LeSean McCoy’s feeling confident about Sunday

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy sent a message to the Browns ahead of Sunday’s matchup between the teams.

“We got you,” McCoy said during an appearance on WIP in Philadelphia.

Conventional wisdom agrees with that sentiment as the Browns are featuring rookies at quarterback and tailback, assuming Trent Richardson is ready to go. It would be hard to find too many people who don’t think that the Eagles “got” this one.

The Eagles exposed themselves to ridicule last season by putting the cart before the horse in the preseason. There hasn’t been anything like the “Dream Team” comment this year, although there’s still been plenty of confidence about the year to come from members of the team. McCoy fits right in with the rest of the group.

“I feel like we’re on the right path. I think Coach Reid has done a great job of getting a group of guys together, and we’re ready to roll,” McCoy said. “I’m so excited about this season, I kind of forget about all the last year’s feeling and emotions. I kind of moved on. The season didn’t go well, that’s all I can remember.”

This season needs to go better or there could be winds of change blowing through the Eagles organization.

20 responses to “LeSean McCoy’s feeling confident about Sunday

  1. God the egos of the Eagles is so inflated. It really is too bad they won’t amount to anything again this year…too many ‘superstars’ on one team and their personalities start to clash with one another. Not to me tion Vick won’t physically hold up after week 6. I personally will laugh my arse off if the Browns beat them this week. Typical underdog being pissed off by the better teams pre game smart mouthed comments. McCoy will have to stick his foot in his mouth.

  2. Kind of difficult to see ‘we got you’ in the kind of context you’re trying to make it into. Especially with the second quote. Nice try though.

    I think I ‘got you’ trying to ‘get us.’

  3. Well that’s great and all Lesean, “you got this one” against without question the worst team in
    the National Football League. Are you going to say “you got this one” the following week against Baltimore, or New York and Pittsburgh in the weeks to come?? Enough with this garbage talk and play football, if not, show Reid, Castillo, and Morningweig the door.

  4. I’m with ya Shady….

    If the outcome of this game is still in question at halftime, I’d be shocked.

    The Browns just don’t have anything…nothin’.

    Go Eagles!

    (of course…I could be wrong!)

  5. You better hope so Lesean, we’ve already seen how mentally tough the Eagles aren’t in 2011. A loss to the lowly Browns would send you mental midgets into a tailspin.

  6. shady for mvp!

    nah jk but I love this guy. Reid really knows how to find the most versatile tailbacks and overuse the hell out of them. Should be a great year for bleed green nation.

  7. Bleedgreen, Yeah Reid knows how to find great backs and give them 10 or 11 carries in crucial games.

  8. Vick didn’t say the Eagles were a dynasty. Stop taking things out of context so that you can make your jokes.

  9. not a PFT poster but… need to put this into context. i heard the interview live on WIP this morning. at the very end of the interview, angelo cataldi was pressing him for a win this week and lesean responded “we got you”. lesean is pretty classy. it was not trash talk by any means.

  10. @krazybeez – I hope you are right, but regardless, LeSean needs to understand what a comment such as that can look like out of context – and that anything he (or any player) says will be taken out of context, if it appears to make for a juicy headline.

    Always, always, ALWAYS respect every opponent in any contact with the media or public. Don’t leave yourself open to potential embarrassment or give locker room motivational posts for the other team. Let you play on the field speak for you.

    The Eagles should beat the Browns, but that will mean about as much as their opening win last year over the Rams. With the NFCS and AFCN on their schedule, this might be the easiest game of the year, but if Richardson is a beast the Browns might still win at home. Let’s wait til after Sunday”s game to count chickens….

  11. For a team with ZERO Super Bowl wins we still are one of the biggest threats in football and for that we continue to generate more bitter haters. It’s going to be a great year to bleed green my friends.

  12. paintballx3dotcom says:
    Sep 7, 2012 4:44 PM
    For a team that’s got ZERO Superbowl wins in its history, these guys talk WAY TOO MUCH!

    Stop reading Eagles news if you are not a fan because it is kind of weird and sad that you have that much free time to read an article about a team you dont like and actually comment on that said article. Go call little jimmy and play some more paint ball with your butt buddies in the backyard.

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