Giants looking at some QBs as part of off-day workout


The Giants have given players the weekend off, but coaches and personnel staffers are working.

Since they and the Cowboys are able to sign vested veterans now, a head start on the rest of the league, the Giants are holding a workout today.

According to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger they’re bringing in veteran quarterbacks Josh McCown, Stephen McGee and Brian Hoyer for a look.

The Giants are among the teams that carry just two passers on their 53 (Eli Manning and David Carr), and don’t have a third on the practice squad.

Expect to see them looking at more defensive back and offensive line help as well, as some thin spots were exposed in Wednesday’s loss to the Cowboys.

16 responses to “Giants looking at some QBs as part of off-day workout

  1. David Carr could have done better than Eli on Wednesday night.
    Pathetic performance by a defending SB champ

  2. As Eli goes, so goes this team. If he’s out, this team is sunk.I don’t see any sense in getting a 3rd QB retread from some other team, especially when you have MUCH more glaring needs.

  3. It will be the replacement refs fault if they can’t land a third string quarterback…. Maybe they are offering a fresh cup of daivid Wilson tears to help hydrate the the guys trying out. Or maybe, some player looking for a job, will get offered the chance to get thrown in a cold tub of water as an incentive to play for this franchise…. The daily new York giants schedule.

  4. Maybe time to bring in deon grant. they can drop Rolle down into the CB position while the other corners get healthy.

  5. So can Patriots fans start beating on the drum that they are brining in Hoyer to pick his brain to get as much info from him on how they operate just like the Giants fans did when the Patriots brought in Ballard?

    Just sayin….

  6. deansquires says:
    Sep 7, 2012 12:40 PM
    They need to bring in Kafka since they play the Eagles twice a year. Get some value out of the clipboard holder.

    Yeah, they are going to need all the help they can get after that horrible performance Weds night 😉

  7. The Giants should sign Plax, he woul have helped in the redzone on Wednesday. I like the idea of bring him at the vet min about $1M with is a week to week deal, since we are past our first game. If he shows up to meetings on time, throw it to him in the redzone, if not cut him and move on knowing you don’t need to pay another week’s salary.

  8. “dolphins4 says: Sep 7, 2012 1:52 PM

    I’d sign Stephan McGee maybe he could tell them how to beat the Cowboys.”

    He would have told them two things:
    1) Get a better offensive line
    2) Cover the Cowboys wide receivers

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