Mario Williams thinks replacement officials did horrible job

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One of the many heroes for the Jets on Sunday was right tackle Austin Howard.

The spot was trouble for the Jets thanks to Wayne Hunter’s turnstile-like tendencies in the preseason and they were crossing their fingers that Howard would be able to do the job on Sunday against defensive end Mario Williams. The Bills big offseason acquisition was a total non-factor, leading Rex Ryan to praise Howard’s work.

Williams wasn’t so forthcoming with compliments for Howard. Williams accused the Jets tackle of all manners of perfidy during the 48-28 victory and slammed the replacement officials for letting him get away with it.

“Pass blocking doesn’t consist of illegal hands to the face just about every play, which, when somebody tells you that, and you’re five yards away from it, and you walk away like you don’t see him telling you you’re getting punched in the face every time, then that dictates somebody like myself having to take care of that on my own,” Williams said, via Mike Mazzeo of “It’s not something that’s really going to dictate something, but what are you going to about it? You’re getting off the ball and getting punched in the face, literally — not by accident — just about every other time, and that’s a penalty, last time I checked, unless they changed it with the new CBA or something. Last time I checked, that’s a penalty.”

It’ll take a close review of the 11-on-11 film to see how often Howard might have crossed the line while blocking Williams because he was never penalized nor did he ever get away with a miss so egregious that it registered over the course of the game. In general, the only reason you would have noticed a difference from past officiating is if you were actively thinking about it. There were no mishaps of note in the officiating, excluding Williams’ claims obviously.

Even if he did get away with using illegal technique, it doesn’t explain Stephen Gilmore getting burnt by Stephen Hill for a touchdown, three Ryan Fitzpatrick interceptions and a total breakdown by the Bills on Jeremy Kerley’s 68-yard punt return for a touchdown. The Jets beat the Bills across the board on Sunday.

The Bills and Jets meet again in the final week of the season when the original officials could be back on the job. That might make Williams happy, but it won’t change the fact that he and his teammates got blown out on Sunday.

51 responses to “Mario Williams thinks replacement officials did horrible job

  1. No, your team is just garbage and you’re overpaid. Last time I checked, replacement officials don’t throw the football or make tackles. Make it 13 seasons without a playoff birth.

    Enjoy fighting with Miami for the divisional basement. JETS MAFIA.

  2. Mario.. face got your butts whipped and your team sucks. (I am not a Jets fan) As long as Ryan Fitzpatrick is your quarterback.. look for more losses this year.. Should have staying in Houston..

  3. I think the officials in the Jags/Vikes game were terrible too because we also lost. But that’s of course because we lost (don’t tell anyone but they did a pretty good job).

  4. I bet that most of the teams that lost today have a problem with the replacement refs while the team who won didn’t notice too much of a difference.

    I watched most of the games and the replacement refs didn’t do any worse then the regular refs with the lone exception being the GB/SF game.

    Hochuli and company better come back to the table quickly.

  5. Mario,
    Maybe the kid was playing a little dirty, maybe the refs were missing it, maybe.

    But you are Mario Williams, the highest paid defensive player ever, a former first overal pick and an all pro pass rusher. You were playing against Austin Howard, a name very few people have ever heard. There is no excuse, if he’s doing something you don’t like, then manhandle him! He punches you in the face? Then you had better bury him into the ground on the next play.
    You were brought to Buffalo to be an intimidating force on the line. You are going to be held, double teamed, cut and chipped and clipped on every play all season long. We are paying you because we believe you are a good enough athlete that those things won’t matter. It’s only going to get tougher from here on out, so zip it, strap it on and go maul someone.

  6. Damn dude, what’s with the editorial? Just report the news and keep you biased opinions to yourself. What a crappy article.

  7. Poor Mario go cry with your 90 million or whatever he got. The bills got beat across the board today. Let’s hear everyone talk again about how Stevie Johnson plays so great against Revis. I know it’s only the first game but we looked pretty dam good. Up next week a real test. Sanchez is not so bad either when he gets some time to throw.

  8. while it is clearly not debatable that the jets dismantled the bills…. what does the score board have anything to do with williams and his complaints? It just seems like a low dig at the bills from a writer who, it sounds like, is mad williams didnt just come out and say the left tackle is the best player on the team.

  9. Oh whatever Mario. You just mad you chose the money and to waste the rest of your career in Buffalo than taking less money to play for Championships with Peppers and Urlacher. Boo hoo.

  10. I’m watching the SF-GB game and there are way too many bad calls and missed calls. I lost count. I don’t care who your team is, you would NOT want these guys calling it. They are BAD

  11. The replacement refs are average at best, and I will say the same thing about the normal refs..average at best….Keep up the hard work and they will get better every week…

  12. I’m sure Mario Williams is a way better player than Austin Howard, but it’s good to know that using the whole “hands to the face” routine leaves him helpless out on the field. If Mario Williams is as good as his salary says he is, then he should have beat Howard all day.

  13. The officials are the biggest non-story this season. The officials weren’t any where near perfect these past few year so why should we expect the guys this year to be?

  14. Mario, You were a ghost out there today. The replacement refs can’t see ghosts. Did Fitzpatrick tell you which bank will hold unearned pay?

  15. Theyre not the reason you lost by 20. And then that score doesnt tell the story of how bad they were outplayed. Im not a Jets fan either. Youre paid a tremendous amount of money and without a doubt Rex Ryan was going to point you out as the main guy to try and contain. Of course theyre going to be extremely physical, but this guy is huge and he is fast. He had a lousy game as did the rest of his team. End of stroy

  16. bad officiating huh? how about sanchez’s interception that was upheld by review even though the linebacker clearly had one foot out of bounds. or how about the awful spot that was also upheld after the jets challenged it? if not for those two calls, then the jets put up over 50 points.

  17. My Bills team got destroyed. And the Refs is not cause it. HOWEVER he is right. There is a ton of hands to the face and holding that is going not called it is hurting the pass rush league wide.

    The replacements have NO Idea how to
    Officiate the trenches.

  18. Sure the Jets Circus didn’t have Williams thrown off his game? He thought the refs were gonna keep the Jets Offense grounded ala preseason,

  19. Jets couldn’t get into the end zone to save their lives in the preseason, yet they put up 48 against the Bills and the “$100 Million Dollar Man”.

    JJ Watt probably thought the refs did A bad job too.

    Just go buy some exotic cars and guns with all that signing bonus while you watch your former team make Houston History you over-paid chump!

  20. I love my Bills. Today was painful and prayers to Freddie and David. However, I must say this; Mario Williams you are a fierce competitor–please act like one. That whole post-game interview where you trash Howard and the refs came off whiny and unbecoming of a professional. Focus your energy on getting better. You were a non-factor today. We dont was excuses. We expect execution.

  21. There is no excuse for how badly the bills were beat today. I have been a bills fan now for many years and fitz just flat out sucked. He is picking up right where he left off last year. There are only so many chances you can give this guy to prove himself. Bottom line he’s not a franchise guy. He is someone you bring in when your starter is out for week or so and you pray the team gets by. With that said the refs are horrible. Did anyone notice that the flags were not flying today at all? They are afraid to make calls that may alter the game. The fans dictate to these refs the calls to make. The take the safe route and get involved only and ONLY when it is necessary.

  22. The last refuge of a loser is blaming someone else. Literally, ever single call could have gone against the Bills, and they still would have deserved to lose. Because losers complain, and losers deserve to lose.

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