Andrew Luck has four turnovers as Bears pound Colts

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Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck had a 300-yard passing game in his NFL debut, but that’s not to say things went well.

The Bears’ defense beat Luck up on Sunday in Chicago, intercepting him three times, sacking him three times and forcing him to lose a fumble as the Bears won decisively, 41-21. Luck showed flashes of the great talent that led him to be the most sought-after prospect to enter the NFL draft in years, but he also struggled under pressure, and there was a lot of pressure.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, however, recovered from an ugly early interception to have a very good game, completing 21 of 35 passes for 333 yards, with two touchdowns. Cutler’s favorite receiver, Brandon Marshall, had nine catches for 119 yards and a touchdown, and he could have had more if not for multiple dropped passes.

Chicago looked like a good team on offense, defense and special teams, and although it’s far too early to say whether their Super Bowl bravado is justified, they’re clearly going to be playoff contenders as long as Cutler stays healthy.

And the Colts clearly have a lot of rebuilding to do, even with Luck in the fold. But they shouldn’t despair about Luck’s three-interception outing. Peyton Manning threw three interceptions in a Colts loss in his NFL debut, too.

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  1. Meanwhile RGIII has two td’s no picks and throws for the second most yards in NFL history for a rookie debut. Peytonsneck18 we’re waiting sissy.

  2. bears defense and saints defense are 2 different things, our o-line is bad, and bears is tough D for a rookie on first game can play, colts are rebuilding, so no shame in how he played

  3. Lot of smack talked after one game but guess that’s what these threads are for. RG3 will have more IMMEDIATE success because the skins have much more talent around him,but Luck will be the better player in the long run, much more better

  4. I swear to god every single idiot that mentions karma in these comments discussing a football game should be banned from commenting.

  5. I watched the whole game here in Chicago and yes, Luck made your typical rookie mistakes but he also showed poise and made some big boy throws against a tough defense in a hostile environment.

    He will be good.

  6. One game doesnt measure u as a great one, remember peyton Manning had 28 int his first year and 3 int his first game, so skins fan gloat now but after one game

  7. All you washington fans are not very smart. The bears are the real deal this year. Rg3 didn’t look very good in that preseason game against the bears either and that was against a plain defense with no schemes to figure out. Bear down!

  8. peytonsneck18 says:
    Sep 9, 2012 5:58 PM
    Redskins fans need to worry about their own team and QB
    What!? Are you serious? Says the guy for whatever reason posted “RGLeaf” “IRG3” “Akili Smith 2.0” etc. all offseason in every Redskins thread. Why did you post all that and why don’t you say that now? You are one pathetic loser.

  9. Redskins fans are entitled to talk smack right now… everyone and their mother told them they drafted a bust and how Luck was SO much better… Bottom line, Luck will be good but RG3 went into a tougher environment in New Orleans and dazzled… end of story

  10. Luck’s next test will be Jared Allen…Talk about learning under fire…I believe he and RGIII will both have stellar careers.

  11. Grif faced a team/city in turmoil and shoved it up their … as he should have. Luck faced arguably one of the best defenses in the league and struggled. He didn’t get much help from the D whereas skins kept saints to 32 rushing yards and defended Breese pretty well. They’ll be stars in this league.

  12. Look, coming from a colts fan I will say that RG3 looked better than Luck TODAY. But you have to understand that RG3 has a much better team and he played the Saints D which is not very good.

    On the other hand, Luck played a Super Bowl caliber Bears defense with little talent at WR and a horrible O Line.

    Luck and RG3 will both be very good in time.

  13. Posted this earlier and didn’t make the thread. The Colts and Andrew Luck will be just fine. He is a rookie QB with a rookie coach, inexperienced offensive line, no running game with a new defense as well as a lot of new players. There will be some growing pains. Those of us who didn’t jump off the bandwagon are circling the wagons and digging in. We will be back! GO COLTS,,,,,,

  14. RG3 and luck will be fun to watch over the next decade or so..Both are learning and its exciting for real football fans…Dear Colts fan, the reason you see so many Skins fans here is because of the big mouth peytonsneck has displayed all summer. Honest assessments are fine, especially backed with factual information. But this kid neck just trolled every Redskin article, spewing garbage, name calling, and simple hate with no base. Usually ignore, but to see how quiet he is today…to witness him cowardly post we should worry about our own team after his display….wow how sweet…sad representation of probably a solid, respectful, fan base…good luck next week…HTTR!

  15. No comments on how hugely improved the Bears’ offense is this year? Oh well, I guess it will take a three or four game lead in the division before they stop being the dark horse.

  16. As a Colts fan I cant say Im comfortable with what I saw today. Yes Luck did make some good accurate throws, and yes the pass protection was atrocious.

    But he also missed several short passes including 2 thirs down passes to Wayne that he should have hit. In all honesty, if Reggie doesnt make several spectacular catches Lucks day would have been downright miserable.

    Also, I think its starting to become evident that like his father, Luck does not posess an NFL starter quality arm. The one time he really challnged the defense deep the result was an underthrow and INT. Ths guy was sold as one that could make all the NFL throws.. I have yet to see that ability.

    At the end of the day I’m not suggesting we blow everything up and cut Luck but hes definitely got some wholes in his game and his arm is not going to get any stronger. And no matter how accurate you are, having only the ability to make short to intermediate throws does not a champion make.


  17. bears got punched in the mouth and responded. they could’ve put 50 up if they had to. i am worried about the O-line still though, Indy was getting good push until Freeney left the game. Tillman didn’t look good before he had to leave. Urlacher is still tuning up, and Pep was Pep. good game but far from perfect.

  18. Haha are we forgetting that the bears D POUNDED RGIII in the preseason? They would’ve made him look worse than luck today by a longshot

    The aints provided little resistance.

  19. linvillegorge says: Sep 9, 2012 4:50 PM

    That’s not the defense you want to face in your first NFL game.

    Why not?……He is the most NFL ready QB the league has ever seen…….or is that only when he’s in practice with the red jersey on with 8-10 sec to complete a pass with no rush?

  20. Haha are we forgetting that the bears D POUNDED RGIII in the preseason? They would’ve made him look worse than luck today by a longshot

    The aints provided little resistance.

    Key word, PRE SEASON! Let’s not talk about pre-season, pre-season means nothing. Don’t take away from RG3 win, he hung in there with a high powered offense. Sound like a little kid who don’t know football with this post

  21. Any Colt fan who came away from that game thinking their favorite team picked the wrong QB just because of that game should do the rest of their fandom a favor and stop watching football as soon as possible.

    Sure, Wayne bailed him out a couple times, but he looked like a solid considering the Bears only needed four guys to get at him most of the day.

    Rookie QBs make rookie mistakes. Especially when they’re on not-so-good teams.

    Just wait until RG3 has a bad game, then everyone (except ESPN) will be on him for it.

    -Bears fan

  22. @therealbleedcoltsblue – Seriously? The Bears were clearly offsides on that play, Luck got them on the hard count. Luck thought he had a free play and went for a big punch. If he didn’t think he had the free play, he would not have thrown that ball.

    @comeonnowguys – Thank you for that.

    Can’t everyone stop hating on the other guy? I still think both QBs will be great. I’m super glad that the Redskins got what they wanted and it seems to be working out so far. I’m also glad we got what we wanted and as far as I’m concerned it will work out once we are free of the dead cap money and can put some better players around Luck and put together a more dominant defense. I’m also glad that the Broncos got what they wanted and it seems to be working out so far. Knowing that this is not our year to make a run, I will be rooting for the ‘Skins and the Broncs since I like both their QBs. There, hate on that, I guess.

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