Some former Titans kept Kenny Britt busy during suspension


Kenny Britt was prohibited from being around the Titans facilities this week during his suspension, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t working.

Three former Titans made sure he stayed ready, working out with the wide receiver for 90 minutes a day at a suburban private school.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, former quarterback Neil O’Donnell, wide receiver Derrick Mason and cornerback Nick Harper worked with Britt at Franklin Road Academy.

“I knew he would be around town, and I knew Kenny just needed something to do,” O’Donnell said. “He needed to go play football with some people who played football. We just coordinated it all.

“And believe me, we haven’t been babying him. We got some work done. And we didn’t get anything out of it except to make a talented receiver better.”

Britt can return to the Titans Monday, and they hope he’s ready to play Sept. 16 against the Chargers. He’s only two weeks removed from being activated from the physically unable to perform list, and hasn’t practiced with the team since he tore his ACL last fall.

O’Donnell even produced some old shoulder pads and a helmet to simulate the work Britt needs, while Harper provided the coverage.

“He is naturally gifted, can run and is strong,” O’Donnell said. “But where I get on Kenny is attention to details. When I want 12 yards, I want 12 yards; I don’t want 11. We’ve been riding him. We’ve been talking to him and coaching him up. We’ve been giving him stuff we experienced.”

The 46-year-old O’Donnell’s not the first to preach about details to Britt, and likely won’t be the last. Hopefully, he has more to show for his time than a sore back from throwing more than a retired man usually does.

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  1. He should have went and sat in on classes at the private school. He needs some smartening up, not more football skills.

  2. “And we didn’t get anything out of it except to make a talented receiver better”

    I wonder why he felt the need to say that? Unless he did get sopmething out of it and is covering up so the Titans can’t get into trouble

  3. Interesting how trouble magnets like Dez and this walking disaster need babysitters simply to make sure they stay out of trouble and actually focus on their JOBS for which they receive a king’s ransom!! I wonder how long it will be until a player with superb work ethics and conduct to match wonders exactly what HE needs to do to receive the individual attention and services these self-centered, crummy teammates and total distractions merit? Thanks to players like Matt H. who are on every team in the NFL. Their worth is priceless on a daily basis. Imagine if the current starting qb had Britt as his mentor rather than Mr. H. Of course, the mere thought of being a positive force for others never occurs to schmucks along his lines.

  4. Britt should pay close attention to everything Derrick Mason tells him. The last time I saw a better route runner than Mason was Jerry Rice back in the 90’s. If Britt can learn that (and keep out of trouble) he’ll be near unsoppable. I didn’t forget what him did to Cary Williams and my vaunted Ravens defense last year…

  5. Derrick mason, future Hall of Famer, should be able to get in this kids face and tell him what’s what. If Britt’s smart he’ll listen to the greatest comeback route runner ever!

  6. I liked the description in the (full) story of what the three did: O’Donnell threw to Britt every day, Harper covered him, and Mason “kept him motivated.”

    Just have this mental picture of DMase sitting in a folding chair on the sidelines, drinking beer and yelling stuff at Britt while the other guys worked him out.

  7. I believe Britt was abusing Domonique Foxworth, not Cary Williams during the Ravens game last year. Big, physical receivers like Britt have always given Baltimore’s historically small CBs a lot of trouble.

  8. @restonraven: historically small CBs? Ravens have like 7 CBs on roster, only two are 5’11 or shorter. They had some of the biggest and baddest corners in FB in the early 2000s to 2005ish with Gary Baxter and Chris McAllister. So when exactly have they ever been “historically small”? you act like they’re sending a bunch of 5’5’s out there.

  9. Finally a bit of good news for Britt. Hopefully the vets can continue to try to keep his head on straight. Too much talent to let it go to waste. He has the ability to be a top 5 WR, if he keeps his head and heart in it.

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