Eagles and Browns went to great lengths to conceal in preseason

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Preseason football is growing increasingly worthless, but since they’re playing each other in the opener, the Eagles and Browns took great pains to conceal plans in the usually important third preseason game.

Those involved say you can glean some clues from the preseason, but only in terms of personnel, rather than scheme. For instance, David Sims was a Browns safety during the preseason, but was acquired by the Eagles last week. He said the message there was to reveal nothing.

“There was some starter-on-starter action; I think both sides probably were a little more vanilla because we’re playing two weeks apart,” Eagles guard Evan Mathis said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “You can’t rely on it too much.”

Of course, both sides have a pretty good feel for each other anyway, regardless the Aug. 24 preseason game.

Aside from Sims switching locker rooms, the Browns top three coaches (head coach Pat Shurmur, offensive coordinator Brad Childress and defensive coordinator Dick Jauron) are all former Eagles assistants.

That led the Eagles to do a lot of their “dress rehearsal” preseason stuff in the second game against the Patriots, and only sent starters out for a quarter.

It also matters that a number of key players wree absent that night, including Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and defensive end Jason Babin and Browns running back Trent Richardson weren’t even out there.

7 responses to “Eagles and Browns went to great lengths to conceal in preseason

  1. Makes no sense why they would schedule these two teams to play in the preseason in what was supposed to be their rehearsal game only to make them open up against each other the browns really could have used a proper dress rehearsal not a browns fan but living in ohio which sucks anyway I would like to see the browns be at least decent

  2. What’s even more astonishing is how both of these teams go to “great lengths” to hide stuff in the regular season! For that matter they been hiding stuff for years! God these teams are awful!

  3. This just reaffirms the utter worthlessness of preseason. I’m weary of the NFL trumpeting it’s charities while fleecing season ticket holders for 2 full price preseason ducats. Billionaire NFL owners, how’s about you donate all the preseason tickets to say the boy’s and girl’s clubs and let season ticket holders decide who they want to donate to.

  4. Yeah, the Browns did an excellent job at concealing.

    They concealed any hint that they might actually have an NFL caliber team. Kudos for them, they pulled off the sham really well

  5. poor scheduling NFL. why would you schedule a preseason game with someone they have to play in the regular season? they play only 13 teams per season, leaving only 19 other teams to schedule meaningless preseason games against. is it really that hard? they do do this professionally right?

  6. If this wasn’t the first game of the season, I’d be worried the Birds would be looking past this game towards the Ravens next week. So it’s a good thing this is the first game instead of the middle of the season. These types of games are very easy to put in the win column (for the Eagles) before even playing the game.

  7. As an Eagles fan, if this game comes down to how much we revealed or didn’t reveal in the preseason to the Browns, we are in a world of trouble.

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