Alfred Morris likely to start for Redskins

Getty Images

Mike Shanahan has spun his running back wheel of fortune and it seems to have landed on rookie Alfred Morris.

The sixth-round pick out of Florida Atlantic is likely to start against the Saints on Sunday, according to a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN. The report comes from a conversation with a team official and is careful to stress that this is just an expectation. Given Shanahan’s history with running backs, it’s best to keep depth charts at the position in pencil for as long as possible.

Evan Royster was put at the top of said depth chart this week, but even he wasn’t buying that Shanahan would actually be sticking to that come Sunday. But Royster, Roy Helu and any other running back that joins the team this season shouldn’t fret. The Redskins have indicated they’ll be riding the hot hand at running back this season, which suggests there will be chances for everyone before too long.

Morris had an impressive outing against the Colts in the preseason and looked good during practices as well. That likely helped the team decide to cut Tim Hightower and go with Morris as a regular part of the rotation in the regular season. How regular a part will be determined on the field, but, for now, it looks like Morris will get the first chance to make a first impression.

If it comes to pass, the Redskins will join the Browns with rookie starters at quarterback and tailback in Week One.