecting him 5th overall in the 2009 draft.

    Sadly for both Green and Ryan, Leinart and Sanchez AREN’T who they thought they were.

  11. Oh my god! Rex said something positive about Sanchez! Everybody react to it! A coach never talks about nor compliments his qb! Let’s completely read into it and put a negative spin on it!

  12. Of all franchise fans, the Pats & Giants are super happy to hear the NY Jets blabbing. It makes us super franchises, which we are.

  13. patriots123456 says:Sep 5, 2012 1:13 PM

    While the Jets entire organization continues to mouth off.

    The above is so typical of some NE fans. Please cite “entire organization” and its continuance to mouth off.

    Actually, aside from Rex, we’ll accept one other name for you to win the pony.
    And Parcells is to blame for Belichick resigning on a napkin. Right!

  14. Every year the Jets come out and say this year Sanchez will not be a liability and each year he grades out as the worst QB football.

    I love the fact that Rex is excited but Sanchez is simply bad and there is nothing hat can be done to fix him. He is inaccurate, cannot throw the ball outside the hash marks. folds under pressure, is sfot and weak, telegraphs his passes. only looks at 1/3 of the field, cannot read defenses and becomes easily confused and he panics under pressure.

    Sanchez may look good in a magazine but he cannot play tackle football. The kid is weak and soft mentally.

    Expect Rex to express the same optimism for McEroy when he wins the starting job later this year and for the QB the Jets draft next year.

  15. Jets have a pretty tough start to the season in an overall easy schedule. I think they will be battling for a wildcard spot with the Bills, but Sanchez will need to survive the first 7 games as the starter. They will lose 3 or 4 of the first 7 games at least, but will still have a chance to make the playoffs.

  16. I don’t even know how Sanchez can be evaluated when the rest of the offense has deteriorated so badly. No elite running back, no elite receiver, a shaky O-line. With the way the Jets have shortchanged their offensive talent, it becomes a question of whether the QB can throw an accurate pass while lying flat on his back.

  17. Tebow will be the starter by game 6.

    Bills will beat them
    Stealers will annihilate them
    Maybe a win vs the Fins
    San Fran will kill the Jets
    Houston will finally expose Sanchez for what he is, a bad QB

    Rex will put Tebow in against the Colts to prep for New England the following Week.

  18. You’re the best Rex, the best.

    Tell us, if Sanchez is your strength, then what are the weaknesses of the Jets? Surely there must be a few, no?

    Take the Bills (+3)

  19. everyone here saying rex should shut his mouth does realize he is forced to talk to the media, right? he answers the questions they ask him and when it comes to the jets the sanchez/tebow dynamic is what the media wants to hear about. what about this statement is so crazy and out of line? it’s just the fact that rex is who he is that these stories get published. i’m sure every coach in the league would say their qb is a strength, why openly admit you don’t have confidence in your guy, even if that was the case?

  20. 5 wins on the Jets schedule this year.

    L Bills
    L @ Steelers
    W @ Dolphins
    L 49ers
    L Texans
    L Colts
    L @ Patriots
    W Miami
    L @ Seattle
    W @ StL
    L Patriots
    W Arizona
    W @Jaguars
    L @Titans
    L Chargers

  21. I remember when Eli Manning was considered a failure. Sanchez can become a quality QB. His time is running short though, he better get it going in the first 6 games or else.

  22. jpb12 says:
    Sep 5, 2012 2:40 PM
    5 wins on the Jets schedule this year.

    L Bills
    L @ Steelers
    W @ Dolphins
    L 49ers
    L Texans
    L Colts
    L @ Patriots
    W Miami
    L @ Seattle
    W @ StL
    L Patriots
    W Arizona
    W @Jaguars
    L @Titans
    L Chargers


    You only have 15 games on your schedule… either way I agree you leave off a Buffalo game and I think they split with Buffalo but I also think they split with Miami.

    Remember when everyone thought the Ravens were CRAZY and dead wrong for passing on Rexy as head coach a few years back…


  23. @noquick…

    The folks in Baltimore are very happy that John Harbaugh is the head coach. Very happy.


  24. Rex seemingly operates under the assumption that his words create reality. Once you understand that about him, the rest all falls in to place.

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