Jerry Jones still wants an 18-game season

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Talk of an 18-game season has largely died down in the NFL since the end of last year’s lockout, when the owners agreed that they wouldn’t add two games to the regular season without the players’ consent. But that doesn’t mean the owners don’t want it.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said today that he still wants the league to expand the regular season, while reducing the preseason to two games.

I like that,” Jones said on KRLD-FM, via “We really talked about it a lot in the negotiations with the players. The league had the right to do that with the consent of the players. Over the last television contracts, we all agreed that we would all agree to expand it if we did go to 18 and two preseason [games]. I’m for that.”

Jones acknowledged concerns that more games would lead to more injuries, but he said he thinks reducing the preseason by the same number of games should take care of that.

“As far as the NFL is concerned, I think it’s a real positive. We want to show how good the NFL and this new CBA, or labor agreement, how we’re doing relative to injury. That’s a factor here. Do you get more chance of injury in 18 games than you do in 16 [regular season games] with four preseason [games]?”

Jones added that he thinks fans will support a longer season.

“I can give you a lot of reasons why I think it’s good for the NFL,” Jones said. “I really think it’s good for the players. I know it’s great for the fans. I hope we can work to do that.”

So far, the players have resisted an expansion of the regular season. Jones and his fellow owners may have to persuade the players that two more regular-season games would be good for everyone’s bottom line if they’re going to convince the players to put their bodies through two more regular-season games a year.

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  1. 16 game season is fine. If 2 more games were added there would be a lot of boring meaningless games towards the end of the season. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  2. First, starters play in all 4 pre-season games about as much as they play in 1 regular season games.

    He thinks it’s good for players. He knows it’s good for the NFL. That tells you all you need to know.

  3. I feel Jerry jones isn’t into the cowboys for the money. I think he loves this team with a passion, and that’s why he would love to see them play two more games a year. Even though he has control over them he is still a fan and in all reality all fans wish the season would never end, and that’s why madden can suck $65 for an updated roster every year

  4. We all know Jerrah is just squeezing more money from his cash cow, he can’t help himself, but 18 games is where the NFL will go. Especially if the NFL is thinking of going global with teams overseas. 18 games = Mo’ money! Mo’ money! Mo’ money!

    I’m for 18 games!

    Despite popular belief, there are only 2 seasons: football season, and waiting for football season. Ha!

  5. It must just be about the money for these owners. I’m fine with reducing preseason games. No problem with that but the Cowboys couldn’t even stay healthy in a couple preseason games so how would they deal with 18? Bad idea.

  6. Of course it’s for the money. By adding two regular season games (and possibly another bye) the season could be extended three more weeks, which would mean more lucrative TV contracts. Granted this would more then likely increase meaningless games at the end of the season, however you are just shifting the meaningless games from the pre season to the end of the regular season, what’s the big deal? Would rather watch a meaningless 18th game vs. the 4th preseason as it stands now.

  7. 18 games is good , and make it one pre-season at home, and one on the road. People talk about more money, but I am not sure what team in the nfl discounts pre-season game ticlets to season ticket holders. I have to think the majority of the individuals posting are not season ticket holders….18 games, or 16 games is the same $$$$ from tickets, if they cut the pre-season down to two games., (except maybe for TV $$$$.)

  8. If all the concussion lawsuits do not break the NFL or change their mind about an 18 game schedule, I hope it does not take a player dying on the field before these greedy idiots realize that the 16 game schedule is enough bodily harm to the players. I guess after the Giants win, Jerry thinks the window is wide open and he is going to get him some glory hole this season.

  9. They need to do something new with pre-season. It’s not that fan-friendly, but its necessary for teams to prepare and evaluate new players. Bringing it down to two games isn’t a good idea in that regard.

    I’m for trying something along the line of summer-training. Keep the 4 games, but like baseball, they play in smaller venues by their training camp or greater fan viewing area, and make them optional for season-ticket holders.

    The smaller venues allow fans to watch much closer to the field and players, with a better chance to meet the players, etc. Could be a better experience for a pre-season game.

  10. Im sick of being forced to buy pre season games when they offer nothing to watch. If expanding to 18 games stops that, then im all in!!! First time i have EVER agreed with JJ the idiot!

  11. Who gives a rat’s butt what Mr. Facelift thinks? Every time JJ opens his mouth, I wonder how he made the money to buy the Cowboys, because it wasn’t by brain power.

  12. giantsfanlewis says:

    “I feel Jerry jones isn’t into the cowboys for the money. I think he loves this team with a passion, and that’s why he would love to see them play two more games a year.”

    Man, are you gullible!

  13. add two games
    add two additional byes
    create a Friday and Saturday Night final 8 week package on a 21 week calendar

    Start back on Labor Day weekend

    Superbowl last week of February..three weeks later


  14. What Jones really wants is gladiators fighting to the death. Just think what he could charge for that!

  15. Player safety…player safety…Brawk!!!!
    Player safety…player safety…Brawk!!!!

    Owner wanna cracker….owner wanna cracker!!!

  16. @davearone

    Okay moron, ONE MORE TIME. Jerry Jones does not own the stadium. The Cowboys do not own the stadium. The City of Arlington owns the stadium. The stadium stays pretty busy between pro and college games along with concerts and other sporting events.

  17. Personally I think that going to 18 games would be a big mistake for the fans. The games have become monotonousness. They are boring. The outcome of a game is almost always decided by who has the ball last. The teams are so evenly matched that poor officiating can easily swing the outcome.

    The players are having many violent collisions in a single game. It would not surprise me to see a violent hit result in death – it’s gonna happen at the current pace we are on.

  18. I like it. More regular season football makes for a shorter offseason. All ya gotta do is add a bye week pay the players for the two extra real games and its possible. I don’t think it would mean more meaningless games at the end of the season they just gotta stick with the whole last few weeks are division games. That has helped eliminate lame games. I would love to see it. I hate the pre season being 4 weeks it seems like it drags on cuz its crappy football waiting for the real stuff. If they don’t go to 18 they should still eliminate 2 preseason games which they won’t but they should

  19. Who wouldn’t want more football? All you chicks who say 16 games is enough should go gossip on another site. Your not football fans. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Make it 20 games! Injuries are a hazard of the multi-million dollar job. One guy goes down, there is another guy on the bench who might never have gotten a chance otherwise. Ask Kurt Warner and Tom Brady about that.

    If 16 games is enough for you, go push the shopping cart for your wife for the last two Sundays of the year and catch up with us real fans in the playoffs. Probably what you were doing on Sundays anyway.

  20. How about we trade two preseason games for one regular season game and have a 17-game season? Add another bye too. That’ll get the players on board.

  21. 2 conferences, 4 divisions per conference, 4 teams per division, 6 division games, 8 games against 2 other full divisions and 2 other games against nighty division. 32 total teams, 16 games. The symmetry that is the NFL is perfect. Add more teams or more games and you throw a wrench into the whole thing. Why mess with perfection?

  22. The NFL has to be embarrassed about preseason games. The stadiums are nearly empty.
    I had club seats for the final preseason game and i was not able to attend.
    I could not give the tickets away.
    Play 18 games or cut the season back to 12 games. I don’t care. But please stop forcing me to pay full price for practice games with few starters getting real playing time. boring, boring, boring.

  23. You people on this site are stupid. PFT post something and you guys aren’t smart enough to look into yourselves. On the radio at 11 am est, audio on Roger Goodell speaking on an 18 game season and so on, then they asked Jerry what he thought. None of you thought the quote and sentence beginning with “I like that” wasn’t odd? I used to come on and laugh at the “writers” now you guys are funnier with your stupidity. Do some research, visit REAL football site, not the tabloid version and learn the sport.

    And no, Jerry isn’t in it for the money. If a check was presented to Jerry for 2.1 billion and walk away do you think he’d do it? If so, call me, I got a deal we can make.

  24. @ davearnone

    The moronic haters just don’t know when to stop, You are not even presenting accurate information.

    Jerry Jones doesn’t own Cowboys stadium, Einstein – the city of Arlington does.

    As a matter of fact, here is the breakdown of how it was paid for:

    Arlington city sales tax increased by one-half of a percent, the hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent. The City of Arlington provided $325 million in funding, and Jerry Jones covered any cost overruns. Also, the NFL provided the Cowboys with an additional $150 million.

    So, 1.2 Billion was spent on the most technologically advanced and beautiful stadium there is. In comparison, the new Meadowlands stadium cost 1.8 billion, has no roof, and is built in an area that boasts polluted swamp grounds.

  25. That’s right Jerrah. It’ll be great for the fans. All we ever wanted was an opportunity to overpay for an inferior product. When many of the stars of the game will be having to retire early due to injury and replaced by walking lawn ornaments, we’ll be ecstatic over the fact that your revenue will increase by two games worth per year while your labor costs become roughly equal to employing 53 illegal alien migrant farm workers.

  26. Of course owners want more games! More games = millions and millions, and millions of more $$$ in their pockets. Personally, I think it’s a horrible idea. More games = more injuries. Only an idiot would claim otherwise. Carrying more players on the roster and practice squad doesn’t necessarily fix the problem. Because alot of those extra players would just be warm bodies with less talent.
    Most fans don’t want more games, they just don’t think it’s fair to pay full price for glorified scrimmages (otherwise known as pre season games). But the owners have twisted it and won’t rest till they get their way.
    I hope the players don’t budge on this one. A higher quantity of games doesn’t = quality games.

  27. There is a HUGE logic gap with some of your answers.

    First of all, I hear many people claiming that more games = more injuries. Well, if that is true, then why aren’t you calling for a 14 game schedule? Or a 12 game schedule?

    Secondly, this idea that extending the season means that there will be more meaningless games? More meaningless than a preseason game?

    Plus, the reason some of the games at the end of the season are meaningless, is that the Pats, for example, have a 2 game lead for home-field advantage with 1 game to play, so they rest everyone.

    But, if the season is 18 games, then they’d have a 2 game lead with 3 games to play, and couldn’t afford to lose two of them. Baseball plays 162 games and they still somehow manage to often have meaningful games until the last day.

    Go to the 18 game schedule, add to the size of game-day rosters, and add an extra bye.

    The extra roster size should mean that coaches can utilize more people, more specialists, and thus players can play less plays per game. And the 2nd bye would be big in helping teams stay healthy and guys not try to play at less than 100%, also reducing injuries.

  28. Hey he has a billion dollar stadium to pay off, of course he wants more games. We can’t even field teams for 16 games due to the injuries. If they do go to 18 games I see teams having 65 players and not 53 or something in that range. The problem, were going to have a lot of bums out there.

    I like the idea of two pre-season games only and then maybe and 18 game season. These guys cannot hold up for 4 pre season and 18 games, their bodies can’t take that punishment, then go into the playoff’s?

  29. NFLPA should allow as many extra games as the owners want. The only stipulation, each owner will be struck in the head with a hammer 20 times for each additional game played.

  30. There is an easy solution that should satisfy everyone. 2 preseason games and 18 regular games but no player may dress for more than 16 games in any season. Increase the player roster to accomadate the longer season. It would also make it very interesting how certain games are staffed during the season. Backups would also be more important as it should. It would also help player developement.

  31. The dudes a BILLIONAIRE, you really think he needs the money from 2 more games? Technically, probably one more game because he’s losing two preseason games. The guy loves football, and for that, he gets grief.

    Every fan, if they owned a football team, would want to be involved, I know I would.

    Jerry brought 3 championships to Dallas…not very many owners that can say that. I dont care that it was a long time ago. Get off his case.

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