Stevie Johnson says his injured groin is 90 percent

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As Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis prepares to try to keep Bills receiver Stevie Johnson from having a big day (relatively speaking) against the best cover man in the game, Revis has received a little good news.

Johnson won’t be 100 percent.

He said on Tuesday’s first-ever (and hopefully not last-ever) episode of Pro Football Talk that a groin injury that required surgery in the offseason remains at only 90 percent.

That said, Johnson insisted he’s ready to go.  And he also avoided saying anything to inflame the rivalry, realizing that even though he played well against Revis last year, the Jets won both games.

Here’s the full interview with Johnson.

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14 responses to “Stevie Johnson says his injured groin is 90 percent

  1. If it were up to me, he’d sit out till he is 100%. No need to rush a good thing. Especially if rushing it could damage his effect in the long run. Big picture, people!!

  2. Get your excuses in now Stevie bc when Revis shuts you down you can blame it on the “injury” and you can act like you still “own” Revis
    Seems eerily reminiscent on Revis’s explanation of when Moss torched him with that one handed snag.

  3. And…when Moss “torched” Revis, I don’t remember hearing Darrelle say anything. IN fact, all I remember is Revis sitting out with a legit injury.

    Best CB ever.

  4. The guy said he’s never at 100% and that he always has something to get better. Sounds real.
    And to be fair, Stevie never acted like he owned Revis. The media just noticed that he was the most successful receiver versus Revis.
    Once again, it’s the Jets who do all the talking and field a mediocre team.

  5. @lgw91s revis didnt have an explanation or excuses he just got hurt on that play… getting beaten by randy moss is nothing to be ashamed of especially when revis routinely shut down moss and every other wr in the game on a consistent basis…hate on all the other jet all u want but u can’t hate on revis

  6. @alexb

    I will hate on Revis, and here’s why. He gets away with the most flagarent PI and holding fouls in the leauge. There is always hand checking and light push-offs, but Revis takes the cake when it comes to the PI’s and holdings. Prime example is his pick-6 against the Dolphins, and the three passes prior. Also, listen to the dang video before anybody comments. Stevie clearly said that it didn’t matter how he did, his team still lost. I am very dissapointed that PFT only gifted the Bills 10 points on Sunday, the Jets D is good, but not that good. The defense that will win this game will be the Bills. Think back to the game where Mark threw 5 picks, I see this game playig out the same way. I’ll give the Bills 17 and even give the Jets a touchdown, 17-10 Bills.q

  7. Skins fan here sick of hearin bout people torching revis get real the guy gives up a td a year and has to cover a whole half of the field by himself. Nobody else in the league can or ever has been able to do that

  8. rabidbillsfan:
    Yes, revis does get away with some calls but the call you singled out is ridiculous, the one against the Fins last year. I don’t think that any referree would call that defensive PI. At worst, it could be offensive and defensive PI thus offsetting. If you look at the entire play (not just the part of the play that you saw), it is not defensive PI. Marshall initiated all the contact by running and falling in to him thus making him fair game.

  9. @rabidbillsfan I respect your argument but you gotta remember one thing…when your the best at what you do you get the calls…Deion got calls, jerry rice got calls, Michael Jordan got every call…with greatness comes respect from the referees too.
    I don’t agree with it(unless it’s revis getting the calls lol) but that’s just the reality of sports

  10. I love how jets fans feel Revis is being “hated on” by Stevie. The Bills have said nothing. It was one of the NY sports columnists who suggested Revis has been owned. The jets are the best at starting a fire, pouring gasoline on it, and then complain how much they’re criticized by the media.

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