Bomb threat for Lions-Saints game results in probation, home confinement

Getty Images

A fan named Shawn Payton (seriously) phoned in a bomb threat — twice — to the Superdome during the Saints’ postseason win over the Lions during the 2011 playoffs.  In June, he pleaded guilty to a charge of transmitting threats to injure in interstate commerce.  On Thursday, Payton was sentenced.

According to the Associated Press, Payton got three years of probation, with no jail time.

Payton also was sentenced to 60 days of home confinement, which is sort of like being in jail but without the bars and the metal cups and the shivs and all sorts of other stuff that when it happens at home typically involves consenting adults.

It’s unknown whether any fans named Sean Payton will be phoning in bombs threats to the Superdome this Sunday.  Or to 345 Park Avenue.