Cardinals hang on after ref gives Seattle fourth timeout


No one in Arizona had much use for Kevin Kolb during the preseason.

They’re loving him now. Kolb came off the bench when John Skelton was carted off with an ankle injury in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals were trailing 16-13 at the time, but Kolb calmly led them down the field and hit Andre Roberts with a six-yard pass to make the score 20-16. It would hold up, but not without some drama.

Seattle drove the ball down inside the five thanks to two pass interference penalties on the Cardinals and a couple of nice plays by Russell Wilson. That’s when all hell threatened to break loose. The Seahawks called a timeout after a Marshawn Lynch run, which the officials granted even though it seemed to everyone else on the planet that they didn’t have any timeouts left. They had called two before Doug Baldwin was banged up while dropping what could have been the game-winning pass in the end zone.

The officials explained that the Seahawks had a timeout left because the clock stopped on the incompletion, which is an incorrect interpretation of the rules. When a player is injured in the last two minutes of the game, there is supposed to be a timeout charged to his team. That should have led to the referees ignoring their timeout requests, but it didn’t.

Luckily for the league, it became something of a moot point since the Cardinals held on the final three plays as Wilson fired incomplete three times to end the contest. The refs had a fine weekend overall, but it would have been a big story if the last game of the afternoon was decided in part by an officiating blunder.

Wilson had a few moments, but he struggled to move the ball most of the afternoon. Leon Washington had big returns on a kickoff and a punt to lead to 10 points and the Seahawks got another field goal on a short field after a Skelton interception. Their offense didn’t look good after a decent opening drive and there’s clearly still work to do for the rookie. But you already knew that, because he’s a rookie.

If Skelton proves to be fine, it will make for a tough decision for Ken Whisenhunt this week. Kolb was 6-of-8 for 66 yards coming off the bench cold in the fourth quarter to lead the team to victory after Skelton was abysmal as the Cardinals frittered away their led in the third. One drive isn’t enough of a guide to name a starter, but we’ve never really been certain what criteria the team is using to make its decisions.

Whatever choice they make, they’ll be doing it with a 1-0 record despite coming very close to losing the game in the final minutes.

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  1. If skelton is healthy he will start. You guys think that all qbs should start when they have one good drive or preseason game. you probably wanted colt brennan to start after he had a good preseason.

  2. I told you..Seattle fans are the dumbest fanbase in the NFL….They say theyre going to the SB top defense and couldnt even beat tha Cards..Your team and city are lame..Congrats on beeing the pre season winners.Cant wait till you come to the stick so we can drag your lousy team through the dirt!Frisco Baby!

  3. Now I’ve said and standby that RGIII and Wilson will be the only successful QBs from the 2012 class, but as we all saw the gap is huge. Wilson doesn’t have the electric nor clutch trait that Robert does.

  4. We can blame everything on these replacement refs, but I remember the regular refs botching a coin toss… everyone screws up now and then… just saying…

  5. I like Wilson a lot, but being the “King of Preseason” is worthless.

    He has a rookie learning curve, like everybody else.

    Under 5 yards per attempt, 1 TD, 1 INT – not BAD, but all this Super Bowl talk needs to stop.

  6. Why is it something of a moot point just because it didn’t seem to change the result of the game?

    The fact is, a team of men paid to administer the rules failed to understand the rules.

    And that failure to understand the rules puts future outcomes at risk.

  7. Because it didn’t change the outcome of the game, although you’re right about the future outcomes.

  8. Actually, Wilson had a pretty bad game, if ending up with a passer rating of 62.5 and losing even though you had four tries from the 6 and got an extra timeout to work with can be considered “pretty bad”.

    He’s a rookie. But he’s really short for a QB. It’ll be interesting to see how he does against the Cowboys next week.

  9. @norcalmafia

    Thank you for reppin’ the Niners. That being said, its embarrassing that you come on a Seahawks article to pop off after one win; albeit a good win. I know your trying to antagonize but its ok to win with class. FYI, im a Niner season ticket holder.

  10. Yea… doesn’t that happen every year? Interesting, if anyone criticized the refs any other year, they would be fined badly… and there would be no talk about it.

  11. I never saw a Seahawks game in the preseason, and I didn’t see this game today. My only information on Russell Wilson in the NFL is posts I have read on PFT this preseason. Based on what I know, I am shocked that the great Russell Wilson didn’t put up more points than this vs. the Cards.

  12. that was a botched timeout call,thank God it didnt change the game,but it was the play calling that hurt the hawks,fix that and the hawks are fine,kick the cowboys butts next week and we are fine GO HAWKS

  13. Play calling killed the hawks this game, they will turn it around tho, it is week 1 people, relax.

  14. The replacement refs also had another huge blunder earlier in the Arizona vs. Seattle game. Following a sack of Wilson which should have put the Seahawks at 2nd and 15, the refs incorrectly gave Seattle 5 extra yards on the spot of the ball following the sack. That 5 yard mistake was obvious to everyone but the replacement refs, the Cards threw a challenge flag but the refs said that their spot wasn’t challengable. So there were at least two huge officiating mistakes in the Cardinals game.

  15. Actually Wilson had a good game the WR’s couldnt catch the ball in the endzone 3 times and the oline couldnt protect him the whole game so he did good for what he had

  16. Kolb is basically like a back-up goalie in hockey that comes in to replace the injured starter and stops everything, then gets the job full-time and can’t stop anything.

    People in Philly made him out to be this
    “cool, pressure doesn’t bother me guy”, but he’s clearly better when he’s not “the man”.

  17. As a die hard hawks fan i admit this loss hurt. i did expect we would win and thought we were a better team. if it wasnt for leon washington we wouldnt have been in the game. with the cards being a 500 team the hawks may be sittin on the bottom again this year. oh well the niners look as good as the experts said and the hawks are far frm that. Another long season , kinda like the mariners, although the mariners are a farm team for boston and the NYY.

  18. Niner fans are the biggest hypocrites. They tell us to calm down about Wilson but now after beating green bay there acting like they won the super bowl. Yes we lost to cardinals because they simply stopped us. Its week 1. There is alot more football left.

  19. It looked like the O-Line of the Hawks hit an Ice Burg. Too many holes, Wilson was running for his life most of that game.

    Receivers couldn’t get very good separation, in the last few plays of the game. Could be a very long rookie QB season…….

    Defense REALLY needs to show why they were in the Top 10 last season when we play the Cowboys at home.

  20. onlysane1intheroom says: Sep 9, 2012 8:29 PM

    Define a “fine weekend overall” please. The refs I saw were pretty bad.

    Yeah, next thing you know they’ll get a coin toss wrong.

  21. what happened to the “extra man” being added to the officiating crews to communicate with the head of officiating during games for rule interpretation? or was that only for the nationally televised wednesday night game?

  22. Time for the high school refs to go back to doing what they’re qualified for. Friday night lights.

  23. @hawksfanallday

    I dont think its hypocritical. To be fair, one fan base is cheering what happened in the pre-season, one in the regular season. I think if you look at my earlier post on this article you will know i try to be fair. But the situations you raise are different.

  24. What’s all the 49er chest thumping about? Didn’t they lose to the Cardinals last season? Let me check… Yes! Short memory I guess for some folks. The Cards are a tough team. They just have a QB to find.

  25. I dont understand all the Wilson criticism!!! He cant throw and catch the ball!! On that last drive he threw 2 very “catchable” passes!

  26. Seahawks also got a gift 5 yards in the 3rd quarter when Wilon threw a 5-yd backwards screen outta bounds (aka a laterel), yet the SCABs treated it like a forward pass. Wilson played well for a QB besieged by a good Cards dline. The Patriots will show us just how good that Cards defense is next week, may get ugly!

  27. remember hawk fans, peyton manning was 3-13 his rookie year and troy aikman was 1-15. not saying were gona be that bad but our wideouts were injured a lot in the preseason so they should get better as the year goes on. more so than wilson i thought our playcalling was blan and our D didnt attack until the second half (other than when Kolb came in and kicked our butts). this is simply going to be a long year and im bumed cause i drank the koolaid. i miss holmgren and matt h,,,,those were the days. it is just one game but if we start 0-3 the wheels our gona come off the 12th man. 12 man looking for a contender now so the leash is short Pete. GET IT DONE !!!!!!

  28. Wow the refs make a mistake … so tell me something new … as a Raider fan we are use to seeing bad calls. I’m just happy the other teams get to experience it.
    Lets see how many penalties the Raiders get tomorrow and then I will tell you how much I love the replacement refs.

  29. @citynative

    I think the situation can be very similar. For example, two years ago the seahawks beat the bears on the road in the regular season and in the postseason were chosen as underdogs becuz of how much the bears changed over the course of the season. and ended up winning 35-24 with 28-0 lead. It goes to show things can change.

  30. onlysane1intheroom says:
    Sep 9, 2012 8:29 PM
    Define a “fine weekend overall” please. The refs I saw were pretty bad.


    Ive been saying that for several years now. Referees have been getting progressively worse for years.

    It has nothing to do with being replacements. I see holding on every play. Hands to the face on every play. Its a matter of when they want to call it is all.

    Lesean McCoy had 4 runs of 10+ yards in a row, all called back because of ticky tack holds. I say let the scabs stay though. They, at least, can get better. The old refs have been doing it this bad for years.

  31. A win within the division is huge. And, the Cards had to beat the refs and Seattle and they did it. I’m glad that Seattle had so many shots at the end zone at the end of the game. Just proves the point even further, of who was the better team yesterday.

  32. The Cardinals got Knob for just a 2nd rounder and nickel CB at best DRC. Boy did they rip off Reid and the Eagles. This will be ranked as the best trade ever for the Cardinals.

  33. Yes the refs made some bad calls/missed some calls this week, but I remember seeing bad calls/missed calls last year with the “reg refs”. When you consider the refs this week haven’t been working together for years like the “reg refs” they didn’t do bad. My question is that when/if the reg refs come back will the game announcers review everycall they make? Will Mr P point out every mistake, or will he just talk about the “good” calls?

  34. tdrundmc says:
    Sep 9, 2012 9:20 PM
    What happened to that great Seattle defense everyone kept talking about? They couldn’t even stop Arizona’s horrible offense.


    They held Arizona’s defense (rank #4 overall after week 1) without a first down up until Kolb entered the game. Seattle’s D finished just above Arizona at rank #3 in the league. The team was within one lousy catch of winning, had receivers made catches on any of 3 end zone passes Seattle wins. Do a little research before you speak or at least watch the game.

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