X-rays negative on Garcon foot injury


In the first quarter of Sunday’s unlikely win over the Saints in the Superdome, Redskins receiver Pierre Garçon was on pace to generate more than 400 receiving yards.

But Garçon left after making an 88-yard catch and run, and he didn’t return.

Coach Mike Shanahan said after the game that X-rays were negative, but that Garçon was unable to return.

His status for next Sunday isn’t known.  The Redskins travel to St. Louis in Week Two.

17 responses to “X-rays negative on Garcon foot injury

  1. I’ll say it Iam shocked and impressed,to go to n.orleans in his first career start and win,you have to give kudos and I hate the redskins guts…good job bob

  2. So impressed with RG3, Garcon, Robinson, Morris, the defense, etc. Still in shock my team actually scored 40 points! Anyone seen peytonsneck18 today? Of course not.

  3. I have a question to all the haters who said the Redskins would only win 4-6 games this year… was this one of the wins you counted? follow up question… did you think we would hang 40 on the saints. and finally do you see us at 2-0? just wondering

  4. Showed a ton of heart all around. To go into New Orleans, a town and team in turmoil, and play that well on both sides is exciting. We still have a long way to go but it’s a great start. Good job fellas. Now let’s carry it over into St. Louis.

  5. and garcon got hurt after one half, wayne took more punishment today but still toughed it out, gar-drop could learn something from him, 42 million dollar injury man

  6. trevor123698 says: Sep 9, 2012 6:09 PM

    As for RG3, this wasnt hard to see coming. calm down.
    Really? Baloney. No one saw 300+ yards and no picks in a louder-than-hell, sold out Dome. Where are all the “RGLeaf” geniuses from this summer?

    Skins fan here who was in the Dome today, fully expecting the team to have big problems with the emotional Saints. Instead, Saints had their hands full with RGIII and Alfred Morris. And I could not believe how many Skins fans stayed to the end cheering inside, then meeting and greeting outside stadium.

    I know this is only one game, but what a game!

  7. i guess the other nfl teams should just pack it in and forfeit then, since rg3 and the skins already won the week1 championship

  8. peytonsneck18 says:
    Sep 9, 2012 7:51 PM
    i guess the other nfl teams should just pack it in and forfeit then, since rg3 and the skins already won the week1 championship

    Nice try it was YOU who ran your mouth about RGLeaf.

    So far It’s RG3 1- Andrew Leaf 0

    Your revisionist history won’t work here.

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