Darrelle Revis injury mars good day for Jets


We’ve already told you about how well things went for the Jets on Sunday.

Now for something to worry about. Cornerback Darrelle Revis left the game after getting kicked in the head by linebacker Bart Scott while both were trying to make a tackle in the fourth quarter. He left the game and then left the field as the team likely began to evaluate the severity of the head injury. He’s being called questionable to return, but we’d guess he’s done for the afternoon. Revis had a pick in the first quarter to set up the first of many Jets touchdowns against the Bills and it’s hard to overstate how important he is to the team’s defense.

Revis and Scott were both trying to reel in C.J. Spiller, whose play stands out as the highlight of an otherwise miserable afternoon for the Bills. Spiller has 169 yards, including a 56-yard touchdown, in a performance that makes Fred Jackson’s injury a little easier to swallow.

The Bills took advantage of Revis’s absence to throw two touchdowns, which have closed the once enormous gap to a somewhat more respectable 41-28 with just under six minutes to play in the fourth quarter. Their chances of cutting it even further took a blow when a member of the Jets’ hands team fell on an onside kick.

That player? Tim Tebow. And you thought we couldn’t wedge his name into a post about Darrelle Revis.

UPDATE 4:43 p.m. ET: Rex Ryan said after the game that Revis looked fine, but that it is too early to make any final judgments on his health. The Jets followed up the onside kick recovery with a Shonn Greene touchdown run to make it a 48-28 win that very few people without the last name Ryan were predicting heading into the game.

10 responses to “Darrelle Revis injury mars good day for Jets

  1. The Jets score 48 points after this web site gleefully promote the folly that preseason football means something, and you lead with a negative story about Revis being kicked in the head?


  2. It’s a kick in the head, not a knee to the head, and not a helmet-to-helmet shot. He’s fine.

    Why not tell the real story: the Jets just took a collective dump on the American sports-media establishment.

  3. Feel free to look back at any of the posts we did during the game about the Jets blowing the Bills out. Or don’t, but don’t make accusations that can’t be supported.

  4. ^Given the tenor of this web site since the Tebow trade and the daily, nearly innumerable nonstories that you’ve posted in an attempt to embarrass and denigrate the franchise for no other reason than pageviews, you’ve got to do a hell of a lot better than that.

  5. bart scott conspired with jeff kent to kick revis off the island. tune in next week to see if he can return, or if he sinks like a rock……

  6. Good day for the Jets. Rex Ryan is awesome when he has the entire off-season to get ready for a team, like when he beat the Cowboys in the opener at MetLife last year, then the Bills with 14 days to prepare after the break, then again vs. the Bills 10 days after their Thursday night game.

    5-8 when he only has one week to prepare for a team.

    Good luck!

  7. I dont really understand when someone visits this site, reads the articles, creates an account and then bashes the journalists who devote their lives to providing this FREE site to the public.

    No one is forcing you to read the articles. This is America and free speech still exists. If you don’t like what is being said, you may feel free to troll the plethora of other team-specific fan-boy sites out there.

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