Giants noticed replacement refs, nobody noticed their pass rush


Last night’s crew of replacement officials cleared the sufficiently low bar by being not the absolute worst thing anyone’s ever seen.

That’s a long way from saying they did a good job, however.

Early fears about offensive linemen getting a little too handsy under the watch of inexperienced refs seem to have some footing, at least according to Giants linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka.

I haven’t been held this much since I was a baby,” Kiwanuka said via Steve Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Kiwanuka was smiling when he said it (likely aware he just nailed a great punch-line), but for the Giants, it wasn’t really a laughing matter.

A defensive line that was supposed to dominate barely made a dent (two sacks) in a mixed-up Cowboys offensive line, whether they were being clutched and grabbed or not.

“We’ve got some work to do,” Jason Pierre-Paul said. “We’ve definitely got some work to do.”

As to the officiating, Kiwanuka at least sympathized with their plight.

“You’ve got to understand that these refs have been put in a tough situation, without having weeks, months, years to prepare like the other refs had,” Kiwanuka said. “It’s definitely tough to come in and pick up the nuances of the NFL. I tip my hats to them, but you notice when the real refs aren’t out there.”

Kind of like the Giants pass rush.

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  1. Ah yes, excuses.

    Nevermind the Cowboys pass rush was also being tackled on almost every play with no calls. Calls were missed on both sides but there was few egregious misses.

  2. Last night’s Giants team came nowhere near close to resembling the team that won the SB, but they did resemble the 9-7 Giants team from last year’s regular season!!!

  3. Sounds like the Giants are making excuses to me. I know that Demarcus Ware got held several times too. Of course the Cowboys aren’t complaining about it because they won the game.

  4. There was consistent pressure on Tony from JPP, Tuck, Joseph, and Rivers. Romo was running for his life most of the game, extending plays with his feet. He wasn’t just sitting in the pocket “dishing dimes” (thanks, Trent Dilfer).

    There were some obvious holds that went uncalled, but we all knew going in that the O-linemen will be taking advantage of the inexperienced refs. Cheaters prosper, look at the Patriots and Saints, BOOM!

  5. Were different refs watching Dallas who seemed to have a penalty against them on every play? It sounds like the players are making as many excuses as the fans. Clearly both went into this game a little overconfident.

  6. I watched the game and was pulling for the Giants. But the truth is the D-Line was gassed in the second half.

    Maybe they were tired from fighting off holds, but I noticed tired players more than I noticed holding.

  7. Penalties – Cowboys 13 for 86 yrds. Giants 4 for 33. Apparently Mathias still is a baby and that’s why he let the boys hold him. You don’t win with that attitude. And I’m not a cowboys fan.

  8. I’m not surprised. The Giants are a below average football team who had no business making the playoffs last year. Same team Rex Grossman swept. The Cowboys think they accomplished something but I believe they just made couple more plays in a game where two woeful teams faced each other.

  9. Now every loser will have some1 to blame for his loss-the Refs. You got whipped like babies. Lose like a man G-men!Stop crying.

  10. Looked more like conditioning to me…
    Seemed like the Giants defense was out of gas after half time.
    Maybe that new CBA rule where they only practice part time wasn’t such a good idea.

  11. They got pressure.. especially in the first half, before DeMarco Murray became the focal point of the Cowboys attack.

    Unfortunately for the Giants, Romo’s spin move out of the pocket is filthy and left their defenders grasping at empty space where Romo used to be.

  12. im not going to lie. it hurt my heart last night to watch dallas come into my city ( i know technically they play in NJ. F-off) and beat us after talking alllllll summer and week long.. that being said it was NOT the referrees..i remember saying a few times they were doing a damn good job minus the holding in the endzone but i mean im sure even the real refs couldnt of called a better game than that one.

    it was the giants pass rush, or lack there of, it was our massive injury strike to the 2nd CB position and it was the inability to catch a damn thing when it matter and killed drives..we will come back strong!

  13. It’s funny How the losers complain about everything. I bet the officials made mr. Salsa drop all of those passes, Wilson fumble the ball, and I bet they didn’t allow the giants to score from the one foot line either. Funny how the giants smack talk, but then hit the excuse book once they get beat. I’m sure the Dallas defensive line was being held too. Whatever, you guys got smoke by a third option receiver, and where was Nicks? Looked like the rookie corner shut him down all night! I can’t wait for next weeks excuses….. I have a feeling the giants are going to be full of them thi year!!!

  14. Nice excuse Giants……Is this going to be prevalent for all losing teams……the refs as the excuse??? Wow, that’s going to get old quick.

    Isn’t there holding on every play in the NFL?

  15. i watched the entire game and yeah there were a couple of iffy calls, but for the most part it was a lot of giants and cowboys jumping offsides. replacement refs will be fine – i mean, come on this isn’t brain surgery. it’s memorizing a rule book and these guys are already officials at some level.

  16. This went both ways. I noticed Ware being held all night as well, but it seems the best pass rushers get held on nearly every play anyway.

  17. JPP should be the one complaining, they got away with a few egregious holds on him but no one can say the game wasn’t called evenly. The Giants should have smartened up and started doing the same thing to the Cowboys. No Sympathy here.

  18. I for one though the refs did fine. They missed 1 call (the mugging in the endzone) and called the wrong penalty on the clipping call, which should of been block in the back since he didn’t go below the waist.

    I think the Cowboys were penalized over a dozen times, mostly for holding. So yes, Kiwanuka was right they were being held, and the refs agreed and threw the flags.

    What more do you guys want them to do? I know this site has a biased for the NFLRA, but come on; you are trying to just manufacture controversy at this point.

  19. Go back to last year, in the AZ/NYG Game, when the “Good” Refs were on the field:

    “He gave himself up.”

    That terrible call was the difference between the Giants being SB Champs and staying at home for the entire post season.

    I am waiting for the replacements to have such a profound impact on a season before I call for their heads.

  20. enjoy your superbowl win last night cowboys, bask in the emotion of a win against the giants 3rd and 4th string cb’s, victor Cruz dropping 3 passes, rookie fumble on their own side of the field and getting robbed on a no call pass interference in the end zone… oh, and you barely won. giants fans can write this off as a bad game, cowboy fans can keep their superbowl dreams alive as most overreacting cowboy fans do.

  21. I think the Cowboys had like 14 penalties against them and a few holding calls… does he think the real refs would have called like 17 penalties instead.

    The refs were fine…

  22. Their best crew did a good job last night, much better than I thought they would do, but I am more worried about their other crews on Sunday. Refs weren’t a problem at all last night; hope they aren’t on Sunday too.

    I ripped the league and the replacement refs, but I have to give them credit for a good job last night…they weren’t a problem. Please keep it that way.

  23. I want the regular refs back because I don’t root for any man to lose his job, and because I’m tired of hearing about it. But, if you didn’t tell me those were “replacement” refs last night, I never would have known.

  24. Considering the number of penalties the cowboys committed, I can’t believe they still won. They had 13 penalties…& those are just the penalties which were accepted.

    At times, there hardly seemed to be any rhythm to the game because of all the flags. My first impression was that the overmatched cowboys OL was trying to exploit the inexperienced officials, as I noticed many uncalled holding penalties, too.

    However, I can only imagine how much worse the game would have been from an entertainment standpoint if even half the uncalled penalties were actually called.

  25. “These refs haven’t had weeks, months, years to prepare like the real refs”?

    They didn’t just yank people off the street and say “hey, wanna make alot of money for a part time job?” They have a background in what they are doing, and it seems to me with every game they get more up to speed, and I saw no difference last night from what you would have seen from and original crew. This is what you have, so suck it up and go do your job. If you do it well enough, you will win!

  26. The refs weren’t great but they weren’t bad either. Not as good as the top officials but certainly better than the worse. I’ll take that ref who did the Giants-Cowboys game over Jeff Triplette or Jerome Boger anyday.

  27. Only the LOSERS whine about the refs. I am sure only calls that were missed were on the Giants. Waaaaaah. Replacement refs are no worse than the regular guys. They get blamed when whiney little beyothes get beat too. Go Giants. NOt…

  28. I think this is the same giants squad that made fun of Clay Matthews for making excuses.

    Interesting how they have no problems doing it in a game with much less importance.

    The giants, like their fans, are huge hypocrites.

    The end.

  29. Aside from the holding call on victor Cruz in the end zone they misses in the first half I thought the refs did a good job .. Mathias should not blame their ineffective pass rush on the refs

  30. Did anyone else notice the aerial shots of Manhattan? Wondering why they would show NYC instead of the polluted swamps of New Jersey, where the NJ Giants share a stadium with the NJ Jets.

  31. Give me a break Gandt. We are not talking about rocket science or neurosurgery. By the way, when I graduated from medical school I had barely seen blood. within one year I was placing catheters and pacemakers successfully into the body of patients. I actually did it more efficiently and smoothly than some of my “teachers” . Within two years I was assisting on difficult complicated surgical procedures. I don’t buy for one second that an intelligent person with good vision and commonsense cannot replace these whining wealthy refs.

  32. I’m not a fan of either team, and I think both sides of this ref lockout are being unreasonable, but I’m surprised that the holding non-call in the endzone is being generally labled as “refs miss those calls sometimes.” I agree holding calls are missed all the times, but when there’s a blatant tug of the jersey to impede a route AND the action is at that player, refs rarely miss that call. If the real refs missed it, it would be a huge story. Just another example of the lower bar that is set for these officials, which is unacceptable, IMO.

    It was a huge non-call that obviously changed the momentum and compelxion of the game. By the way, this was probably the BEST rated officiating crew from the preseason. Ugh.

  33. I thought the Giants Pass rush was good. Where they need help is that secondary. WOW. When Kevin Ogletree looks like the second coming of Jerry Rice, you are in a world of hurt. The Second problem is their running game. Ahmad Bradshaw looks lost out there. If they can get some of there corners back and any semblance of a running game I think they will be fine

  34. Cowboys were able to neutralize the rush with quick slants all day. Coughlin highlighted that in his postgame presser. It’s effective if your back up CBs can’t stop it, and neither Coe nor Tryon were up to the task. Throw in Corey Webster getting roasted for 6 and horrible play up front for the Giants’ offense and there’s your ballgame.

  35. Ware was held most of the night. He was held by Diehl on both of his sacks, too. Diehl played like hot garbage and didn’t draw a single flag. The game was not as close as the final score might indicate. Giants fans would call that last score a “garbage time TD” if the roles were reversed.

  36. I agree, missed calls on both sides though. The Bennett TD comes to mind for one that the refs missed. Bennett was holding the defenders right arm down until just before the catch. That should’ve been called as Offensive PI. I saw the flag come out and I thought, “good, they got it” only to hear them say Dallas had PI.

    I’m sure the NFL had the BEST of the replacement refs out last night because of how big a game it was. I’m not so sure they’ll look that good this weekend. Bring back the REAL refs.

  37. I am very much pro-union, but it’s impossible for me to not have sympathy for these replacement refs and to even be rooting for them. So much of the NFL these days is just a slick, plastic machine. Seeing those guys out there, they almost seemed like the only real, relatable human beings on the field. Imagine the pressure of taking that on with such an unforgiving reaction to everything you do, nowhere more so than this site, with its unrelenting “replacements are bad!” puffed-up stories.

    I hope the regular refs end up getting a good deal, and I hope the replacements enjoy this experience and are given a fair deal down the road. They seem to be bringing an element of humility into an area that is sorely in need of it.

  38. The referees have all year? Ummmm, no…

    Most , if not all of the referees have full-time jobs outside of the NFL. Ed “Guns” Hoculi is a partner in a prestigious law firm.

    Try again…

  39. The point that needs to be made and reiterated is the NFC East sucks. ESPN is up their butt because of the markets, but the truth is 8-8 or 9-7 is gonna win this division this year. I give the Giants credit, but the refs weren’t the ones playing that atrocious game in the first half. Pretty sure they thought it was preseason. The NFC South and North are the best divisions in football, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

  40. notoriouslobbys says: Sep 6, 2012 11:58 AM

    I guess he didn’t notice the 13 penalites that were called on the cowboys, most of them being on the offensive line.

    Just because they called penalties (all legit) on Dallas doesn’t mean the non-calls on holding didn’t occur, and that Dallas shouldn’t have been flagged for it. Just shows how sloppy Dallas was. The Giants were clearly out of gas midway through the 3rd quarter and onward, and Fewell didn’t adjust. Still, holding was not called when it occurred (and swung plays, no less), butt the tired act of saying “But they were called for 12, 13 penalties!” is not a negation of the non-calls that resulted in 200 yards of offense for Dallas.

  41. finsphan says: Sep 6, 2012 12:29 PM

    enjoy your superbowl win last night cowboys, bask in the emotion of a win against the giants 3rd and 4th string cb’s, victor Cruz dropping 3 passes, rookie fumble on their own side of the field and getting robbed on a no call pass interference in the end zone… oh, and you barely won. giants fans can write this off as a bad game, cowboy fans can keep their superbowl dreams alive as most overreacting cowboy fans do.

    100% accurate.

  42. Being a Cowboys fan, I may be biased… but I could’ve sworn the ONLY holding call came against the Cowboys. More specifically, Jason Witten. Setting up the 3rd n 10 play that saw Romo connect with Ogletree to convert to ice the game.

  43. Somebody better tell JPP to stop putting Amukamara in the cold tub head first…he might be their best corner!!!!

  44. No excuses. Dallas played a better game. Giants couldn’t get to Romo and he just made the defense look terrible.The secondary was terrible. Justin Tryon should never play football ever again. Cowboys were in field goal range, backed themselves up 20 yards on penalties and the Giants give up a 34 yard TD to Austin? The defense was getting burned most of the night.

    The offensive line has proven they cannot run block. Diehl looks particularly terrible. Ware manhandled him all night.

    Cruz couldn’t make the simplest catches last night. The team just all around looked bad. Dallas played a better game. Embarrassing that the defending champs started the season off with a loss like that.

  45. Let’s face it- the Boys wanted this game more and I’m a Giants fan.
    As for the refs, I prefer they err on the side of no calls rather than blowing their whistle all the time.
    We lost fair and square.

  46. They let them play. I’ve not seen the refs do that since the 90’s. It was refreshing.

    And if any Giants fans think the Giants were choir boys out there, you are drinking the koolaid big time.

    Ware got so fed up on one play that he drove the guy holding him so horribly bad (Marty B) almost 10 yards past the QB to just put him on his ass.

    The O Line holding went for both teams. The Corner Back PI’s were all over the place. On both teams. It was an excellent ball game. And if both sides can firm up their o lines I think the next time we play will be even better.

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