Saints activate Will Smith for tomorrow’s game


The Saints have activated defensive end Will Smith, who was just given a temporary reprieve from his bounty suspension.

The team announced it in a flurry of moves Saturday, setting the stage for him to return to the field tomorrow against the Redskins.

They also have received roster exemptions for linebackers Barrett Ruud and Jonathan Vilma.

The Saints also released wide receiver Adrian Arrington and fullback Korey Hall, and placed rookie offensive tackle Marcel Jones on injured reserve.

Getting Smith back on the field could make a significant defense, as the Saints need all the pass rush they can find up front under new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Of course, the emotional lift he’ll bring will be greater for a team that’s felt persecuted throughout this process.

28 responses to “Saints activate Will Smith for tomorrow’s game

  1. Unless he’s returning as iRobot, he will zero impact vs our offense. I can see him going to the sidelines looking for the oxygen tank after trying to chase RGIII around or trying to contain Helu/Morris.

  2. voiceofreasonsays says:
    Unless he’s returning as iRobot, he will zero impact vs our offense.

    Our offense…you really are a dud.

  3. Will doesnt need to catch RG3, just disrupt his passes and collapse the pocket. Rookie is guaranteed to start hearing footsteps and making mistakes as he crumbles under the pressures of having a whole team and city pray hes their savior, lol. Not to mention he will be playing catch up all game. Best of luck not getting embarresed Washington.

  4. @voiceofreasonsays=you have drowned into the redskins kool-aid hoping for the upset against an angry saints team in the superdome on opening day…Reality will bring you back down to earth and realize redskins are a work in progress with a rookie quarterback and it will show Sunday..Saints 34 Skins 20…Go Saints!!!

  5. voiceofreason dont be surprised tomorrow after Jon Vilma leads the Saints on the field that will excite the crowd into frenzy.. then all will gather around Drew Brees as he chants “RG’s in the house”. Saints responds “Roger Goodell?”…”RG’s in the house”….


    No one cares.

    The Saints won’t win 8 games this year, with our without this cheater.

  7. @Voiceofreasonsays

    You realize Will Smith has only been gone from the team for less than a week right?

  8. Hey voiceofreason you make me laugh, but my joy is you’re pain or should i say Will Smith sacking RG3

  9. I’m not going to come out and say the Redskins will come out and win, I would feel a lot better if it was at FedEx field, but I don’t think its going to be a blowout by the saints. Redskins have a dominate front 7 and is going to make it hard for any run game, and is going to have Brees running, but Drew Brees is a beast. I think it’ll be a good game, but don’t sleep on RG3. He’s shown great pocket awareness for someone who didn’t do any of that in college. He’s transitioning to the NFL pretty good. I wouldn’t be surprised if the skins won, but its a harsh first game for RG3.

  10. I hope the Saints steam roll every team this year! I’m sick of reading what all these Saints haters have to say about “cheating” or “asterisk” on the SB win. They are all jealous of our offense and nieve if they don’t think their team has had some type of “bounty” or PFP system in the past. How can paying a guy $1000 extra that already makes millions make him play to a higher level that would be considered “cheating”? Do you think anybody on your team has taken Performance drugs, tried to get access to signals or plays, or video taped another teams practice or walk-through? They are all looking for an edge to win. Show me one single play that demonstrated any Saints player trying to hurt another player intentionally…you can’t. The hit on Kurt Warner was clean and legal, he even admitted it. Why burn the entire team at the stake for the rediculous rant of a rogue coach? I hope you all hear these words on Superbowl night: “Thank you Mr Commisioner, I accept this Lombardi Trophy on behalf of OUR Coach, Sean Payton!”
    12-4 Record and a SB win for 2012!

  11. RG3 is going to wreck havoc on the league, starting with the coachless Saints!!! Brees is gonna get knocked on his back side.. Give them a little taste of their own medicine! HTTR!!! Gooo Skinnnsss!!!!!!!

  12. I can see not many football smart people here…come on the Saints are angry lol for what? Must be at themselves, and even when they’ve had Vilma and Smith the D still wasn’t all that good. Does anyone remember how pitiful St Louis and Tampa were last year? Well guess what those are two of the teams the Saints loss to last year, so I wouldn’t be declaring a victory so fast…

  13. 4thqtrsaint says:
    Sep 8, 2012 7:23 PM
    For a dominant front 7, your team ranked 18th in the league.

    I see another genius, and where were the Aints ranked? Nobody put up points like NO and GB and yet neither made it to the show…

  14. purplegreenandgold says:
    Sep 8, 2012 5:33 PM
    voiceofreason dont be surprised tomorrow after Jon Vilma leads the Saints on the field that will excite the crowd into frenzy.. then all will gather around Drew Brees as he chants “RG’s in the house”. Saints responds “Roger Goodell?”…”RG’s in the house”….

    Dumbest thing said yet…lay off the swamp water…

  15. I wish Adrian Arrington the best of luck. Just when it seemed like he would finally get his chance after so many years of being the next Colston he gets cut. Guessing he’s just not healthy enough If your getting beat by the likes of Courtney Roby. Still hope he gets a chance somewhere. Good luck.

  16. The New Orleans Saints have a lot of fans haters and all they always told when people’s talks about somebody they love them. Just don’t want to disappoint their family and friends just close your eyes and jump on the Saints wagon .

  17. Hendawg….. You sure are doing a lot of talking… That’s a sure sign of fear.

    And btw, I never called the Saints front 7 elite. But somebody said the Skins front 7 is elite. But they simply are not.

  18. Anyone else tired of deluded morons like “voiceofreasonsays” (ironic name btw) at the top boasting about their crappy team’s crappy offense packed with a bunch of unproven players?

    They’re like the ugly chicks that think they’re way hotter than they actually are.

  19. @mrphootball you noners will talk about that forever. Guess when you finally get something you go on an on. But you play in the dome this year and we’ll supply the little red towels for your tears. Thanks for visiting the Saints site. Glad we are still the center if your world. Lol

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