Josh Freeman has a clean first quarter as Bucs race to 10-0 lead


The Buccaneers jumped out to a 10-0 lead over the Panthers, in a start that flips their own script which continuing a trend for the opponent.

Josh Freeman is 8-of-9 for 85 yards and a touchdowns in his first two drives (he was 7-of-7 on the first), and Doug Martin has seven carries for 26 yards.

It’s a workmanlike offense for the Bucs, and Freeman looked as good as he did in 2010. If he can keep it up, it will establish his 2011 dip as the anomaly.

On the other hand, it extends the Panthers problems getting off the field, which kept them from being better last year.

Despite changes to personnel and the injury report, they didn’t look any better in the first quarter.

Whether it changes will determine whether all the Cam Newton hype matters.