Jets owner Woody Johnson also disputes circus atmosphere

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P.T. Barnum speaketh.

Jets owner Woody Johnson was the latest to deny what is often described as a circus atmosphere.

We’re deadly serious about what we’re doing here,” the Jets’ owner said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News.

Johnson dropped by practice and talked to reporters after coach Rex Ryan said “The circus thing is kind of a little old for me.”

“[We’re] trying to win games and trying to represent our fans as they expect us to represent them,” Johnson said. “We learned this in 3rd grade: sticks and stones and all this stuff about calling people names, that’s what that is. . . . I’m not in this to create a circus environment.”

Johnson also suggested that last week’s “You can never get too much Tebow” remark was a joke.

“It was, . . . I thought, a fairly humorous quote. We’ve got 53 guys on the varsity here, everybody’s important including Tebow,” Johnson said. “We’re glad to have him but we’re glad to have the other 52 as well, including [Mark] Sanchez and the rest of them.”

Johnson also said he wouldn’t comment on the job security of Ryan or General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, though he did say “I’m very confident in Rex Ryan.”

I can sympathize with the plight of the Jets and their personnel and their PR staff. The Tebow thing has gained its own momentum, and will be written about as a phenomenon as much anything that happens on the field.

But Johnson should also know that these things don’t happen accidentally.

You can’t spend years making clownish decisions, and then get mad when people ask you to make a bicycle out of a balloon.

20 responses to “Jets owner Woody Johnson also disputes circus atmosphere

  1. Well to start off it is NY, so its all ready going to be inflated more than other markets.

    Then you have Rex Ryan and all silly talk, which is like attaching a supercharger to it.

    Then this year they added Tebow, and get all the hype thats goes with that.

    They wanted to take some attention from the Giants away.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Years of clownish decisions? Like?

    But, honestly, speaking up to say you don’t have a circus atmosphere just contributes to continuing a circus atmosphere.

  3. The only thing you can’t argue with is results. Regardless of whos is coaching, playing and punt protecting the team is always going to take heat when they go 8-8. Winning tends to quiet those critics.

  4. If you don’t want people to perceive you as a circus, then don’t set up the tents and sign the side-show attractions. Period.

  5. Rex Ryan’s head coaching career has come full circle. The bloated clown will soon collapse under the mountain of swaggerlicious expectations he put on himself and his poor team. The man who couldn’t shut his mouth long enough to manage his own locker room now wants us to take him seriously. Let’s all shed a collective tear for him.

  6. As a Dolphins fan, I see a much bigger, three-ring-circus down in Miami. Our owner is a clueless idiot, our GM is a know-it-all who knows nothing, and our new coach is such a stupid clown he traded away his best corner (in a division with Tom Brady) and his best receiver (in a pass-first league). I wish our sappy media was as ballsy as yours!

  7. Hey Darin try to at least pretend to be a real professional journalist. You contend they have done clownish stuff for years? Are you serious? Please name me all the awful things they’ve done. Its ridiculous this line of thought, there is no basis for it

  8. coursinrk, excellent comment. I totally agree. You must be in good with PFT. Whenever I dare to criticize one of these guys for making a patently unfair comment like the “clown” stuff, my post gets deleted. I guarantee you this post will get deleted too.

  9. So the owner openly admits that he has “Tebow and 52 other guys”? That’s just the way Timmy likes it. As it was in the beginning, is now and always will be.

  10. “The hat. Please stop wearing it.”
    Haha. True story: I was once walking by our local pizza shop and saw a man (with his back to me) wearing the hat. I stopped and said,”is that Woody Johnson?” Went inside and it was, talked to him for a minute. It’s like he sleeps in that thing.

  11. Woody, you should have a talk with the Mara’s and the Rooney’s to get some tips on what it takes to run a successful team. Both of these families know a great deal. I do not think Bob Kraft cares to share any advice with the Jets.

  12. Hey Rex and Woody…..if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, people are going to call it a freakin ‘ duck. The more you quack about not being a duck the dumber you look.

  13. “You can’t spend years making clownish decisions”

    Perception is reality. Name the so called “clownish decisions”.

  14. Clownish decisions? Like what? this owner has made the Jets relevant, and they’re the only team with 4 road playoff victories in the past 3 years. As owners go, there are a llot worse….

  15. Given the swagge of the Jets coaches and fans, you’d think this team had a handful of Super Bowls under their belt

    In reality they’ve yet to surpass the Houston Oilers in AFC East titles.

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