Cardinals lock up Daryl Washington through 2017

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The Cardinals have locked up another member of their defense for the near future.

The team announced Thursday that they have agreed to a six-year contract with linebacker Daryl Washington that will keep him with the team through the 2017 season. Washington, a 2010 second-round pick, had two years left on his rookie deal before signing the new contract with the Cards. Financial terms haven’t been disclosed, but it’s fair to assume that Washington will make more than the $1.065 million he was due to make on his rookie deal.

“Two things that successful teams do consistently is build through the draft and keep their core players,” Cardinals General Manager Rod Graves said in a statement. “Daryl has certainly lived up to the potential we all saw in him coming out of TCU in 2010 and he has established himself as one of the top young defensive players in the NFL. I know he feels, like we do, that his best football is still ahead of him and we’re thrilled that this deal gives him the opportunity to achieve that with the Cardinals.”

Washington blossomed into one of the best young inside linebackers in the league last season with 107 tackles, five sacks and two interceptions for the Cards. He joins defensive end Calais Campbell as Cardinals defensive starters with new contracts. Cornerback Patrick Peterson will probably get one before his rookie deal runs out in 2014 as the team builds the core to build the rest of the unit around in the next few years.

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  1. This is actually a great move by the Cards. The Cards a few years ago would have let this guy leave via free agency.

  2. Solid! Its good to see the front office taking advantage of the talent on the team. Now, if we could just get that QB and Oline straightened out…

  3. But until they get a quarterback they will be LOSERS. They can sign all the linebackers in the world.

  4. They swung and missed with Kolb, but outside of that you have to really like what the Cards are doing. Locking up young talent before they are primed to break the bank in FA, not to mention the fact that they’ve had an unprecedented level of coaching stability for that franchise.

    Still, giving up players, picks, and a huge contract to a QB bust often ends up being a coach and/or front office killer. I hope at least Wisenhunt is able to stick it out. They probably won’t stink in a way that gets the no. 1 pick, but imagine how different this team’s prospects would look if they had Matt Barkley throwing to Fitz and Floyd, along with some of the young pieces they have on defense and what Peterson brings in the return game.

  5. I like the headline, though I was expecting something more like “Police lock up Kenny Britt through 2022.” At least that banner wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

  6. The Cards will be keeping eyes on the QB’s coming out this year. Lots of talent ranging from Barkely to Geno Smith out of West Virginia, so they could possibly pick up a starter in the second round.

    Defense is shaping up nicely though. Adrian Wilson is still one of the best unheralded players in the NFL!

  7. “Locking up” is an appropriate metaphor for a long term deal with the Cardinals.

    There was glimmer of hope there for a while — but they are truly the Lions of the new decade.

    Signing with Arizona is like going to jail.


  8. “Two things that successful teams do consistently is build through the draft and keep their core players,” Cardinals General Manager Rod Graves said in a statement

    Says the guy who can’t draft a QB, traded for Kolb and whos team hasn’t had a decent season since Kurt Warner lucked into his first good season since 2002 or 2003. But hey, at least they have a good punt returner, right?

  9. Arizona (aka Pittsburgh West) follows the Steelers’ formula once again: build stellar defense, strong WRs, mediocre QBs (O’Donnell, Stewart, Tomczak, Maddox), before eventually resolving QB problem with solid draft pick (Big Ben). Maybe Cards draft QB next season?

    Somehow, both Pitt and Arizona always seem to have huge holes in the O-line. Arizona’s has been severely flawed for almost every season for the past 3 decades, with the exception of two of those Kurt Warner seasons (and even then they weren’t “great”). As Ross Tucker pointed out the other day, at some point, somebody has to hold O-line coach Russ Grimm accountable for such horrible line play.

  10. People keep bashing the o line yet last year Fitz had over 1000 yards receiving and Beanie went for over a 1000 yards rushing. They weren’t/aren’t big name players but they get the job done.

  11. And not one, but two years till he was due to hit the open market. Gotta say nice job Graves. Today was a good day for you.

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