Tannenbaum says Sanchez will get 80-to-90 percent of the snaps

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As the season gets closer and closer to starting, the Jets’ plans for backup quarterback Tim Tebow are coming closer into focus.

On Friday, Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning (via the New York Post) that Sanchez will take most of the snaps.  Tannenbaum said that the starter’s “playing time will be 80-90 percent over the 16 games.”

This means, obviously, that Tebow will get the other 10-20 percent of the playing time.  Which means that Tebow will take as many as one out of every five snaps.

Since that’s an average over 16 games, it’s unclear how many snaps Tebow will take in Week One against the Bills.

And let’s not overlook the reality that, if Sanchez struggles and Tebow plays well, Tebow could get more snaps — even if Sanchez continues to be the “starter.”

42 responses to “Tannenbaum says Sanchez will get 80-to-90 percent of the snaps

  1. Either way, I’m sure the Jets will find a way to screw it up. But no matter what, less snaps for Sanchez has to be a good thing.

  2. Meanwhile, over at the other MetLife locker room, Eli hasn’t missed a start since he took over from Kurt Warner, and took every snap for 16 regular-season and 4 post-season games last year.

    Giants = franchise QB.
    Jets = ??

  3. gotcaughtcheating says:
    Sep 8, 2012 8:12 AM
    Guess that means the other 10-20 percent will be direct snaps to Tebow during punting situations.

    The AFC Least, worst division in football, bar none.

    Are you kidding? If it is the worse division in the league, then why for the past 22 years has an AFC East team represented the AFC in the Super Bowl 10 times? That is 10/22, out of the 4 divisions, I’d have to say that the AFC East has been pretty damn good.

  4. No one cares (except 1/2 of NY). they just aren’t good. I don’t like Sanchez anyways, but his team isn’t t good anyways….so either get him some help or he has no chances and tebow will be thrown in and do the same thing…..hell win a few a defenses re adjust and then once they do…he’ll be on his way out

  5. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out there strategy. Once they get near the goal line, Tebow comes in to take over so you can’t defend just the pass but have to defend him running.

    I would tell my defense plan on Tebow keeping it 90% of the time and defend him that way.

    Sanchez will tire quickly of being on the sidelines and watching Tebow get the touchdown glory. That marriage won’t last long.

    I see Sanchez benched by game five if they aren’t winning.

  6. Just another pantload of BS from Tannenbaum.
    When has this guy told the truth?

    Traded up for Sanchize.
    Put his money on Vernon Gholston.
    Wayne Hunter is our RT.
    Santonio Holmes is a leader.

    Jets are a circus and they should look in the mirror for the reasons why

  7. ernie ernie says:
    Sep 8, 2012 10:03 AM

    Sanchez will tire quickly of being on the sidelines and watching Tebow get the touchdown glory. That marriage won’t last long

    Big Ern is right. This doesn’t look good for the Jets
    Boy did Woody make a mistake by hiring Rexy

  8. Ryan has found the perfect way to get fired: let Tebow throw the ball. Tebow is NOT an NFL QB and his addition to the Jets will set this team back for many years.

  9. Im a Bronco fan & a huge Tebow supporter, but the Jets have created a horrible situation. It’s not just on this team, but this method will almost certainly fail on any team.

  10. The only thing Jet fans can hope for is Sanchez and Tebow both get banged up and McElroy gets his chance to shine. Sanchez will be traded(if someone will take him) and Tebow will be the back-up.

  11. you apparently dont watch football if you think the afc east is the worst division in football, the afc west is in a dog fight for the nfc west for worst division

  12. Remember Florio’s article about what if the Jets had no Wildcat….I was with you on that. I can’t figure out why they wouldn’t have tried it live in the preseason. Maybe they have tweaked in a way that they think is going to confuse people when they first see it. If not, this is another bad coaching move. Everyone has seen the Wildcat. Why would you want to run it live for the first time in a real game?

  13. This could be a really ugly year for the Jets. Sanchez isn’t good enough to play with only one legit WR, a bad RB and a suspect O-Line. Tebow is just the gadget guy, he’s Brad Smith without the ability to throw.

  14. they’re both on the field and tebow’s position varies the most. tebow takes some snaps but not close to 20%. misdirection and unpredictability leave buffalo confused. jets win 27-7 with the jets offense accounting for 20 points.

  15. So they’re counting the punt formation in this? Between Fitz, Tebow, and Sanchez some of the ugliest thrown balls anticipated tomorrow.

  16. I still want to know how much Tebow’s agent is paying the media to keep this man employed as a QB?

  17. i have finally come to the conclusion, that all this hoop la hase to be coming from all the Sec fans other than florida fans because the way Tebow handled them in College and they hate to see Tebow do it in the NFL too. Yes Alabama beat them but check out the % of wins for the Gators in the past even with the wins and losses, Tebow was and still is the best to come out of college and his record shows it. The only time he has been given a real chance to prove what he can do , he did and showed he can be an NFL QB in the pros.

    What else does he have to prove, just show me where it says you have to be a passing quarterback 50% of the time to be one. Come on folks he has more class than any othr player in the NFL,

    Go Jets, Good Luck Tebow and Sanchez today .

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