Manning, Roethlisberger come to life in second quarter


Now this is more like it.

After a dreadfully boring first quarter, the stars of the show have decided to take the stage, doing what they do best.

The Broncos got in the end zone first when Peyton Manning led a brilliant 80-yard, no-huddle drive, exhibiting the same kind of efficiency he did for years with the Colts. It’s impressive particularly because he’s still learning the parts around him, while he had the benefit of stability for years with Indianapolis.

And then Ben Roethlisberger matched him, using his mobility to keep plays alive and get the Steelers to the end zone on a long drive of his own. He’s also trying to adapt on the fly to Todd Haley’s ways, and it looks like he’s starting to figure it out.

The Steelers have a 10-7 lead at the half, setting the stage for what should be an exciting second half.

(Sayeth the NBC employee.)