Jason Garrett says Cowboys won’t take the Romo out of Romo


Dallas quarterback Tony Romo did a tremendous job on Wednesday night of using his athletic ability to make plays while still playing within the Cowboys’ offense. On Thursday, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he saw exactly what he wanted to see from Romo.

Tony always has his eyes up when he’s moving,” Garrett said, via the Star-Telegram. “One of the challenges we have a coach is not to take the Romo out of Romo as we’re refining him.”

The Giants’ defensive line outplayed the Cowboys’ offensive line, but Romo managed to avoid the rush and throw for 307 yards and three touchdowns while only getting sacked twice. Garrett said he and Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson have worked on getting Romo to make plays when the pocket breaks down without getting careless with the ball.

“I think Wade Wilson does a great job with that, understanding the balance of those two things,” Garrett said. “If you look at Tony technically and the improvement he’s made over the last five years, his drops are better, his care of the ball is better. I think he’s a different player fundamentally from the technique standpoint that way. Having said that, we haven’t hopefully taken the Romo out of him, to let him use his instincts, his feel, his vision of the game. I think a lot of that was on display.”

Romo didn’t look like he had had the Romo taken out of him on Wednesday night. He just looked like the best Romo we’ve seen.

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  1. Don’t worry. Seahawk’s D and the 12th man will take the Romo out of Romo. Seattle’s secondary is the polar opposite of the complete mess the giants tried to defend with. Aside from the injuries, Corey Webster just looked beat up to me. He was slow and out of position the whole game. It was like they were playing the game with 1 cornerback. Not going to be the case against Seattle.

  2. Orakpo and Kerrigan will take Romo out of the game. Two words Dallas…Robert Griffin. Your defense can’t defend him. He’s not a statue like Eli and can make all the throws. Washington will sweep, sweep the ‘Boys.

  3. September is always a been good time for romo… his trouble starts in second half of the season…

    loved the pay back last nt… go cowboys!

  4. Cowboys/Romo look great in preseason and early in the season.
    Let’s wait to see Thanksgiving to New Year results (where they’ve been 9-18 in the last few years).

  5. bobhk, the TEAM has been 9-18 the last few years. Have you bothered to look at Romo’s numbers during that time? They are near the top of the league and pretty fantastic.

    I will say what I always say about Romo. He wasn’t and isn’t the biggest problem that the Cowboys have had. He’s a very good QB on a team that was mediocre. Until this year in my honest opinion. They really do look like they finally have a legitimate team (especially defense) around him.

  6. “Two words Dallas…Robert Griffin.”

    I don’t know whether Griffin will be a bust or not but it’s your other 52 players that let us sleep well at night.

  7. Dallas has played the Seahawks 14 times and lead the Vs 9 to 5.

    They’ve beat them 3 times since the playoff loss. Including a 23 to 13 win over them just last year.

    What on EARTH did Seattle do in the off season to make their fans believe their Defense got better?

  8. Honestly, I feel bad for Romo. He is a more than competent QB and would most teams would easily trade for him, but because of where he is at and because of some blunders, he takes a lot of heat.

  9. Cowboys have the best LB corp in the league? Lets check the homerism fellas. I think Baltimore, Pittsburgh, D.C., Tennesee and San Fran all have better LB corps and that’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure most would agree with me there.

  10. jcg23 says:Sep 6, 2012 8:38 PM

    Dallas has played the Seahawks 14 times and lead the Vs 9 to 5.

    They’ve beat them 3 times since the playoff loss. Including a 23 to 13 win over them just last year.

    What on EARTH did Seattle do in the off season to make their fans believe their Defense got better?


    Ravens fan here, but Seattle had a top 10 defense last year, as well as 3 pro bowl players in their secondary. They have the best safeties in the league, and they are a young group. Their D was one of the best, and they will be better. Don’t write them off so easily.

  11. The Cowboys’ LB is looking like it belongs with those teams you’ve just mentioned Randallflagg52. D-Ware is as good as any LB in the league, Spencer (while not as good of a pass rusher as he should be) is a great run defender and coverage LB (and last night he was a beast in getting pressure), the young Bruce carter is extremely athletic and will only get better, and Sean Lee might just be the best of the bunch. Lee has looked like a superstar lately.

  12. All this talk of Seattle’d D is great but I think they’re gonna need some offense, too. Can 5’10” rookie Russell Williams get it done? Can he even see downfield?

  13. Wow is all I can say! Seahawks fans you still have Pete Carrol as your HC and to think you guys are close to Dallas’ D is just crazy they are stacked across the board and are still getting other players back in Ratliff and Jenkins! So I would be careful what you say about who has the better team and oh yeah don’t get me started on your offense! Go Cowboys!

  14. Seattle fan really thinks the 12th man makes a difference against good offenses. Bless your little hearts for believing.

    Dallas will focus on shutting down Marshawn Lynch and baiting young Russell Wilson to have to beat a much improved secondary with Seattle’s weak-ass receiving group.

    I’m sorry Seahawk fan, you just haven’t arrived yet.

    DAL 27 : SEA 13

  15. Pittsburgh (unfortunately), Baltimore, and San Fran have better LB corps than Dallas, Carolina may be number 4 on that list if Beason is back healthy, Davis holds up, and Kuechly is what he’s shown so far. Dallas has been a “really good” team overall for a while now, just hasn’t quite got every component to hit at the same time. Romo is good, but not “elite,” at least not yet.

  16. I don’t know what part is funnier. Garrett talking about refining a qb who is 20 times the player he ever was himself. Or all the hawks fans spouting off when they haven’t even played their first game yet. I will take the latter. You guys will probably win week 1 but you will get smashed week 2. This Wilson hype has ya’ll in never never land. There will be no superbowl, no division title, no playoffs, probably not even a winning record yet again for the hawks. That’s just simple reality.

  17. Nevermind i found the funniest. Dallas best LB corps in the NFL give me a freakin break. You have D. Ware and a bunch of average guys.

    San Francisco, Baltimore, Pittsburgh…. order is debatable but overall fairly even. San Fran is the youngest group though and are still climbing. Either way it ain’t Dallas by a long shot thumbs down it all you want but the 3 teams I list all have MULTIPLE all pro linebackers not just one.

  18. Tony Romo’s stats for his last two Decembers/January:

    11 Games, 3150 yards, 21 TD’s, 4 INT’s, and only 3 times has his rating been below 100.

    If you continue to say/think that Tony Romo falls apart in the month of December, then you’re an idiot who can only copy the stupid crap they say on ESPN with no actual factual basis.

  19. so Garrett doesn’t want to take the Romo out of Romo however Garrett would love to pull Jerrah’s hand from out of his a$$. don’t worry Garrett soon Jerrah’s hand will be up Norv Turners a$$ and you will be unemployed.

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