Peterson: Without MJD, Jaguars “would have been terrible”


It’s too bad for Maurice Jones-Drew that Adrian Peterson isn’t running the Jaguars front office.

If he was, Jones-Drew might not have had to held out a month for nothing.

When the Vikings running back was discussing his Jaguars counterpart, he made it clear how much he respects Jones-Drew’s ability.

“Look at Jones-Drew,” Peterson said, via Judd Zulgad of “He was their whole offense last year. So, without him, the Jaguars would have been terrible just to be honest.”

It’s almost hard to imagine the Jags being worse than their 5-11 mess last year, but I suppose it’s possible.

For his part, Jones-Drew said he was rooting for Peterson to recover from his knee problems, showing running back solidarity.

“I’ve always been watching, seeing how things are going, hoping and wishing him well,” Jones-Drew said. “Obviously as running backs we have to stick together because everybody is trying to devalue us or say, ‘We’re not this or we’re not that,’ which is pretty funny.

“He’s coming back off something tough. I think we have all in some way or another experienced this type of adversity and the type of guy he is he’s going to be able to get through that and be able to make plays. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see him on Sunday. I can’t wait to see how he looks.”

Between Jones-Drew’s month off which will have him coming off the bench, and Peterson’s health, what should have been a matchup of two of the league’s elite runners may be little more than a footnote Sunday.

But they’ve got each other’s back.

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  1. “running back solidarity” is the key here. love AP, and not at all surprised to see one workhorse back sticking up for another workhorse back. When’s AP’s contract up again?

  2. This is just one RB trying to prop up another RB, nothing wrong with that. But the fact is that the Jaguars were terrible with MJD last year, and yeah, they would have been worse without him.

    Or you could say they were terrible last year because their second RB, Jennings, was on IR for the whole year and MJD was not good enough to carry the team by himself.

    Either way, MJD is not worth any more than his current contract is paying him.

  3. This is exactly why the MJD holdout didn’t work for him. As good as he was, the Jags knew they would not be WORSE without him so they didn’t have to budge. How good would he look in a Chargers uniform?

  4. Won only 5 games out of 17. I just hope he does not get hurt and get used up in Jacksonville. This little man is a beast. He needs to get paid for his talent. Jaguars is never going to be the answer. 7 years in this league as a running back puts wear and tear on your body. I just hope he gets his due.

  5. @jagsfan11 that’s a questionable statement. They do have Toby gerhart who is more then capable of being a starting back. Jags have nobody. They also have a pass rush and Percy harvin. I fully expect the jaguars to get beat Sunday, just saying. Mjd is more important to jags then ap to vikes.

  6. As much as Jags fans give credit to their defense as the backbone of the team, a good running game is what helps a defense most. Especially since the offense doesn’t put up points, so controlling the clock is what works for the Jags. Without MJD the Jags would of been in the race for Andrew Luck. Blaine Gabbert will be better this year but I don’t expect him to be as good as Garrard ever was with the Jags. I think Gabbert has the talent but everything isn’t clicking yet and he doesn’t seem to have faith in his own abilities.

  7. Rashad Jennings is a far superior back to Toby Gerhart. Vikings were 3 – 13 last year. They were even worse than the jags and they will be this year too. The Vikings will lose Sunday and go 4 -12 for the season.

  8. @johnegriffith6

    1. “I fully expect the jaguars to get beat Sunday”

    Fully expect to be surprised

    2. “They do have Toby gerhart who is more then capable of being a starting back. Jags have nobody.”

    Thank you for showing your football ignorance.

  9. I disagree that they couldn’t be worse than last year, where they actually got 5 wins. They could be a lot worse, but that’s the thing.

    My theory is that the Jaguars were hoping that MJD would hold out as long as possible (week 10) so that they could better determine if Gabbert could lead the offense on his own without MJD as a crutch. If he couldn’t do it, then they probably would be in a better position to draft high next year and get Jones or Barkley. With MJD in the lineup, though, even if Gabbert falters, they’ll likely win more games and have to pay more (like Washington did this year) to move up in the draft order to grab a decent QB.

  10. Im sorry AP but this is why your should worry about you and your own team instead of mjd and his team, in case you didn’t know, they was 5-11, not 11-5, 5-11 with mjd. They still wouldn’t make the playoffs any worst than that, all he did was lead the league in rushing yards. This is a QB’s league, when its 2 minutes left in the game and you’re down by six in need of an 80 yard drive for the win, you’re gonna rely heavy on your qb to make plays, not run the ball and clock.

  11. When defensive players say they’re not out there to hurt anybody, I call BS. But these guys, I actually believe they root for eachother.

  12. If Gabbert doesn’t stink, the Jags D will keep them in Sunday’s game. If Gabbert looks like last year, which is likely since he won’t be playing vanilla pre-season defenses any more, the Jags start 0-1 before returning home to tarp-central. That you can write down akzane.

  13. I understand why RBs feel disrespected, but the fact remains that there’s a very weak correlation between having an elite RB and overall team wins, while an elite QB and passing game is a virtual guarantee of success. A quick glance at the consistently successful teams these past several seasons and recent Super Bowl winners (many of whom ranked in the bottom five in rushing!) shows just how fungible and of relatively modest value RBs are in today’s pass-dominated league. That’s not about MJD or AP personally, just the position they happen to play.

  14. But Adrian Peterson carried his team to a 3 and 13 record but he is better. Peterson gets alot of hype but he is not the best running back in the league. That title belongs to MJD!

  15. “Thats funny cause without Peterson, the Vikings offense would be terrible”

    Thats funny cause with Peterson (the best RB in football) the Vikings have only had a top 10 offense when they had a good QB.

  16. Well, MJD was overly compensated with a top contract two years ago. He wanted to spend a lot of money so he demanded that most of the money be paid out the first two years. Simple grade school math shows that if you get paid the majority of the contract money the first two years then there will be less money the remaining years. He’s NOT being underpaid the last few years of the contract. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand math.

  17. tmac4454 says:Sep 7, 2012 9:35 AM

    Won only 5 games out of 17. I just hope he does not get hurt and get used up in Jacksonville. This little man is a beast. He needs to get paid for his talent. Jaguars is never going to be the answer. 7 years in this league as a running back puts wear and tear on your body. I just hope he gets his due.

    17 games? Did they lose in the first round of the playoffs?

  18. AP has been the best back in football when healthy, no question. The lack of offense is not because of him. He is puttin up numbers when defenses stack 8 or 9 in the box to stop him because of the lack of a passing attack.

    MJD is always a top 5 back, but more between that 4 and 5 spot every year. A great RB, but not the best.

    Both are elite RB’s in the NFL.

    In my opinion, Jennings and Gerhart are of about equal talent with different styles. They are both capable of being a starter, but would never be mentioned as a top 5 in the NFL back.

  19. Maurice is the best rb in the nfl. Some one has to be the best, and until some one else wins the rushing title, it’s him.

    Gabbert has improved, has receivers, and two excellent RBs, a NASTY o -line. Better all around on D…

    That being said, I expect Ponder to have a better year, AP is amazing, Jared Allen is a beast, and in my opinion the best defensive end playing today.

    Will it be enough?

    That’s why they play the game gentlemen 😉

  20. no wonder the Jags are the least valuable franchise in the NFL. a chump team run by a chump owner. that owner is the Frank McCourt of the NFL. they’re at the bottom of spending in the NFL and are many many millions under the cap. it’s like they’re allowed to spend $10, but decided to spend $2 and pocket the rest.

  21. @Purpleguy says-Jags start 0-1 before returning home to tarp-central. Just a heads up so you know how stupid you sound. Min 2011 avg. attendance was 62,816 the jags avg attendance was 62,331. The Vikings stadium holds 64,111 and the Jags holds 67,264 (WITH THE TARPS ON IN THE SMALLEST MARKET)!!! Take the tarps of and the stadium hold 76,867! So you and everyone else that talk about tarps sound like complete idiots that know nothing about football! Get the facts don’t rely on the media for all of your information!

  22. Anyone out there know anything about being on a team.Im a Jags fan and drews 1 man band is not the reason why.I was hoping he would have sat out longer.Maybe then someone would mention the Jaguars as a team when they have a winning season this year .Go ahead Jennings light it up.Me and all of the loyal Jags fans will be watching.Have a great year Jacksonville and remember there is no I in TEAM!!!!

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