Eagles extend Trent Edwards, give Darryl Tapp a pay cut


Trent Edwards earned the Eagles third quarterback job, and another year’s worth of contract.

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, the Eagles added a year to Edwards’ deal, which gives him a measure of security. Though he wasn’t expected to surpass Mike Kafka for a job, the Eagles decided to hang onto him.

While I’m sure Edwards and his family are excited about the move, it’s only really interesting as it pertains to the other quarterbacks on the Eagles roster.

This has been described many times as a make-or-break year for Michael Vick, and because they’d owe him $16.5 million next year, it’s reasonable to conclude they’re going to make a decision on him one way or another after this season.

And with the encouraging play of rookie Nick Foles in earning the backup job, many are thinking he could be the future in Philadelphia. If they decide not to continue with Vick, having a stable vet like Edwards would be good for Foles.

In other contract updates, the Eagles slashed Darryl Tapp’s salary from $2.575 million to $825,000. According to Frank, he was approached before final cuts, and told he’d only have a spot if he agreed to the pay cut.

7 responses to “Eagles extend Trent Edwards, give Darryl Tapp a pay cut

  1. Based on how he’s played, he’s a solid backup. Seems like all you need to succeed under Andy Reid is to be average intelligence and have the physical skills. Andy will get more out of you than anyone else.

  2. I wonder how many employees would maintain a good attitude if they were told to take a 2/3 pay cut or be fired. I imagine it will be tough for Tapp to live on “only” $825,000 a year.

  3. Considering the eagles are 20 million under the cap…i really don’t understand not just leaving tapp’s contract the way it was…he is definitely worth the extra 1.5…but it’s not my money to spend

  4. Tapp is a vocal leader whether he is playing a bunch or not. The team and coaches loved his energy at training camp where he stepped up as a leader. I think this just further shows he is all in for the Eagles and just wants to win. Too bad a guy like that has to take a pay cut, but I am not in the business to know why it happens. You’re the man Tapp!!!

  5. Why is it okay for the Eagle to force Daryl Tapp to take a paycut the day before the season starts, but it’s not okay for MJD to hold out in training camp? The league has pulled the wool over the fans’ sheep eyes.

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