Ramon Harewood upset NFL fined him for injuring Michael Brockers

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Rams first-round rookie defensive tackle Michael Brockers is expected to miss a month with an ankle injury he suffered when he was hit low by Ravens offensive tackle Ramon Harewood, and the NFL has fined Harewood $8,000 for that hit.

Harewood isn’t happy about that.

I did nothing wrong,” Harewood told the Baltimore Sun. “I watched the play over and over. I even asked [Ravens defensive tackle] Haloti Ngata if he would call that and he said, ‘No.’ I’m appealing it. It’s a lot of money. They better take off the whole fine.”

Harewood wasn’t penalized on the play.

10 responses to “Ramon Harewood upset NFL fined him for injuring Michael Brockers

  1. It was a blatant high-low hit with the low being a chop. Clearly illegal. I’m surprised the guy hitting high got off since it looked like they were intentionally trying to take the kid out. In a pre-season game no less.

  2. Yes, I love Ramon Harewood. I’m so tired of the “$15k ain’t nothin” attitude of some of these players. I’m glad he realizes that $8000 IS a lot of money.

  3. It’s hard to say without us seeing the replay (and I’m sure none of us are in the mood to scour YouTube for a play from a preseason game when the back-ups were playing), but I’m inclined to lean on Ngata’s opinion.

    The NFL often fines as a reaction to injuries. If Brockers hadn’t gotten injured, I doubt there would’ve been a fine.

  4. chop blocking or whatever you want to call it is not illegal on offensive lineman in the pocket. defensive lineman have complained about this for years, and rightfully so, but the denver broncos were famous for this type of blocking. it happens on every running play in the nfl. maybe the steelers dont do it anymore (charlies1batch) because they are too old and slow to get down and get back up

  5. It was as blatant as it gets. Brockers blew by him and he spun around and leaped on his leg to save face from getting beat

  6. I just watched this video over and over. He was not engaged with the center when the cut block was thrown. Hardwood used a legal maneuver and one that can’t really be undone once started.

    It did look kind of like a high low situation once the center engaged. That’s who should be fined not Harewood.

    It also did not look intentional. Once the play started you can see the center look around for someone to block before he engages high.

    Personally it just looks like football, but if you do want to fine someone it would be the center since he went high after Harewood was already engaged low.

    Wish him luck on the appeal.

  7. There is no argument. Brockers was engaged with another blocker, and you dived at his knees/ankles.

    Man up and pay the fine

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