Steelers place DeCastro on IR, with designation to return

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As expected, the Steelers have taken advantage of the David DeCastro rule, using it for David DeCastro.

The rookie first-round offensive lineman has been placed on injured reserve, with the designation that he may return.  DeCastro suffered a serious knee injury during the preseason, against the Bills.

The new tweak to the IR procedures allows DeCastro to return to practice at least six weeks after being placed on the list, and then to practice at least eight weeks after being placed on the list.  Once he returns to practice, however, he has only three weeks to be added to the active roster or he’ll be shut down for the year.

Taking his place on the active roster is cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, the fastest man in the 2011 Scouting Combine.  Drafted by the Raiders in round three, cut earlier this week, and unclaimed on waivers, he slides onto the bottom of the roster in Pittsburgh.

13 responses to “Steelers place DeCastro on IR, with designation to return

  1. I played against DeCastro in high school, he is very tough, very strong and very skilled. He will be an anchor on the Steelers line for many years when he is healthy. I wish he wasn’t on the Steelers, but I’m rooting for him to have a great career!

  2. As much as I hate the steelers, I doubt this will make much of an impact. It’s not like DeCastro was lighting up the league when he was playing, so I’m sure next man up applies here.

  3. DeCastro, You’ve be Dareused! The injury was no fluke, Marcell flat smashed this dude into the ground on that play.

  4. Ugh no. DeCastro was holdin his own just fine. Marcus Gilbert fell on the back of his legs.. The same way he fell on our fullbacks’ legs ending his season as well. Yeah, we have some issues. Go steelers.

  5. The guy is a consensus #1 Pick on almost every teams boards….but this “ravenator” person gets on here and trashes everything Steeler related….Are you THAT worried about the Steelers this year? Seriously, there should be some sort of intelligence test to go through before being allowed to post on here.

  6. DeCastro was hurt by his own teammate falling on his legs. I bet DeCastro wished It was Dareus laying him out instead of his own teammate, what a horrible way to end a season. At least with this new rule he will have the opportunity to come back and try to finish out his rookie year. Great player and a good pick-up by the Steelers. It is a shame things had to go this way.

  7. Consensus #1 pick on every board, riiiiightt. You realize teams with guard issues passed on him (bengals), right? Keep drinking that steel reserve

  8. Ravenator is seriously afraid of the steelers, he’s trying to find anyway to take the focus off how his team is constantly disappointig him by not getting to the superbowl, u know, the way the steelers have 3 times in the past 7yrs…..

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