Receiver Roy Williams: I can still play, but I’m retiring


Roy Williams, the wide receiver who was a first-round draft pick and a Pro Bowler for the Lions but may be best remembered for disappointing in Dallas after he was traded to the Cowboys, has decided to call it a career.

Williams, who played last season for the Bears, believes he can still play. But he has accepted that he is done in the NFL, saying that when the Dolphins invited him to work out and he wasn’t interested, he knew he didn’t have the passion for the game anymore.

It’s hard to quit when you have been doing something the third grade,” Williams said, via the Star-Telegram. “I’m in good shape. I’m at 208 pounds, my lowest weight since college. I can still play. But when I declined to workout in Miami, I knew I was done.”

The Lions took Williams with the seventh overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft, and he appeared to be developing into a solid player, making the Pro Bowl after a 2006 season in which he caught 82 passes for 1,310 yards. But he never had another season even close to that productive, and the Lions got a steal when they traded him to the Cowboys for first, third and sixth-round draft picks in 2008. The Cowboys gave Williams a five-year, $45 million contract extension, but Williams ended up catching just 94 passes in 40 games with the Cowboys.

Now Williams is done at the age of 30.

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  1. “I can still play….” Suuuuure you can Roy, now don’t let the door hit you on the way out and go add your name with all the others on the concussion lawsuit list.

  2. What a stupid trade that ended up being for Dallas. I think everyone knew they overpaid for him at the time and that was BEFORE he was exposed as a bust. His 2006 season was a mirage manifested by the Mike Martz pass-only offense. Jerry Jones just wasn’t paying attention.

  3. It’s amazing how fast NFLers decline. R. Williams’ decline was actually slower than many but, still. 1st rounder, Pro Bowler, out of football at 30. Amazing.

  4. Roy was an interesting player, kind of the perfect stereotype of the WR position. When he was dialed in (like he was in a few games against the Vikings) he was easily the best WR and maybe best player on the field. I have no idea what happened in Dallas, but I think there is more to his personal story than we know.

  5. Roy Williams turns down the Dolphins for a workout.. WOW.. Shows where the dolphins are as a unit.. good luck to them as well as ol retired Roy…

  6. Retire young and healthy with a pocketful of Jerry’s cash. I love it. I like Roy as a person. Good for him.

    I completely understand how an offer to workout for the the Fins would make a player say, ” Well, that’s it for me. I’m not jumping into the sludge pool.”

  7. Roy, you may be the only one that feels that way. You’re definitely not a number 1, but someone may need you to be a number 3 guy.

    I think that’s the real reason you decided to retire. You’re definitely on the downside of your career. I don’t blame you for retiring.

  8. Roy will be remembered as the “less worse” of the horrible Matt Millen drafted WR corps that crashed and burned. Nice guy but not the brightest dude in the world (ref. proposing to former Miss Texas via a tape).

  9. Roy was a good player in Detroit, he had that 1,000 yard season, and followed it up with a 900 yard season in 12 games or something like that. His best days were in Detroit, how often can you say that with a player?

  10. I think its a reflection of a poor work ethic and coupled with a mis evaluation of talent that he is retiring and the Lions commanded such a trade from the ‘boys

  11. Good riddance punk. Have hated this arrogant turd ever since I read an article in which he said that he never tipped for services, like at restaurants. The quote went something like this. “The pizza guys hate coming to my house because I don’t tip them, they get paid by the hour and I don’t owe them anything extra, and besides I tip the government $55,000 a week”. Hope he goes broke and develops a crack habit where he has to beg for change and live in a cardboard box. Elitist self absorbed dick weed

  12. He doesn’t need to play for monetary reasons. Dude made all that money and doesn’t even tip pizza delivery guys.

    Though he did lose an expensive engagement ring in the mail. Maybe that balances his books out.

    Man, what happened to this guy? Remember when he was being the “zen master” in the end zone for the Lions? How did he go from “zen master” to “celebrate a rare first down catch” guy?

  13. Talk about some arrogance amongst the peanut gallery!

    Congrats on your retirement Roy! Loved ya down at UT! Sorry it didn’t work out in Dallas, but enjoy your time with your Fam! HOOK’EM HORNS! And Go COWBOYS!

  14. deltszp says:
    Sep 8, 2012 9:23 PM
    About as good at football as you are buying auctioned storage units

    Your thinking of the other Roy Williams.

  15. Bye roy,had a few good years for the lions then you stopped caring because you got paid by your hometown dallas cowboys..lions got the last laugh on this one.

  16. i remember in one game he played against the vikings he got knocked out of the game think he got knocked back to the stoneage cause he wasent any good after that

  17. I think a lack of passion explains a lot with Williams. He seems like a good guy. Has the size and talent to be very good. But, I think he played with a passion-less lack of intensity that separates the Rice’s, Irvin’s and Monk’s of the NFL from the Roy William’s.

  18. Besides drawing the apparent ire of pizza delivery folks, Roy provided us w/ precious quotes… My favorite came last year when he said he turned around & saw the big brown thing at him! Unfortunately he happen to be on the Bears. Wish you well in retirement and you’ll never have to worry about trying to catch “the big brown thing” again.

  19. roughneck0221 says:Sep 8, 2012 9:01 PM

    I’m sorry. I missed where you could EVER play in the NFL.

    Why? I suppose YOU caught 83 passes for 1,311 yards?

  20. I remember watching every snap of his while he was a Lion. Dude would make a out of this world one handed grab…and then drop a pass on a curl route on 3rd & 8 and he would SMILE like he just hit the damn lotto…Man I LOVED to HATE that man…

  21. succulentnipples says:
    Sep 8, 2012 9:00 PM
    “It’s because he went to the cowboys. The cowboys are a horrible disease.”


    Leonard Davis turned out ok after being a “bust” in AZ. How about Romo, Austin, and Laurent Robinson – 2 undrafted FAs and a “bust” in STL and SD. There are many more as well, including possibly Olgetree.

  22. This guy was a freaking 99 in NCAA football 2003. That whole Texas team turned out to be dissapointing. Roy Williams, Vince Young, Cedric Benson, Derrick Johnson (to a lesser extent) All busts.

  23. Still not sure what scouts ever saw in this guy. He was one of the most uncoordinated receivers that I ever watched. Oh well. He made a lot of money and should be set for life.

    Cheers to you, Roy.

  24. But he has accepted that he is done in the NFL, saying that when the Dolphins invited him to work out and he wasn’t interested, he knew he didn’t have the passion for the game anymore.

    Somehow I wouldn’t use feeling lack of passion when the Dolphins called as the best meter for determining if I were still interested in playing football…

  25. Roy is the only Wide Out that Romo couldn’t make look good. That is very telling to me seeing as Romo has made a star out of everyone he’s passed to.

  26. I dont know. The guy is retiring at 30, and doesnt need to work again. Sounds like a good life to me. Yeah he was a bust but at least he knew it was time to walk away

  27. Maybe Roy, Ochocinco, TO, and Plaxico can start a support group for unwanted receivers.
    As far as the Dallas trade…remember Herschel Walker?

  28. At least he retires on his own terms with cash in his bank account. Id much rather go out like he did – just because he sucks – than try and grasp at straws like T.O. who needs every penny anyone will ever offer him.

    Goodbye Roy, you were a fantastic waste of talent.

    Forever yours,

    ~A hard working, talentless white guy.

  29. I’d say great career for himself – made a boat load of cash, no major injuries and retired by 30. He’s doing something right for himself.

  30. You people , seriously! Most of you are probably fat Monday morning quarterbacks. It cracks me up! Go get off your fat butts and work out for hours on end and get smacked around by 250-300lb layers I work out 5 times a week for two hrs, and couldn’t take the beating these guys take. Bunch of out if shape keyboard cowbiys that háve no idea. Get a clue!

  31. As a Cowboys fan I never hated on Roy. They gave up too much for him or anyone but that wasn’t his fault. He just never clicked with the team but he wasn’t lousy there. Best of luck to you Roy!

  32. Roy Williams “earned” over $35 million during his career. He had a total of 357 receptions.

    That’s roughly $100,000 per reception. Nice work if you can get it.

  33. At least he could still let us know he caught a first down pass, even when his team was 20 points down in the fourth quarter…

  34. I dont remember who we got with those draft picks but i’m sure it was crap because Millen was drafting

  35. Seems pretty clear that football was not a passion for Roy, which explains how a guy with his talent could so clearly underachieve. I’m sure if the Dolphins offered him 6,000,000 to sign, he’d find his desire to play again….

  36. By the way, the Lions ” got a steal” in picks, but what did they turn those picks in to?

    brandon Pettigrew, which isn’t much and not much else.
    Brandon has a better reception record the RW
    What does that tell you. He is 5x the player RW was


  37. The guy NEVER had a passion for the game. He had a passion for cashing his check.

    Dez Bryant is still paying interest on the $50,000 dinner tab Williams made him pay. Nice mentorship.

    He QUIT a long time ago. This Roy Williams is a quitter.

  38. Roy was good when he played for the Cowboys! Big deal…he knows football is not a passion – at least he admits it and don’t keep playing like some do when they’re too old, and can’t accept the fact!
    And again, the Cowboy haters run their mouths. Yall will be the ones eating crow soon!
    Good luck Roy! 30 and retired is great! Thanks for the Cowboy memories!

  39. Brandon Pettigrew (ok), Derrick Williams??, Aaron Brown??.

    Oh man, the Lions sure did a lot with those Dallas Draft picks.

    You broke in, opened up Jerry’s safe, and only managed to find some spare change.


  40. @ Johnnycash

    When you used the combination of “best years” and “Detroit” it made me want to retire too.

    That phrase violates most of the major rules of modern English. If you press “F7” it will try and replace it with “Detroit is a good place to catch the clap.”

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