Bart Scott declares a “media mutiny”


Jets linebacker Bart Scott has rarely met a microphone he didn’t like, but he declared a “media mutiny” in the wake of Sunday’s 48-28 win over the Bills.

Scott actually meant a boycott, one that he’s enforcing because of the coverage the team has received recently. Scott said he’s done talking to a group he believes will “screw us next week or the week after.” Scott wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings before putting the boycott into effect.

“You guys treat us like we’re a (bleeping) joke,” Scott said, via Jim Corbett of USA TODAY. “You all want us to feed your papers, but then you all talk (bleep) about us. So why would I want to give you all quotes to sell papers with if you all treat us like (bleep)? That doesn’t make sense. You all talk stuff about us, and then when we win you flip the story. You all win either way.”

Scott’s taking things a bit far, but his anger is understandable. His team was pictured on the cover of the New York Post this week depicted as clowns, one of many salvos launched toward the team all summer. Now that Scott and his teammates are 1-0, they’ve got every right to feel like they were slighted before the team played a single game that counted.

It’s just one game, so no one should get carried away. One game means a lot more than zero games, though, and the Jets feel like they deserved a little bit more benefit of the doubt. They’re right, but, as Scott surely knows by this point in his career, that won’t matter much if they don’t keep playing like they played on Sunday.

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  1. Yea it is one game, however this game was one of 6 in the division. They took a should’ve been better Bills team and went hunting as a should’ve been worse Jets teams.

  2. He’s right about how unfair it is that the media is compiled of a bunch of fair weather, unpredictable hypocrites, but his antics themselves have grown annoying.

    Glad we let you leave Baltimore, Scott. We don’t need the noise.

  3. Oh boy….where to start? Mr Scott: you made yourself look foolish when you used the wrong phrase. “Media Mutiny?” Really?? Jeez! And, if you’re mad about how the media treats your team…be even more angry with Rex Ryan, because the blame lies at his feet. If your coach wasn’t such a clown, your team wouldn’t get so much bad press.

  4. Actually I think that would be absolutely great. I hope your media boycott is perfect–absolutely perfect. Here is what would happen. You never talk to them again and they never mention the Jets again–ever. They don’t mention your team’s name, they don’t carry your stats, when it comes to your place in the standings, they just leave it blank. No announcer ever mentions your team again or anybody on your team. When they do highlights, they leave out the Jets, good or bad. It would take you oh about one season to realize that all your fame has gone away and more than likely most of your salary (because the ONLY reason you make millions is because the media mentions your team name and sells advertising, so if they can’t sell advertising your millions go away.) I think this sounds PERFECT. Please begin the boycott tonight. You boycott them and they boycott you.

  5. I can’t believe it but I’m actually on Bart Scott’s side.

    The media needs to own up when they are wrong. Bart Scott has every right to be upset.

  6. By the way, I hope you have done a good job of saving and investing your money, Scott, because if you don’t know the difference between a mutiny and a boycott, then with that amazing level of intelligence you possess, you will find there are no jobs for you outside of football.

  7. Media are clowns. They create the circus and now have to regroup in the clown car to come at the Jets from a different angle. Keep winning Jets!

  8. People can say what they want about it being one game, but this Buffalo team was supposed to be a playoff-contending team, and NY wiped the floor with them. That should mean something, even if it is just one game.

  9. Ya, it’s unbelievable how the media keep taking the Jets silence and creating controversial stories. They keep pretending that half the Jets squad and coaches have foot in mouth disease. Crazy media.

  10. Bart Scott has one person to blame for all the media mess/circus – Rex Ryan.

    Ryan is an embarrassment to the jets organization and all of football.

    Personally I wish he would just go away. Tired of his drama.

  11. I started watching Rex Ryan’s press conferences to see what he was saying that was so inflammatory and it is literally stuff that is a phrase within a sentence and all of sudden, Rex is saying something putting a guy down or blabbing this and that and it is just not the case. He is confident and he sticks up for his guys. A lot of bravado is created and put out of context. I am not a Jets fan and could care less about the team, but I think the media does them wrong. It was good to see them win today, so folks will shut up a bit.

  12. The media storm is what woody and mr t signed up for and wanted when they traded for tebow. Ever since woody got his name in the papers when he traded for Favre, the guy has been a media wh0re and will do whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight.

    Shut up Bart! Worry about tackling instead of swiping at the ball. Demario Davis time?

    Go JETS!

  13. Memo to Mr. Scott:
    You beat the Bills. They are horrible. Get a grip. Let’s talk after you play the next three weeks worth of defenses.

  14. It’s only one game. It’s only the regular season. Let’s see what u do in the playoffs. It’s only a playoff win. It doesn’t matter unless they win the SB. Haters will never let you win. Just keep hustling Jets!

  15. Can’t stand the Jets and the entire organization. But I’ll give Scott credit where it’s due, NY sportswriters and reporters are pretty much the most vile creatures that ever crawled out of the NYC sewer system. Most of them write on a 6th grade level, have no understanding of the game, and have an active hate against all athletes because they had neither the talent nor the dedication to play varsity sports. Let’s be honest here, most of these guys spent their High School years stuffed in lockers and have been looking to even the score ever since. No professional athlete in NYC should ever say anything beyond “yes”, “no”, or “maybe” to those assclowns.

  16. guy, the Jets spent a QB spot on a guy who can’t throw specifically to GET media attention…

    it’s like throwing chum in the water… and now you have to live with it….

  17. Our instant information society has turned journalism into a really dirty business. These days the market is flooded with news outlets, each one desperately trying to attract attention.

  18. The Jets are a clown outfit. They won today, but the circus this team craves will definitely hwlp them lose games. “Media mutiny”? Funny,,,did this clown get a degree in basket weaving??

  19. So Fitzpatrick craps the bed and the Jets are gloating? Seriously, the Jets are the biggest blowhards in the NFL.

  20. Bart , just tackle and recover fumbles ! Talking is not what you get paid to do. Yes, the NFL has strict rules on after game team press meeting if called , but besides that one obligation, you can be quiet, very quiet and start hitting some TEs for a change. IF you get an INT , you may Tebow all you like !!

  21. As a Broncos fan, I gotta say, what a day.

    First, the Jets won. That started my day great, because a team with this much hate is always fun to root for. But thing that makes me happy is I finally saw Tebow utelized in a manner in which suites him. He played some TE, some of this, some of that, but most of all, it seemed like his presence pushed Sanchez. It seems like, to me, ( and I know Flamers, it’s week 1) that Tebow might be used in a way that the team isn’t on his back, but he has a direct outcome of the game.

    It’s nice to see those two together In harmony. Even if it’s only for this week. Because the Jets won, under Mark Sanchez AND Tim Tebow.
    Tebow knew his role and his possible effect on the game, and Sanchez knew it was on his shoulders. They won, everyone’s happy.

    Secondly, because Denver sufficiently beat Pittsburgh. I found it awesome that VM did a Tebow. It was almost like a final goodbye for Tebow in Broncos nation.

    Sanchez, Tebow, and the Jets win.
    Broncos, Manning win. I think every Bronco fan, or Tebow fan should be proud today.

  22. i hate the thought of being manipulated by the same media everyone is compaining about here. but there’s a certain new york radio guy. an ignorant, jet hating pileof hooey that pays his way by being the world’s largest ny giants suckup (absolutely nothing against the giants. as a jet fan i’m probably supposed to hate them but don’t. thank you in fact for the team to watch during our lean years). i know he’ll use the word ‘anomaly’ blah blah because he’s such a hating doofus. but i look forward to his drivel today anyway. can’t wait.

  23. Is it really the media’s fault that the jets have the image they have? Or is it the way that the jets entire organization conducts themselves?
    The giants don’t seem to have a media problem – in the same city and stadium as the jets.

  24. Just Shut up and play!!!

    If it wasn’t for the media and fan interest, you be making minimum wage at McDonalds.

  25. I see alot of you using the words “circus”..and “clown shoes”..just like the media fed your still running with it i see. Seems to me some of you just dont like the way things turned out on the field yesterday for the Bills….or the Jets for that matter!
    Well,as it turns out the Jets never picked up Tebow for media attention. Thier offense needed an added dimension and thats what Tebow has brought them…like it or not jet haters!. Thier game plan was excellent, and what about Sporano? He called a great game!…Special teams did a great job as well. Its the MEDIA that stirs up all this un-important nonsense and lots of YOU believe it. Many of you are saying..”the bills are the worst anyway” but i would be willing to bet that 99% of you picked the Bills to beat the Jets in your little office football…didnt you?

  26. The Jets didn’t beat the Bills, the Bills beat themselves with one mistake after another. I can’t wait until big mouth Bart Scott comes to Orchard Park for the re-match.

    The game was horrible to watch because I know the Bills are much better than that. One thing that I did like seeing though was when Scott Chandler laid out Rex Ryan. He asked Ryan if he was ok, Rex could only show those caps and smile because he knew he looked like an a-s getting tossed like that. Maybe that hit will stop him from continuing to run his mouth 24/7…….. Probably not though.

  27. Nice to see Bart give the Media Circus something to talk about now that the Jets showed how truly incompetent the media is at football. Media sure knows how to fabricate garbage.

  28. Oh, and let me say this; the only paper that is fair and even handed with the New York teams is, the online Newark Star Ledger paper.

    Other than those people, the only way to read a paper without going insane is to skim to the quotes. All the rest of that garbage is filler from people who don’t know sports and prove it with every column.

  29. Players and fans hate the media….except when they win. Then “nobody respects us” because you’re not the lead story on SportsCenter or on the front/back pages of the papers.

    Can’t have it both ways, idiots.

  30. it is funny this time last week everybody was saying how the bills are playoff contenders and how the jets were going to loose. Then after the jets smacked them those same people are saying oh they beat the bills lets not get excited lol. It seems like the jets cant even catch a break mark my word the jets will finish 11-5 you mean to tell me they cant veat the fins and bills twice each. On top of that they cant beat the jags titans colts seahawks cardinals rams chargers and possibly go 2 and 2 against niners texans and patriots ? Dont be fooled the Jets defense is legit you saw what they did in the first half the bills could not do anything. Forget about the 21 points scored after the jets were leading 41-7 because at the point they were just playing conservative. Anybody who thinks the jets dont have a legitamate shot you clearly dont know anything about football which is 90 percent of people that comment on this.

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