Jim Harbaugh’s tired of reliving Kyle Williams’ NFC title game performance

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It doesn’t look like 49ers punt returner Ted Ginn is going to be able to play for the 49ers against the Packers on Sunday because of an ankle injury.

That likely brings back memories of the NFC Championship Game when Ginn was injured and Kyle Williams had to take over as the team’s punt returner. For the few people who might not remember what happened, Williams fumbled twice to help the Giants get scores that enabled them to advance to the Super Bowl by a 20-17 margin.

It seems natural that coach Jim Harbaugh would get asked questions about going back to Williams given the way that game ended. Harbaugh expressed confidence in Williams, just as the 49ers have since the two fumbles helped end their season, but later bristled when there was another question that reference the punt returner’s struggles against the Giants.

“We don’t, we don’t … why’d you bring that up?” Harbaugh replied, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “Why would we be taking about that? When is enough enough?”

There was a followup, which centered on whether Harbaugh would have any words of encouragement for Williams before Sunday’s game. Harbaugh didn’t welcome that question any more than the first one.

“I should ask you, why did you bring that up?” Harbaugh asked. “Why do you continue to ask that question? What is the reasoning?”

According to Barrows, a 49ers spokesman stepped in at that point to end the session.

Both the questions and Harbaugh’s response are understandable, although neither one is really necessary. The 49ers have made it clear that they have confidence in Williams’ ability for the last eight months so there’s no reason to think they’d waver when faced with actually having to back up that confidence. It’s fair to wonder what the reasoning is to keep asking questions that have already been answered a dozen times.

Having said that, Harbaugh’s been around long enough to know why people are bringing that up and he’s been around long enough to know that you sometimes wind up answering the same question five different times. It would have been easy to just say that he’s confident in Williams or to say that he’s answered the question without things getting hostile.

The important thing is that Williams is going to get his chance to wipe away the memories from January in Lambeau Field this weekend. We don’t know whether he’ll do that or not, but we know that queries about his performance will be asked with full knowledge that Harbaugh might not want to talk about it.

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  1. Harbaugh has the thinnest skin of any NFL coach when it comes to the press… I guess the words “no” and “comment” aren’t in his vocabulary

  2. If memory serves, Kyle has already made up for the NFC game in the preseason leaping over a defender for better yardage. The problem is these local reporters aren’t creative enough to think of new questions to ask and since Coach Harbaugh doesn’t offer enough sound bites, they prefer to try and push his buttons. Its just sad.

  3. Too many reporters ask questions seeking an emotional response from the respondent…rather than the substance of the answer, which more often than not, has already been given.

  4. For those saying they’re tired of Jim Harbaugh… I’d say go take his job and then you wont have to hear about him, but there are two things wrong there. One, that’s a lie, it’d be all over the news how some bum off the street took his job. Two, you can’t.

  5. I’m with Harbaugh on this one. Why the heck do people need to keep asking the same question? Are they hoping that answer is the same?
    However, Harbaugh could just say “next question”.

  6. He gets prickly all the time. It’s what he does.
    Just ignore it. He’ll take an aspirin and lay down. He’ll feel better in no time.

  7. Harbaugh, you make millions of dollars for one reason and one reason only–the media decided to cover football and ask you questions. The media, in turns, sells advertising. Your players make millions and millions of dollars because the media covers the games and asks questions. If you don’t like being asked questions by the media–you know, the ones who provide you millions of dollars–let’s make a little deal: you and the players give all the money back except maybe $50,000 a year as a salary. And they won’t ask you any more questions. Then we will see if you like being asked dumb questions by the media. When will you be giving it back, Harbaugh? I’m sorry. I didn’t quite hear you. When?

  8. Harbaugh can’t do anything without getting hostile. He’s unprofessional and arrogant. Go ahead 9’ers fans… Thumbs down homer style all you want. The rest of the league can’t stand this guy.

  9. I agree he could handle it better with a simple “We believe in Kyle Williams”, or “I’ve answered that already”, or “Next question”, but these media twerps are trying to get him to blow up with constant prodding and agitating questions. It gives them something juicy to report. Lazy journalism if you ask me, but that’s where we are at in the modern day media.

  10. Honestly, check tape. Aside from Vernon’s two plays, Williams accounted for much of SF’s yardage that game. He flipped the field twice on his successful returns and accounted for their only 3rd down conversion (early on that wasn’t counted toward the stats b/c SF accepted a penalty for 1st down instead of his 3rd down conversion).

  11. wayne1693 said – “Too many reporters ask questions seeking an emotional response from the respondent”.

    You sir, have defined the practices of this site.

  12. @ravenater
    Jim and our coach John are the BIGGEST WHINERS I have ever seen. They are both losers in my book.

    Yea, both coaches were within a blink of being in the SB thats a real looser….. get a grip buddy.

  13. vdogg….
    That’s what these people don’t understand, if they would stop asking the same dumb question over and over again Coach wouldn’t get irritated.

    And will someone please tell them that asking the question in a different way is still asking the same question.

    Reporter 1~ Coach do you have any apprehension of having Kyle Williams return Punts

    Reporter 2~ Coach Kyle Williams will be returning punts this weekend, any concerns?

    Reporter 3~ After the NFC Championship game and during the spring a number of players stated that they have confidence in Kyle Williams, do you feel the same?

    This is why he gets irritated, shoot I’m irritated and I wrote it.

  14. Whatever let it go happens everytime a player messes up.. Poor guy shoulda stayed away when it hit his knee and held on to the ball harder.. Simple young mistakes just at the worst time.. Live and learn if you don’t redeem yourself you won’t be forgiven a second time Kyle! I personally think Kyle has already gotten better from this and will continue so.. Super bowl bound and Jim is one of the best coaches in NFL so stop hating..

  15. Both Harbaugh sisters have thin skin, and do not merit head coaching jobs in the NFL. Cannot wait to get sister Jim in the Superdome this year, so I can watch the Saints wipe the mat with his team.

  16. Saints wipe us up?? Yea guy that’s why u didn’t get to NFC championship last year.. Yea that’s right saints fans you got mopped up and your lucky to have your little girl vilma, to bad him or his teammates didn’t make any bounty money against the Niners.. Poor Pierre

  17. Oh no Harbaugh didn’t suffer another fool’s question and like clockwork, here is PFT to run the story to incite the clapping monkeys into reliving and rehashing their hatred for a person they’ve never even met.

  18. ” Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ———–Albert Einstein.

    Harbaugh knows that “living in the past is just dying in the present.” Get a clue folks and get used to it……the Harbaughs are here to stay!


  19. It must really tear some of you up inside to know the Jim Harbaugh was coach of the year and has a ton of respect from the people who are actually involved in the game. Keep thinking that the media not liking him will some how diminish his ability to coach. That worked so well on Belichick.

  20. And see everyone is now talking about this instead of Kyle Williams performance in the NFC title game.

  21. Look at all the New Orleans AINTS fans & Detroit Cryins fans taking shots at the 9ERS LMAO!!! Man up & move on already!! You lost & it’s time to move on with your lives!!!

  22. Harbaugh’s a stud, bitch all you want but he’s a solid coach and he’s got a solid team regardless of how badly you don’t want them to be

  23. Both Harbaugh sisters have thin skin, and do not merit head coaching jobs in the NFL. Cannot wait to get sister Jim in the Superdome this year, so I can watch the Saints wipe the mat with his team.

    Probably the most moronic thing every said…who dat? Oh dat be the Saints who got outplayed and out worked

  24. Theashleyguy:
    Really?!? You think ‘the media’ pays him and gets the sport advertisements? Really? I think talented players playing a game everyone wants to watch gets them the advertisements. In fact, the coaches and players are the reason that sports writers get paid, not the other way around.

  25. “The problem is these local reporters aren’t creative enough to think of new questions to ask and since Coach Harbaugh doesn’t offer enough sound bites, they prefer to try and push his buttons. Its just sad.

    Local reporters? How about every reporter and this website. They love nothing more then to beat a dead horse over and over and over so they can write an article about the coaches reaction. Kind of like if you kept asking them why their articles suck so much over and over and over.

  26. I’m a diehard Niner fan, and it took me a long time not to think of that game. When i run into my fellow niner fans you can count on Kyle william’s name being brought up in a negative light within the first 5 mintues of a conversation. I want to forgive him , but it hurts knowing the giants are walking around in what i truly believe is OUR super bowl rings.

  27. I see where Harbaugh is coming from and you can’t blame him.
    I also see where the media is coming from…for years the only media attention us Niners fans have gotten was usually along the lines of Mike Singletary blowing a gasket…or slipping down his shorts at halftime. Old habits die hard. The media doesn’t need to piss a guy off to get noticed anymore. We are winners now…kinda

  28. Did anyone actually watch the interview? Harbaugh didn’t snap or explode, he simply asked “Why do you keep bringing that up? What is the purpose of bringing that up?” Some how thats worthy of a news article.

  29. Harbaugh should take a few tips from Andy Reid. Just answer the question by saying “uhhh…no.”

    Become an emotionless, detached, impenetrable fortress of calm with no information of substance to offer.

    it protects the team.

  30. tduhe1 says:
    Both Harbaugh sisters have thin skin, and do not merit head coaching jobs in the NFL. Cannot wait to get sister Jim in the Superdome this year, so I can watch the Saints wipe the mat with his team.
    Folks hate on the Harbaughs cause they are passionate, and get the job done being that way. Lions fans are still peeved that Harbaugh was so excited that his team beat down Shu & the stompers in a 4th quarter come back, that he forgot protocol, and Schwartz ended up making a fool of himself. Talk about a baby!

    Fact: Jim Harbaugh was awarded Coach of the year as a 1st year head coach in the NFL, took a team, deep in to the play offs that hadn’t made an appearance there in 9 years (without an off season) and your coach Who ‘ain’t Dat, will be watching pro football from his couch.
    You might want to rethink your statement; your making your team / fan base look dumb.

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