Peterson powers Vikings to overtime win

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Last year, the Vikings blew multiple second-half leads to start the season.  This year, they did it again.

But they came back.

After falling behind by three on a late-game 39-yard touchdown pass from Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert to receiver Cecil Shorts, the Vikings forced overtime with a 55-yard field goal from rookie kicker Blair Walsh, took the lead on the first drive of the fifth period with a 38-yarder from Walsh, and held the Jags to a four-and-out to win the game.

For the Vikings, the big story was the return of Adrian Peterson, who scored two touchdowns via 17 carries and 84 yards to power the offense.  A 20-yard run in overtime put the ball in Jacksonville territory, setting the Vikings up for the go-ahead (and ultimately game-winning) field goal.

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  1. What a nail biter!! AD lives up to his words, rookies Walsh and Harrison Smith make crucial plays, Ponder gets it done,,,,man, I’m spent! Football is AWESOME!!

  2. Not only did Peterson play great, Harvin was a man-best during the game. Rushing, receiving, returning, etc, the guy was superman out there today.

    Skol Vikings

  3. Harvin and Walsh were the stars today. I agree that Gabbert looked okay, buty Allen was only an afterthought because the Jags playes max-protect on his side — when they weren’t holding the hell out of him that is.

  4. Jags let one get away on the road. Credit to the Vikings. Come home Jags and lets get back to .500. Go Jags!

  5. Give Rick Spielman credit as well. His draft class this year was on display today big time! Jags look like a team turned around as well. both teams are crawling out of the basement.

  6. Kalil blocked the extra point that turned out to be huge allowing the Vikings to tie on a FG instead of needing a TD, of course the Jaguars may have not gone for 2 then. Another thing was weak legged Longwell wouldn’t have made that kick so Spielman and his picks played well. Even with Cook getting burned, same ole Swiss cheese D.

  7. Great game by AP & Perry and Blair W.
    Viking recievers actually caught the ball.

    Difference: Vikings scored more in RED ZONE

    Both teams could not put each other away.

    The Vikes had a chance to put the game away up by five when all they had to do was pick up a few 1st downs with the run game and the game is over. — could not do it (Was it good D or bad O?)
    The Jags only had to keep the VIKES out of FG area for 20 seconds. — could not do it (Was it good O or bad D?)

    Definitely a good kick.

    2 non-polished teams struggling to get a win and one did, but could have gone either way

  8. Say, A win is a win you take’m any way you get’em Just ask the Packers if they would have taken an overtime win! Ponder was clutch! as well as Walsh!

  9. Great win for the Vikings and this foundation being set by Rick Spielman and Coach Frazier.

    It not only gives them 1/3 of their total victories from last year it also proves these young players are going to grow into a contender soon. They need a couple more drafts to complete a team, but for the first time in years the Minnesota Vikings know what they are as a team and where they are headed.

    Again. Great win for the Vikings and Rick Spielman and Coach Frazier. This is their team and a foundation has been set for the future with these young players.

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