Coughlin on Wilson fumble: “This is not the preseason, you know?”


The decision was as swift as Tom Coughlin was sure of the reason.

Asked Monday why he benched first-round rookie David Wilson after fumbling his second professional carry, Coughlin went to the stats.

He pointed out that the Giants are 46-9 under his leadership when they win the turnover battle. They were even Wednesday, and lost to Dallas in the opener.

“It’s more, ‘Let the veteran play and let’s hope we don’t have another occasion to shoot ourselves in the foot,'” Coughlin said Monday, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Wilson didn’t take another offensive snap the rest of the night, leaving Ahmad Bradshaw to take the rest of the reps at running back.

Bradshaw played 52 of the Giants’ 54 offensive plays.

To his credit, Wilson understood. He had a reputation as a fumbler at Virginia Tech, and knows that can’t continue if he wants to play for Coughlin.

“After you don’t get back on the field because of that, you kind of put one and two together, it’s not hard to understand that,” Wilson said. “Like I said, it happens in football. Turnovers are a part of football, but it’s definitely not something you want to have your name beside.”

It’s an unfair expectation to think a player’s never going to fumble, but Coughlin talked about the stakes of playing a division game in the opener.

“Everybody wants to say, ‘Well you didn’t play him then, after that you didn’t play him,'” Coughlin said. “Well, we’re playing the opening game of the year. It’s a divisional game. We had just driven the ball. We’re going to be a little reluctant, okay? This is not the preseason, you know? Let’s go for stage two here.”

After a rough start, Wilson’s now back to square one, however.

22 responses to “Coughlin on Wilson fumble: “This is not the preseason, you know?”

  1. “… you kind of put one and two together, it’s not hard to understand that,” Wilson said.

    He even fumbles idioms.

  2. That fumble was a momentum killer and he deserved to be benched. The kid is a rook and will hopefully learn forom his mistakes.

    Dallas fans seem to be peaking in September. Too funny.

  3. While many won’t agree with it, Coughlin and the Giants coaching staff sent a good message by pulling young Wilson after his fumble.

    After watching several replays in slow motion, it’s clear he should have wrapped two hands on the ball instead of carrying it like a loaf of bread and asking for it to be stripped. He was in traffic and running backs are taught at a young age (Pop Warner) to wrap two hands on that pigskin when in the vicinity of defenders.

    One could say he should have been given a chance to redeem himself, however, he was the primary kick returner the rest of the way and could have ‘redeemed’ himself with a big return.

    But, the biggest message the G-Men could have sent on Wednesday night?

    Sitting Victor Cruz for a series. How many drops did Vic have against the Cowboys?

  4. Like I’ve said for a long time, this team doesn’t like their coach. When the games matter, they
    have so much talent they can turn it up a notch.

    I maintain that this team has won 2 Superbowls
    DESPITE their coach.

    I’m convinced of it.

  5. If the kid has a reputation as a fumbler, and he fumbles in his first game as a pro, what does he expect? The only way to remove yourself from the “he’s a fumbler” conversation is to stop fumbling the football!

    To his credit, he seems like a good guy and he’s accepting responsibility. But all the words in the world won’t save him from the unemployment line if he can’t keep his hands on the ball. Best of luck that he figures it out or really, it’s nobody’s fault but his own since he’s well aware of his problems. It’s up to him to fix them.

  6. Really? The giants have won despite Tom coughlin? That locker room is a runaway train and has been full of kooky characters his whole tenure there. No one else could manage that team. Is tom coughlin a great coach? I dunno is his face always red? Simple answer

  7. Benching him was a great lesson. They need to make him carry a football around all week and everyone tries to knock it loose. Does anyone still do that?

  8. Whether or not Coughlin is a great coach, he is always too quick to point fingers at his players in public like running onto the filed to scream at his punter after the Eagles loss.

  9. Tom has to take some of the blame. In a game of this importance he should have been pulling out the fake injuries to slow Dallas down, you can’t wait until a few weeks in to pull out all the stops.

  10. Stalled drives are turnovers, too. How many of those was Cruz responsible for?

    In a sense, Wilson being benched was lucky for him – we all got to see that the team was not better off without him, and it was the rest of the team lost the game on its own. His fumble was early enough that it clearly didn’t cost the Giants the game.

    Maybe Coughlin should have been benched for a series or two…

  11. txtuff says:
    Sep 6, 2012 8:13 PM
    What a way to destroy a young guys confidence! Should have put him back in to build him up instead.


    in last season’s opener vs washington (a game the giants lost as well), little known wr victor cruz had a drop on a third down in the first quarter. coughlin benched his ass for the rest of the game, and played him sparingly in week 2. coach coughlin is an old school coach, and you need to earn your spot on the field for him. that approach worked for a guy like cruz, but it will be left to see if wilson can use this as a stepping stone or not.

  12. Listen to you people!the kid makes millions he needs to do his job I’m sure if you fumbled away a big deal at work your boss would put you right back out there right? That is exactly what is wrong with this country. Opportunities should be earned not given.too much entitlement that’s why we as Americans are mediocre. Poor kid give me a break

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