Team-by-team cap space as of September 7

[Editor’s note:  Once the regular season begins, the salary-cap calculation changes.  Instead of factoring in the 51 highest-paid players, the in-season cap takes into account all 53 players, the practice squad, and players on reserve lists.  Here’s the league’s official version of the list, as of Friday, September 7.]

Eagles:  $21.4 million.

Jaguars:  $20.7 million.

Chiefs:  $14.5 million.

Titans:  $14.1 million.

Bills:  $13.6 million.

Browns:  $13.4 million.

Buccaneers:  $13.2 million.

Seahawks:  $13.2 million.

Broncos:  $12.3 million.

Bengals:  $10.4 million.

Patriots:  $8.4 million.

Vikings:  $8.2 million.

Dolphins:  $7.1 million.

Packers:  $6.9 million.

Cardinals:  $6.6 million.

Redskins:  $6.1 million.

Jets:  $5.9 million.

Cowboys:  $5.7 million.

Colts:  $5.3 million.

Panthers:  $5.3 million.

Bears:  $4.5 million.

Saints:  $4.1 million.

Rams:  $4.0 million.

Chargers:  $3.5 million.

Raiders:  $2.3 million.

Giants:  $2.2 million.

Lions:  $2.0 million.

Steelers;  $1.6 million.

Ravens:  $1.4 million.

Falcons:  $1.3 million.

Texans:  $882,000.

49ers:  $880,000.

15 responses to “Team-by-team cap space as of September 7

  1. I hate that my Chiefs are always near the top of this list. I’d hate it if they were always at the bottom, too.

    I think you want to see your team somewhere in middle. It says, “we’re spending, but we’re doing it wisely and keeping some space available for in-season moves.”

  2. It must be killing john mara that the redskins and cowboys have more cap space…I wonder what silver spoon mara will think of next?

  3. For better or for worse, Joe Banner was mostly responsible for the Eagles having a lot of cap room to work with (some would say Banner went to far, disenfranchising several notable players during contract negotiations). Now that Banner has moved on it will be interesting to see if the Eagles remain as frugal as they have in the past.

  4. John Mara may be a “silver spoon” guy, but he also has (a) class, something Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder can’t buy; and (b) the Lombardi Trophy, something Snyder’s never had and something Jones hasn’t held in over a decade and a half.

  5. It’s true in the past you wanted to see your team in the middle to upper middle of the list. But with the ability to rollover cap space for 2 years before you have a minimum cap, and a stagnant salary cap over the same 3-4 year period, you now want your team at the top of the list. Teams that have under 5-7M could be in trouble in the next couple years as salaries inflate and the cap stays the same. Only the teams who front loaded contracts this year and last, and saved 10M or more will be financially secure over the next 5 years and be able to keep their core roster intact.

  6. John Mara may be a “silver spoon” guy, but he also has (a) class, something Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder can’t buy; and (b) the Lombardi Trophy, something Snyder’s never had and something Jones hasn’t held in over a decade and a half.

    What does that have to do with anything relevant? Didn’t the giants just lose to the cowboys? Want to talk history? 5 is bigger than 4. Pretty pathetic how everyone on this list thinks a team history makes up the present and future.

  7. timebandit,
    the jab may have been a little misguided but the fact of the matter is the Giants have been the best team in the league 2 out of the last 5 season. And if you are going to say 5 is bigger than 4 I can give you that but the Giants success of 2 in the last 5 is more relevant. Ya they just lost to the Boys and they are going to be a good team but for you to think that one win the Cowboys got against the Giants in Week one is the be all end all is a bit ridiculous. It’s time for the Cowboys to start going places in the playoffs before you can talk smack to the Giants. You sayin 5 is bigger than 4 is like the Browns saying they’ve won 3 NFL Championships in the pre super bowl era. In the last decade the Giants have consistently outplayed the Cowboys…Get over it!

  8. I’m not hung up on anything about the giants or cowboys. I know the cowboys have been terrible the last decade and half, I’m just sick of people using history as a gauge of future teams. By that principal, no one should lose or win. Speaking strictly about people’s obsession of trash talking about historical success or failures, just as you just did to me.

  9. Not many will agree but u got to love wat philly is doing!
    In the top ten teams no one has better cap salary than the eagles and no one has a higher caliber team than the eagles the closest ones are patriots but ranked 11th

  10. Since the Skins were unfairly penalized and owe another 18 million off their cap for next year. I thought I read they can take unused cap used this year away from next year. In other words reduce the joke of a penalty by 6 million. Any one have a idea if that is accurate?

  11. mazblast says: “the Lombardi Trophy [is] something [Jerry] Jones hasn’t held in over a decade and a half.”

    I always assumed Jerry Jones slept with his Lombardi trophies. Perhaps in more ways than one!

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