Vikings submit a bid to host another Super Bowl


The Vikings are still working on plans for their new stadium, but they know what they want to put in it.

Lester Bagley, the team’s vice president of public affairs and stadium devleopment, confirmed the team has submitted a bid for a future Super Bowl, according to Judd Zulgad of

We’re determined to bring a Super Bowl to Minnesota,” Bagley said.

Bagley said the team was bidding for the game in either 2018, 2019 or 2020, with the preference the first of those three.

That would be after the second full season in the new stadium, which will stand where the Metrodome is now in downtown Minneapolis.

The league won’t award a 2018 Super Bowl to a site until the spring meetings in 2014.

The Vikings have hosted a Super Bowl before, the 1992 game in the Metrodome, when the Redskins rolled over the Bills 37-24.

While the weather might scare some people off, Minneapolis has a connected downtown like Indianapolis, and doesn’t actually require the use of sled dogs and skis to navigate.

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  1. Only question is what year they’ll get. NFL rewards new stadiums with a Super Bowl.

    @ irishgary-

    Vikings played in 4 before they ever hosted one.

  2. If I am paying $2000 for a Super Bowl ticket please put the game in a winter vacation locale with nearby surf and beaches. In February, the last thing I want to experience is more snow trying to get to and from the stadium.

    Also since none of the players in the Super Bowl can attend the Pro Bowl in Hawaii this rewards them too with some balmy weather.

  3. Went to the Bills first 3 super Bowls……Tampa, Minnesota and Pasadena. The best as far as dealing with the locals was Minny by a country mile. The locals were great, bars were great, restaurants were fantastic And extremely affordable, and even the wife agreed the area had the most beautiful women amywhere. The women all look like the Swedish bikini team. Tampa was fine and the Rose Bowl is the worst football stadium in the history of the universe. It made Cleveland Municipal look like a 5 star hotel. All in all I’d do another SB at Minny in a NY minute.

  4. Minneapolis is a very underrated city. Downtown has probably 50+ bars in about a square mile radius. Not to mention, St. Paul about 10 miles away. With all the surrounding suburbs, there is more than enough lodging/hotels to hold a Super Bowl.

  5. i live in minneapolis, and can go for weeks living, working and attending sporting events in the winter without setting foot outside. its an awesome choice for a super bowl- clean, safe, easy to navigate, downtown close to the airport.

  6. The big question here is will the NFL really play the Superbowl in a city without a legitimate NFL team????

  7. Super Bowl XXVI was the only SB I ever slept through, but that wasn’t the Metrodome’s fault. If they build a new dome, they should get a Super Bowl.

  8. I stayed in minneapolis the week after Labor Day one year and it was in the low twenties at night. Ther is Indy cold and Minny cold. Goo luck with that in Feb. it is a cool city though.

  9. cclaser says:Sep 6, 2012 10:49 PM

    I stayed in minneapolis the week after Labor Day one year and it was in the low twenties at night. Ther is Indy cold and Minny cold. Goo luck with that in Feb. it is a cool city though.


    Exaggerate much???

    September record low – 9-22-74 – 26 degrees….hardly low 20’s; hardly the week after labor day.

  10. The weather here isn’t that bad in the winter anymore… last year I smoked a some pork the day before the superbowl so i was outside all day and it was in the mid 30’s, superbowl day the high was 30. I don’t spend time downtown but I know most of it is connected by skyways so you don’t even have to go outside to get around the city… I’d love to see a superbowl here so we can get some money back from the stadium we just put a half a billion dollars into…

  11. Does the NFL really want to go to Minneapolis for a Super Bowl? They might regret it when they find out just how boring Minneapolis really is.

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