Sanchez says Santonio was being dramatic with “rattled” comment


Jets receiver Santonio Holmes says quarterback Mark Sanchez was rattled by the trade for Tim Tebow. Unsurprisingly, Sanchez does not agree.

“I think [Holmes] made it a little more dramatic. When you read it in the paper, it sounds like a Lifetime movie script or something, [like] he’s talking me off the ledge or something like that,” Sanchez told ESPN New York 98.7-FM. “Anybody in that situation would have a couple of questions about a trade like that. But as soon as I talked to the team, I really started to understand that [Tebow] is an addition, he’s not changing anything. He’s here to help us.”

Sanchez says he’s not the least bit threatened by Tebow, or by anyone else, as No. 2 on the depth chart, because Sanchez knows who No. 1 is.

“I’m the starting quarterback,” Sanchez said. “It’s nice to know that for your confidence, but at the same time, nothing was going to change how I came into the season, mentally and physically. I’ve said it before: Whether it was Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow, it didn’t really matter. I was going to play and I plan on playing well.”

Ultimately, playing well is the best way for Sanchez to get everyone to stop talking about Tebow.

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  1. I believe Sanchez. After all, Holmes showed he was an expert in drama last year during the Dolphins game when he was pulled for being a queen of drama.

  2. “I’m the starting quarterback,” Sanchez said. “It’s nice to know that for your confidence, but ……..
    This just isn’t what you read a ‘top’ QB saying in the press. Let the circus begin.

  3. The fact that Sanchez feels the need to comment on this and reassure himself that he’s the starting QB just shows his insecurity. He will be replaced at some point during the season because he’s just not that good.

  4. “but at the same time, nothing was going to change how I came into the season”

    That’s right, you still stink!

  5. “Unfortunately, playing well is the best way for Sanchez to get everyone to stop talking about Tebow.”

    That’s how I read it and that’s how it makes the most sense.

  6. @stoutfiles

    Ask yourself this, what do you think is more likely? Sanchez calling a press conference for himself so he can refute something Santonio said, OR, Mark was at a pre-scheduled press conference and was asked his views on the comments by one of the many beat writers and reporters in attendance, and gave an answer?

    Why some of you cro-mags think that the Jets players and staff just blurt these things out as opposed to simply answering questions asked by the media is beyond me.

  7. As a lifelong Steelers observer (notice I didn’t say blinded fan), I only wish my team’s quarterback puts up the numbers this year that Sanchez had last season…

  8. This is not a matter of you being the number one quarterback on the team its about you going down the field and prove it..what do you expect the team to say..until you prove yourself to be able to perform in the face of adversity just like tebow did last year..moreover you as the captain of the captain of the ship you don’t lower ur shoulder in any situation on the field by doing that you,re showing or telling them you,re weak and not ready to lead and that situation happens very often last year and that was the reason the team went for Tim tebow and not selling of tickets as you,ve claimed many times in the newspapers. it,s high time you get your act together and be a good leader. remember good leaders are born not us SANCHIZE…..

  9. Everything you want to hear from a QB up until “whether it was peyton manning or somebody else” that’s a little unreasonable to hear. He’ll get blasted for saying that. I’m a ravens/flacco fan. I know how this goes. Haha

  10. You know he is terrified!! Did he really say if it was peyton manning he would still be the starting qb? Is he serious!! If it were manning you would be valet parking at the stadium!! Sanchez a joke just like rex!

  11. How come we never here Sanchize say, “it’s the NFL, there is competition at every position, and I am going to compete and will earn the starting job”?

    Rather, its more like the starting job is a gift that is STILL bestowed on him.

    If the Jets brass truly did go to Sanchez and explain that he is still the “starting” QB, and that Tebow is just here to “help” any way he can, well that was utterly STUPID!

    Even if Rex believed that and planned on that, why not let Sanchez sweat it out, fret about it, lose some sleep, and eventually EARN the damn job? That would have given him REAL confidence. Not that make believe confidence you get when you are told the job is yours before you even compete for it.


  12. Rex Ryan needs to implement Belichek’s policy of keeping everything in house. Every time one of his player’s speak they end up putting their foot in their mouth. No interviews, tweets, facebook, myspace, texts, morse code or messages in the bottle.

  13. I hate the Jets, but Sanchez says the right things. Can’t hate him for that. And why fat Rex hasn’t cuz Santonio Holmes is beyond me. Less production that he’s worth, more drama than you paid for.

  14. Can someone explain to me what exactly Tebow did ON THE FIELD to beat out Greg McElroy for the backup QB position?

    Just as last year when he was handed the #2 spot despite being badly outplayed in the preseason by Brady Quinn, Tebow apparently is the one QB who doesn’t actually have to prove to anyone that he is any good to win jobs.

    Believe me, no one wants to see Tebow as the starting QB for the NY Jets more than the New England Patriots.

  15. Tebow throws a football the way a 5 year old throws a tantrum. Sanchez looks like he has grown up a bit and I expect a good season. The Jets hate has no traction or base. Look at the defense. Look at the schedule. 11-5

  16. Anything associated with the Jets will carry drama. It seems as though this team is more concerned with having more headlines than any other team.

  17. Before the Jets even play a game you have to ask – Who is Sanchez going to throw to?? A bunch of unproven receivers, one head case diva named ‘Tone, and Keller. Combine that with no run game (except Tebow) and anyone can predict how this is going to work out for Sanchez. If you want things fixed give your QB some tools to work with.

  18. At least for once, some Jets bashers were objective. It’s the ones that will be watching the super bowl with the team they root for another year that are critics.

    Also love how they put Sanchez as a parking valet when they are probably hourly wage earners on someone else’s computer.

  19. bigbluenoser says:Sep 8, 2012 8:54 PM

    Only one quarterback in new york and he don’t wear green!

    Ice tubs make one blue. Ask JPP.

  20. Sanchez will throw for 25 td’s this year and Tebow will score another 12 in the Wildcat. Jets 24- Bills 10, Jets get 4 sacks on Fitzpatrick.

  21. “Whether it was Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow, it didn’t really matter. I was going to play”

    Sorry “Dirty” if Peyton was there you wouldn’t be playing.

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