Tim Tebow plays on first snap for Jets

Getty Images

The Jets had Mark Sanchez at quarterback for the first snap of the 2012 regular season, but Tim Tebow was on the field as well.

Tebow lined up just off the right side of the line as an eligible receiver and went out on a route, although Sanchez threw incomplete to rookie Stephen Hill on the other side. Tebow made his debut as the guy receiving a snap on the Jets’ fourth offensive play, following a first down throw to Hill. He handed off to running back Joe McKnight for a short gain.

The play was a simple handoff, without any read option or other trickery preceding it. What that means for the Jets offense going forward is anybody’s guess, although that might have been the point. The Jets have been firm about their belief that having Tebow and the possibilities he brings to the offense will be a difficult part of preparing to face them.

It won’t be too hard to face them if Sanchez keeps trying shovel passes to unsuspecting receivers, however. The Jets drive ended when Sanchez tried one that bounced off tight end Jeff Cumberland and into the hands of Bills safety Bryan Scott.