Rex Ryan thinks his team’s quality is lost in circus talk

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Despite a willingness that borders on eagerness over the years to wear the red nose, Rex Ryan is getting a little tired of everybody referring to his team as a circus.

“Well I just think we’re a better football team than people give us credit for,” Ryan said Thursday, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “Also think our organization is a lot better than people give us credit for. The circus thing is kind of a little old for me.”

Perhaps Ryan should ask owner Woody Johnson to stop investing so heavily in banana peels for him to slip on, because his is the garage where they park the clown car.

To actively pursue a Tim Tebow, and then gloat about never getting enough of him (even though he’s not, you know, good at playing quarterback), puts his football staff in an untenable position.

That’s trickled down onto Ryan, who has done a remarkable job of keeping an often unremarkable cast competitive.

“I think our record says otherwise in the three years that we’ve been together,” Ryan said. “I’m not afraid to say it: I think this is going to be an outstanding football team. The best team that I’ve had since I’ve been here. I don’t know if it’s the national perspective, but it’s my perspective.”

So for all the sideshow, he wants people to remember that his team should be pretty good, especially on defense.

But there’s a latent insecurity about the Jets, who have been accused for years of chasing back pages while their neighbors chased championships.

And while the Giants polish trophies, they keep tripping over their own big shoes.

22 responses to “Rex Ryan thinks his team’s quality is lost in circus talk

  1. Funny, but you never hear Mike McCarthy making moronic statements like this.

    Rex is either trying to put the focus on himself, or he’s just a attention seeking moron.

    Rex… be like Mike.

  2. While I do obviously agree that the Jets have an unbelievable amount of media coverage on them and that some of the decisions have been suspect , I disagree about the latent insecurity. I feel like that has been characterized more by the media then by the actual team itself.

    Yes getting Tebow was an attention grabber, and yes Rex Ryan talks a lot (keep in mind though, that he’s merely answering questions asked of him. He’s not just holding conferences to say things, as I’m sure 85% of you guys think), but this is not a bad football team. People talk about last year’s 8-8 season as though it were 4-12. Newsflash. Giants were 9-7 during the regular season.

    There is a good, borderline great defense on the team, with a young, hungry D-Line. Yes, the offense is a problem, definitely, but there is more to the game of football than scoring points and 40+ yard passes.

    Since none of you read that, lol Giants start 0-1

  3. He isa marginally decent defensive coach-he clearly needs real help to even recognize a decent offense (if wearing green). Look at the real coaches (that win)-do they run their mouth every possible occasion, Belicheck, Coughlin McCarthy to name a few.

    Shut up Rex-you are a clown

  4. @ pooflingingmonkey

    That McCarthy Statement isn’t fair I mean Rex is in NY and stands out when he goes places, because of the media attention. McCarthy on the other hand has 1-2 million body doubles in the State of Wisconsin alone. Every guy in the midwest looks like Mike McCarthy, even if he made a moronic statement no one would believe it was him and not just another guy off the street pretending to be him.

    I feel like the Head Coach of the Steelers probably feels the same way everytime he goes somewhere in Pennsylvania.

  5. Another hilariously ignorant statement from ol Rex.

    The circus thing is getting a lil tiring for him, this coming from the head clown.

    Every year he proclaims to have the best team ever.
    Every year he proclaims to win the Super Bowl.
    Every year he proclaims to be the best coach.
    Every DAY he humiliates himself and the organization.
    Every day he makes an ass out of himself.
    Every day he seeks out a microphone.

    Yet he is tired of the circus atmosphere?????

    Will Rex ever stop talking for just a minute and realize that WE are tired of his clown act.

  6. They were EXTREMELY lucky and backed into the playoffs for two years with teams resting their starters against them and gifting them wins and then last year no playoffs.

    They never come close to actually winning their division and probably won’t make the playoffs again as long as Sanchez is their starter.

    If they win the AFC East I will be really surprised.

    If they get into the playoffs I will be somewhat surprised.

    If they fail to make the playoffs again I don’t think anybody will be surprised at all.

    The ball’s in your court Rex.

  7. Rex Ryan should have learned his lesson from his mentor Brian Billick.

    Mark Sanchez = Kyle Boller

    Just another California pretty boy who had 1 decent college season before getting drafted way too high, with lofty expectations and insurmountable pressure. Sanchez will be out of the league and banging former Miss California’s in 4 years tops.

  8. Rex Ryan=
    buf·foon (b-fn)
    1. A clown; a jester: a court buffoon.
    2. A person given to clowning and joking.
    3. A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.

  9. what is rex doing wrong other than answering questions?? you better think your team is the best team out there or you’re not surviving in this league! and too bad his resume shows otherwise of how well he’s done, no losing seasons and was still one game away from making the playoffs. you people are “buffoons.” also why don’t all you fans write your team after you type something in about rex so we can compare them to your team the past few years. body of work builds for itself my friends

  10. No, their quality is not overlooked or lost; they’re an average team that gets way more attention than necessary drawn to them because their coach loves to predict Super Bowl wins and awards for a team that’s honestly not that good…They cut a lot of their better players (braylon edwards, thomas jones, alan faneca, etc.) and replaced them with shinier, higher profile guys who were at the end of the line (tomlinson) or way more trouble than they were worth (holmes) or people that are awful football players (tebow)…how can you expect to win when you set your franchise QB up to fail? You never give him any consistency with offensive pieces and the coach never shuts up…Just a recipe for failure

  11. I cannot wait to see this offense run with Tebow. In Denver, Tebow at least had receivers that could run after the catch. I just dont see how this offense will function when their best receiver is at best a #2 and has an ego issue. Shouldve held onto Plaxico…the only red zone threat…

  12. Rex makes the Jets a circus. If he shut up and stopped talking rubbish people might take them seriously. He can never keep his mouth shut, and to tell us all what a wonderful coach he is this week,
    really is ridiculous. Shut up, coach your team, and during the season we will all see how “wonderful”
    your team and yourself are.

  13. How can Rex say he is against the circus atmosphere when he is the ringleader and lead clown?

    Rex, we hear every year that your team is going to win the Super Bowl. We can see the naked pictures of your wife on the internet while you advertise her to guys to fill certain holes. You bring plenty of players to the Jets that have severe character issues.

    In all I hope you do well enough to stay with the Jets for 2013. You are entertaining.

  14. What do you expect when your boss signs Mr. Controversy T.Tebow? Also your boss was more afraid of the competition getting Sanchez than Sanchez winning you games. That is the only reason he got a new contract. The Jets ownership and GM are really screwed up. Watch your back Ryan.

  15. He’s better than a marginally good defensive coach. He went into New England in a playoff game when they were 14-2 and held them to 21 points. That’s pretty damn good at Gillette

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