Jones-Drew doesn’t know whether he’ll adjust to Mularkey’s touchdown rule

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His holdout racked up $30,000 per day in fines (whether he actually has to pay the money is a separate issue).  His post-touchdown habit could cost a local charity $500 per score.

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has returned to a team with a coach who wants his players to hand the ball back to the official after entering the end zone with it.  If that’s what happens, Mike Mularkey will donate $250 to the local Ronald McDonald’s House, and the team will match it.

It’s unclear whether Jones-Drew will comply.

I have to get in there first before we can answer this question,” Jones-Drew said this week, via the Associated Press.  “It doesn’t make sense to answer a question when I haven’t been in there yet.  I haven’t even scored in practice yet, so we’ll see how I do in practice first and then we’ll move on to the game.”

Still, Jones-Drew hasn’t ruled out the Barry Sanders maneuver.

“We’re entertainers, but at the same time I’m coachable,” Jones-Drew said.

If Jones-Drew is willing to fork over $500 to replace what would have been donated, then let him entertain.  But if everyone on the team honors Mularkey’s mandate, that’s the kind of little thing that can help pull a locker room together.

It also will help ensure that there will never be any chance of losing 15 yards of field position on the ensuing kickoff.

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  1. Way to hang a fantastic charity over the heads of players. How about every TD scored they donate $250? It puts a player in a bad spot when they score a hard fought TD to think, instead of react ,about celebrating their TD. Think about it, MJD bullies through the Dline and leaps with one hand out to score a TD his first instinct is to spike the ball into the ground. Now if he does that hes villified.

  2. One of the first things (of many) Goodell did that made me despise him was revamp the celebration rules. Celebrating TDs is harmless. Watching Chad Johnson and Steve Smith go back and fourth with over the top celebrations was fun. Its not like basketball where every point is easy to come by.

  3. Uhhh no you are not “entertainers”. You are athletes. Entertainers are highly trained professionals of a different ilk who play in places like Las Vegas, NYC, Orlando and tour all over the world. You would do about as well up on stage as Celine Dion would do playing RB in an NFL game.

  4. This may sound utterly selfish on MJD’s part, but if he’s used to doing things a certain way and then he has to change immediately, that could be problematic. On the other hand, he could just pay the charity money himself. Why not?

  5. With that offense? you should let those guys celebrate they actually scored- maybe even give folks of Jacksonville the day off on Monday like its some holiday. Now theres an idea!

  6. There’s no credible reason for MJD to buck the rest of the team. Personally, I’d love to see him go along, because his “celebrations” are childish and stupid.

  7. I love this idea. The Jags will probably only score about 20-25 touchdowns this year so why would they showboat? Granted MJD isn’t over the top with his celebrations, but if they’re down by 30 points what’s the point of showing off? Yay, you made it 42-6, great job. You never saw greats like Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, or Lynn Swann doing dances or anything like that. Why do they need to now?

  8. Seems a little ticky-tacky, sure, but how hard could it be to simply comply with this one? Can you imagine the silly looks you’d get if you celebrated doing your job when asked?

  9. I’ve always liked the touchdown celebrations…its fun, entertaining, and mostly harmless.

    The first down celebrations, tackle celebrations, big hit celebrations have to go. It’s like “ok. You made a play. Big deal…move on!”

    I’d be so happy to see a 15 yard penalty every time, even on my team, if that would put an end to meaningless celebrations like them…

  10. Wow.

    Only here on PFT message boards would people question charitable contributions.

    It’s a great idea.

    If you want to watch dancing during NFL games then you need to watch the cheerleaders.

  11. Professional Sports is Entertainment! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little celebration…Let them just hand the damn ball to the Ref in parochial school.

  12. This really isn’t an issue. If the players celebrate, it is not like they will be penalized by the coach (unless it is a 15 yard ULC). Besides, they can hand the ball to the ref…and then celebrate!

  13. Is MJD doing ANY thinking about PLAYING this year? Holdouts, SPIKING for God’s sake? How about getting focused on his JOB?

  14. What BS, that’s right Jags, give the fans another reason to not go to your games, next we will outlaw the Lambo leap.. having the opportunity to get a ball from a player is something some fans can look forward too.. what BS..

  15. I think they should give the players 10 seconds after scoring a touchdown to dance and sing… heck maybe they should jump into the stands so we can stuff dollar bills in their pants.
    Nothing like thinking you deserve an “it’s all about me” moment.
    It’s a total turn off.

  16. Im laughing at the outrage about this.

    So Mularky is trying to get professional players to act professional and that’s wrong and ruining the gameday experience?

    As stated before, Barry Sanders didnt need to show off when he scored, he did that in the field of play with his running abilities. Im personally tired of someone scoring on a 1yd run and celebrating like they just broke a 50 yarder.

  17. MJD is not an entertainer. He thinks he is and spends more time thinking about TD dances than picking up a third and one. Very disappointed he is returning to the JAGS.

  18. If Mularkey doesnt want TD celebrations, he should sign a bunch of white guys. Then again if he had a bunch of white guys, they wouldn’t score many TDs. A double edged sword if you will.

  19. I like the idea of consistent contribution to a great charity, but I don’t agree with “forcing” players to comply with it. By force I mean guilt, I guess. What’s next?

  20. Two points on this:

    First of all, you can argue about whether or not celebrations are good for the game all day long, but the fact is if your coach requests you to do something a certain way, you do it. It’s that simple. Mularkey is the coach, and that’s what he wants. He has every right to ask for his players to hand the ball off, just as Tom Coughlin has every right to ask his players to show up 5 minutes early for team meetings. MJD is not the coach, Mularkey is, and the players need to fall in line and be supportive of their coach. MJD has always been, and apparently continues to be a jerk who puts himself above the team (ever since he chose to wear the number 32 to mark the number of teams that passed on him in the first round), and the sooner the Jaguars dump him, the better off they will be. Since he arrived the team has never been a top contender. NO PLAYER should ever undermine their coach. His answer should have been, I will do whatever Coach Mularkey asks of me.

    Secondly, for those of you whining about losing out on player celebrations, you are extremely misguided. If this were Goodell, or the league office trying to rule out celebrations, I would agree with you that it is ridiculous and the league is being excessive in its requirements. But this is not that. This is a coach of one team asking HIS team to do things HIS way. There is nothing wrong with a coach making demands of HIS team. If he wants them not to celebrate touchdowns, then let him do things his way. I’m sure he has many little things that he asks his players to do that are done differently than on other teams, but that’s what makes him the coach. He has every right to coach his team how he sees fit. THAT’S WHY HE’S THE COACH IN THE FIRST PLACE… TO SET HIS STANDARD. He is there to provide structure and an operating procedure. So if you want to complain about Goodell fining players for celebrating, I’m with you 100%. He shouldn’t have the right to do that, unless there are injury concerns involved. It’s just creepy and abusive. But again, a coach needs to coach… not entertain fans. Being entertaining to you is not a coaches job. Coaching the team is.

  21. I dont recall reading that this was a RULE, It was a jesture made by the head coach that he would make this contribution it the player handed the ball to the ref.

  22. Ummm, that kind of sounds like pay for performance.

    Technically the player isn’t getting paid but Ronald is.

    Is cash incentive different if it’s going to charity and is it pay for performance if the performance is just not celebrating?

    I know it’s a stretch but it won’t be when someone tries to do the same thing but with a lesser known or unsupported charity.

    Just seems like a loop hole for someone that thinks that way and acts on their private thoughts.q

  23. mj1818 says: “It’s about time a coach stepped in and tried to fix this. It’s a positive spin on an attempt to humble players.”

    Fixed WHAT? Do touchdown celebrations cause a problem OF ANY KIND AT ALL? No, they don’t!

    The only people who are against celebrations are old and lame, and are wasting their time breathing. Go ahead and die already, you won’t be bothered by ant celebrations of LIFE there!

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