Darryl Tapp: $2.25 million pay cut not ideal, but I wanted to be here


Philadelphia defensive end Darryl Tapp can’t say he’s happy that he has taken a total of $2.25 million in pay cuts over the last two seasons. But he is happy to be an Eagle.

Tapp agreed to have his pay slashed from $2.575 million to $825,000 this season a year after agreeing to a $500,000 pay cut last season. But the alternative was the Eagles releasing Tapp, and he says he didn’t want to play anywhere else.

Yeah, I mean, in the end I wanted to be here,” Tapp told CSNPhilly.com. “It’s definitely not my ideal thing, but I want to be here.”

If Tapp had refused to take a pay cut and the Eagles had released him, there’s a good chance he could have found another team willing to pay him more than $825,000. But Tapp said he wouldn’t have felt good signing with a new team just days before the season starts.

“For somebody to feel comfortable in any scheme — any person — you need some time to work and get reps,” he said. “With the season a week away, it ain’t the best time to get reps and try to get up with anybody’s system. . . . I definitely had to think about it. You never want to make a decision in a rushed manner … so you definitely gotta sit back and think of everything. But, like I said, being an Eagle is one of my main priorities, man. I’m happy I’m here.”

And the Eagles are happy to have him for a good price.

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  1. He is worth more than 825k and eagles have over 20 mill in cap space but they piled a bunch of money into 2013 and need the cap space this year to cover that

  2. This is why I’m always on the player’s side when they choose to hold out.

    This happens on almost every team, every single season. So if you haven’t heard a story like this, then you don’t follow football.

  3. Something tells me Tapp didn’t have a lot of options outside of the Eagles… or he’s a horrible business man. Either way, $800,000 a year isn’t a bad living.

  4. Umm then isn’t it a classless move of the eagles to try and restructure so late? Where are all the MJD haters? These ‘contracts’ mean nothing.

  5. We don’t see more players doing it because it was ridiculous. Telling an employee to take a paycut or get fired is wrong. Asking him to do it a few days before the season started didn’t give him much of choice.

  6. I hope he can earn some of the coin back in incentives…thats kinda dirty to pull this plot days before the season opener to do that to a player, but I understand him wanting to stay as the Eagles will probably have a playoff team.

  7. Good for him though if he was going to be cut for not agreeing they could have done it before training camp so he could catch up and learn a new teams scheme. It’s always refreshing to hear a humble player speak.. Eagles have a good guy on their team

  8. For all of you hating on the move by the Eagles of asking him to cut his pay, stop.

    Every team in the league makes moves like this. It came down to the last roster spot for him, and it was a choice of a vested veteran at 2.6 mill, or a rookie UFA for under 1 mill. The Eagles would rather have Tapp, but not his salary.

    They offered him a choice. He would have been cut, just like 32 other teams had to cut down to 53. Tapp chose to stay with the Eagles for the price of the cheaper guy.

    It was his choice to do so. The Eagles would have happily cut him and gone with a rookie. But they offered him a chance to stay, which is a pretty nice thing to do.

  9. It’s not really a class act by Tapp, but he had no options. In this economy, most of us have been in similar situations regarding getting laid off. Our CEO told that we could all accept a 20% pay cut or half the work force would have accept a 100% pay cut and a sign towards the unemployment line.

    Boo on the Eagles for putting Tapp into a bad situation so close to the start of the season and with them being so far under the cap. If anything they should have asked Nnamdi for a pay cut as he REALLY underperformed.

  10. You can’t expect an employee who’s been asked to have his pay cut by two-thirds is going to have a good attitude. But the Eagles probably know pretty much what they can expect from Tapp on the field, so they figured that they could live with it if he decided to refuse the pay cut. It doesn’t make for the best relationship between employer and employee though.

  11. The Eagles knew his value and it was $825,000. Mr. Tapp could have taken the chance and become a free agent. He most likely would not get more with the possibility that he is out of the league looking for work.
    That’s life in the NFL.

  12. Personally, I don’t like it. But it’s a part of football that balances things out. He’s a backup so he was overpaid, but he’s more a 1,000,000 type player then 800,000. Far too often you see players that stink getting multimillions, and players that are good getting 500,000. You really can’t argue with a talented player holding out for more money when he can still play when the owners are cutting the salaries of the lesser talented players, or players with declining skills.

  13. It’s a business first and foremost. Can’t fault the Birds for strong arming him, and can’t fault players for holding out. Non-guaranteed contracts are meaningless. It’s all about leverage.

  14. I’d rather take the same pay on a different team. How can you not be bitter? Not saying I blame the Eagles. It’s always a business decision. But I’d hate management all the same.

  15. I like my job, like where I am, like my boss, and I like my pay. But, if you cut my pay that much, or somewhere else offered me a nice raise, I’d leave in a heart beat.

  16. He likes where he’s at grew up in a good family setting . From VA so he’s close to home Every player is not like Sapp or T.O. hurting for money. Could it be he took the pay cut because he is financially stable and just want to win . Being from the same neigborhood and watching this young man grow up and how he has carried himself through adversity only makes me respect him more for doing what he did.

  17. Tapp was clearly not worth $2.5 million, since he’s a backup player, and the only way he’d be a starter on any team is if there is an injury to another player, so I guess he figured that if he’s going to make less than $1 million, he’s better off doing it with the Eagles than taking his chances on a new team, which probably wouldn’t sign him until after Week 1 anyway, thereby making his contract non-guaranteed for the season.

  18. Tapp and his agent looked around and found no takers. His choice was take the $825,000.00 or nothing. The Eagles gave him a chance to continue playing, he made the right choice

  19. All of you saying “that business, that’s the NFL” please make sure to say the same thing the next time there is a holdout.

    Stories like this prove that most NFL contracts are worthless – so if players underplaying their contract can be forced to take a pay cut despite their contract then players outperforming have every right to hold out for a better deal.

  20. Regardless, this dude is a loyal man. 90% of others would have left for the $$$. Good player. Good man. Go get him a ring birds! He can ebay it to make up the difference. Lol

  21. Why is it okay for the Eagle to force Daryl Tapp to take a paycut the day before the season starts, but it’s not okay for MJD to hold out in training camp? The league & teams have pulled the wool over the fans’ sheep eyes.

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