Santonio Holmes: Sanchez was “rattled” by Tebow trade

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More impressive than the Jets offense this offseason has been the grace with which quarterback Mark Sanchez has handled the arrival of Tim Tebow.

But that might not have always been the case.

Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who spent the offseason trying to mend a relationship with his quarterback, said Sanchez was “rattled,” at first by the move.

“I think since Day 1 it was a focus that kind of rattled him a little,” Holmes said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post.

Holmes said Sanchez’s reaction in March was: “Wow, how did this happen?”

“Those were words that came out of his mouth,” Holmes said. “He talked to me and I basically told him that this is his team. [I said] ‘You’re the starting quarterback. Tebow’s here to help.’ ”

Holmes said after spending time with Sanchez this offseason, he can see more of a focus in his quarterback.

And the apparent ease with which Sanchez has handled the circus that came to town with his backup has been impressive as well. Even as owner Woody Johnson said: “you can never have too much Tebow,” Sanchez hasn’t wavered.

Selling seats, man. Selling seats,” Sanchez said Wednesday when asked about the owner’s comment.

“Tim helps us,” Sanchez continued. “He really does. He can run it. He can throw it. Hopefully, we’ll give teams their fair share of Tebow and see what they can do.”

We’ll find out Sunday what kind of grip Sanchez actually has on his offense, and his team, and whether Tebow is going to become anything more than a sideshow.

23 responses to “Santonio Holmes: Sanchez was “rattled” by Tebow trade

  1. ‘how did this happen’

    that was my feeling too…. you got a questionable QB in Sanchez who is grinning for the cameras on the sideline instead of working when down by 7 in the 4Q…

    and you spend millions to get a QB who is getting about 100 yards and less than a TD a game?

    wasting a top slot on the team to sell seats is crazy foolish….

  2. Note to Santonio/Rex/Cromartie

    Stop talking and gossiping like your high school girls.

    the world

  3. Ugh, can we let the whole Tebow thing go already; it’s now the regular season and he is the 2nd string QB. Move on already, jeez.

  4. Looks like the Jets continue to build on their locker room chemistry from last season.

    Its going to be a loooooooooooong season for Florham Park faithful.

  5. Ya think??????????????????????????????
    Of course he was rattled. He must have suspected during the off season that the Jets were not to happy about his performance the last half season. I’m sure they blame him for not making the playoffs and that he knows he is on the last leg here.
    I said all along, he’s got 4 games as a starter to put up winning numbers or he will be riding the bench.
    The Jest have had it with him. He ain’t a rookie no more.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Holmes say something I liked.

    Sure he’s talented, but he’s never been about anyone but himself, clearly doesn’t like Sanchez (no matter what they say publicly) and wouldn’t be on the team this year if they had anyone who is ready to take over a number 1 role.

    Getting rid of him makes them worse right now, but better in the long run if the front office really believes in Sanchez.

    Also…anytime you mention the starting quarterback and the word rattled…its negative. I’d be sick of the circus by now if I was Sanchez.

  7. I was as surprised as Sanchez when they got Tebow but as a Bills fan they have my blessing. I have no fear of Tim Tebow after seeing the Bills manhandle him last year.

    I will be at MetLife stadium this Sunday and you better believe I’ll be leading those “Tebow” chants as soon as Sanchez throws his first INT.

    Go Bills

  8. One thing I dont get from reading these comments and listening to the pundits. If your Offensive line is like swiss cheese and your QB spends most of his time running from getting mauled, how can anyone expect him to be proficient? Not that Im implying that Sanchez is great, honestly we dont know what he is. But most of it lays at the feet of his protection, or lack of. Prior to this year you have to add in the real lack of game plan that makes sense. A young QB like Sanchez, who didnt have a whole lot of snaps in College needs to be brought along, put into a rhythm.

    NO excuses but I cant get down on a guy thats not put into a position to succeed.

    I agree with all thats been said about Holmes.

  9. What I don’t get, if the jets had doubt about Sanchez, why did they give him an extension and why did they pursuit a guy like tebow? They just made it harder to bench him when he has a bad game and to go in another direction next off season if it just didn’t work out with him, money down the drain. Could have used that cap for a much need WR, get Sanchez peices to try and make his game better instead of a distraction like tebow.

  10. Yeah I would be rattled to if my team traded for another qb who isn’t even a starting caliber qb to replace me. Really it would be the best thing for Sanchez to get benched so he can get out of that circus. You have a coach that puts high expectations on you by promising super bowls before the season even starts. What other coach does that? You don’t see Coughlin promising super bowls and he’s actually got a ring well two. Replace Sanchez and see how Tebow does with a horrible offense with absolutely no run game. Thank Revis and Cromartie and a good D for even being close to the playoffs

  11. Anyone notice how easy it is for Santonio Holmes to shoot his mouth off now. When playing for the Steelers, he didn’t let secrets like these out of the bag, and when he talked about morning bake after the Steelers had already suspended him one game for a traffic stop that showed he had weed in his car, he was traded.

    Point is, the Jets will never get the success they want, when each idiot on the team feels they have to reveal such personal team data to the world.

  12. Bingo! Add to it that Sanchez has been able to do NOTHING to establish that he is an NFL caliber starting QB.

    BUT…One thing is evident, Tebow and the circus around him will push Sanchez…now the question is…does it push him to excell/succeed or off the ledge into obscurity. Just another trainwreck for the NY Jets.

  13. Obviously a slow news day when this garbage about Teblow comes up. I seriously doubt that Sanchez had any concerns when the Jets idiotically brought him to the team. As with every Teblow story this is much ado about nothing. Move on, nothing to see here, it’s just the Jets and Teblow – the two most insignificant things in the NFL.

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