Jay Cutler requests a quieter red zone

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The Bears offense took a little while to get going against the Colts on Sunday, but they really took off once everything clicked into gear.

Quarterback Jay Cutler threw for 333 yards and two touchdowns while running backs Matt Forte and Michael Bush combined for three more scores in a 41-21 victory. That led to a lot of cheering at Soldier Field, some of which went on at the wrong time as far as Cutler was concerned. When the Bears first made a trip into the red zone, the crowd was making so much noise that it was hard for the offense to communicate. Cutler reached out to the fans for help.

“Please, please, please let’s tone it down a little bit when we’re down in the 20 you’re more than welcome to yell and scream and do whatever you want to do after we score, but please, let’s go ahead and quiet the stadium down and save it for after we score. Thank you. That’s my PSA,” Cutler said, via CBS Chicago.

Cutler did look frustrated on the field when the crowd didn’t respond to the universal “quiet down” signal he made with his arms and forced the team to call a timeout. You’d like to avoid such things, although it’s entirely possible that it will keep happening if the Bears keep executing on offense the way they did on Sunday.

Should that come to pass, go ahead and file it under good problems to have.

40 responses to “Jay Cutler requests a quieter red zone

  1. While the Bears fans were stupid for not being quiet, I can’t wait to see what happens to this crybaby on the road the rest of this season. Should be fun to watch.

  2. Chicago fans can be pretty dumb at some point. If they dropped the prices of tickets, maybe people with common (football) sense could go to those games.

    People calling Jay a baby remind me of that one person everyone knows who only has one joke. No one likes him because he tells it over, and over again.

  3. fans should know. esp in this town. it was the universal sign for “SHUT UP” and the crowd went on. we here to win or clap?

  4. the Cutler hate continues, for no reason. he made a simple statement about being able to hear in the red zone, he want dissing Bears fans or crying for that matter. geez…

  5. Part of having home field advantage is that the crowd is quiet when you are on offense and loud when they are. Cutler was making a request and being kind of funny about it. I dont see a problem with that.

  6. if you consider that to be “dissing his fans”, I’d like to know what you think about Greg Jennings’s PSA to his fanbase. If you are a fan of the home team, you should know the etiquette when you’re at the game. And for those that don’t know, this just serves as a respectful reminder.

  7. Nobody likes u, cutler wants to win! He’s not dissing fans, hes doin what’s necessary…fans should kno better when you have the ball! You need to be loud on d so the opposing team cant communicate

  8. Even the biggest meatball sports fan knows you shut the hell up when your offense is lining up at the line of scrimmage. On defense you make as much noise as possible.

    Football Stupid on exhibit in the stands at Soldier Field during that series.

  9. Cutler was right about the noise but when he came out of the the championship game vs. the Packers he lost the fans. Bears fans love tough guys and he’s not one of them, comes off like winey… fill in your adjective,

  10. If Cutler continues to perform like that with the new weapons he has (Marshall, Jeffrey, Bush), what will the anti-Cutler camp have to say?

    New OC Mike Tice isn’t clueless like Martz, and will balance a running game, screen passes, and his TE so Cutler doesn’t take the abuse he has in the past. And finally Chicago has a great WR in Brandon Marshall.

  11. How is this a bad thing? Why are you people calling him names for this? Idiots I swear, most of you have NEVER played football you just watch it. If you watched Peyton Manning when he was with the colts in his prime, that arena was silent when the offense was out there. A QB needs to get the signals called, WR motions, Audibles. Its common sense..well not to you people obviously. Cutler is right and he didn’t diss Bears fans-Packer fan

  12. I’m just curious…Do any other NFL home fans cheer loudly when their team has the ball in the red zone. I think Cutler should say fans should shut up when the Bears have the ball.

  13. Obviously none of you geniuses bashing Cutler saw the post-game interview…The only reason he said anything was because a reporter asked, and even then (like west4420 just posted) he was laughing. I’d love to know what Jim McMahon’s post-game comment might have been – something like “Shut up, you effing morons!”

  14. He’ll now get an even louder dose of crowd noise at every away game now that fans know it does affect him. Not that we don’t know that in Detroit, I think we got him for over 10 false starts the last time he was in our building.

  15. The price of attending an NFL game is obscene. I say, you paid the price for a seat and a PSL…make as much noise as you want. Cutler is a crybaby…

  16. Cutler has been the most sacked and beat up QB in the league for the last 3 years and yet there are morons out there that think the guy isn’t tough. If you’re one of them you’re one of two things.You’re either stupid, or you don’t even know what’s on your TV

  17. I don’t know why some of you people hate Cutler so much. I just don’t get it. I know it is never going to end… ALL FOR NOTHING… But keep hating. Because now that he has weapons he is going to tear a whole in the ass of the rest of the NFL. Enjoy the show! Oh, and I know what’s next…. ” It was only the Colts”… OK… Thursday it’s the Packers… Their defense is just as bad! See you Thursday.
    We love JAY in Chicago!

  18. Football fans are funny. The Bears have more potential on offense that they’ve ever had in their history, and the Bears fans are going to be gonzo about that. But Cutler is right, and if he really wanted to get their attention he should have said “We don’t want a whole stadium full of Bartmans” and they would have shut up instantly. The Cutler haters, however, need to wake up and smell the coffee. The Packers are already in last place–that’s going to get the pundits’ panties in a bunch. What happens if the Bears *really* start looking like a well oiled machine?

  19. Broncos fans need to get better at this too. I remember watching games when Payton was in Indy and the fans would just golf clap while he was on offense. Part of home field advantage is being quiet for the home team offense.

  20. This is a major problem in Chicago. Love the Bears, but too many of their fans are some of the biggest most clueless meatballs in sports.

  21. Who are all these people commenting on our QB??? Obviously, they are making those remarks in fear. I would be scared of our offense as well if I were the rest of the NFC. We Bears fans believe in Jay. He IS OUR GUY here in Chicago, point blank. And we are very PROUD to have him. Please stop with the crybaby stuff, it is old and very overblown. Annnnddd yes, the crowd should be queit when the team is at the line on offense. Being able to manipulate snap counts is a huuugge advantage for the offense. People at games need to seriously get with the program and shut up. Cheer after we score TD’s, which will be plentiful this year. BEARDOWN!!!

  22. rhcpvikings says: Sep 9, 2012 10:16 PM

    Really Cutler? What a crybaby wa wa wa. Yeah maybe they should be quiet but you don’t diss your fans. You should be happy your fans are into the game.
    Dude, if our fans were into the game they’d SHUT UP when the Bears have the ball, and yell like crazy to drown out the OTHER TEAM.

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