Andy Reid takes the heat for Michael Vick’s picks


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick felt like he let his teammates down when he threw four interceptions on Sunday, but Eagles coach Andy Reid says it’s not just on Vick.

“Offensively, turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. You just can’t have those and I would say that we didn’t play as disciplined offensively as we needed to all the way around,” Reid said, via “I know Michael took the blame yesterday, [but] it’s not a one-man show. That’s not what it is. Everybody had a piece of this pie starting with me and the coaches.”

Reid said the offense was moving the ball well enough that they should have put a lot more than 17 points on the board.

“You start looking at 456 yards of total offense, and then you’re not putting it in the end zone. That’s ridiculous there,” Reid said. “You have 12 penalties for 110 yards. That’s ridiculous and that’s not good football. We just have to make sure we take care of that.”

Fortunately for the Eagles, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden matched Vick’s four interceptions, while completing just 12 of 35 passes for 118 yards. The Eagles know that this week, when they host the Ravens, they won’t be able to eke out a win without the offense playing a lot better. And Reid puts that on himself.

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  1. Andy does deserve alot of the blame. The truth is if the Eagles ran more on 1st down they wouldn’t be facing so many 3rd and longs, especially when McCoy is averaging more then 5 yards a carry. Instead the Eagles pass almost every play resulting in 3rd and longs. Why put your QB in that position so much when he hasn’t played all preseason? Not that it excuses Vick, but the coaches didn’t do him any favors.

  2. So Reid made Vick constantly hit defenders in the chest with the ball? He SHOULD of had 7 pics yesterday, but the Browns dropped 3 right in their hands. Vick is terrible, and all Andy is good at is putting a team together. He is one of the worst in game coaches in the league.

  3. I’m still hopeful for a day when these coaches can lay into a player’s poor performance with an honest assessment of their play instead of the contrived responses designed to protect these players’ precious egos.

  4. The eagles have won their last 9 consecutive games. I’m not worried about a ravens team who doesn’t have Suggs, will be on the road, and will be having a short week to begin with. The eagles tried beating themselves yesterday and failed. Bring on the Ravens

  5. TRUE LEADERSHIP doesn’t let their team take the full blame. Thats why I like Andy. It’s going to be a good year. Tough win yesterday, but fix those issues and this year is going to be incredible. GO BIRDS!

  6. The Browns’ defense deserves a lot of credit. Yes, the Eagles hurt themselves immeasurably with penalties but I thought the Browns’ defense was overall, damned good. With any offense at all, and any coach with a half a brain, the Browns would have won. But unfortunately, the Browns had neither.

  7. Truth is, Vick doesnt have it. Vick has never had it. He sold a lot of Merch and tickets over the years, but that is his only value as a player. I dont know where everyone got the idea that Vick is somehow “Great”. A simple career statistics analysis would put Vick in the “average or below” catagory as an NFL QB. Just sayin’.

  8. The only QB in the entire league that Vick outplayed yesterday was Weeden, thankfully that was the QB he was playing against.

    Vick really is that bad at reading defenses, Andy. No matter how much you say it isn’t his fault, it isn’t going to call back any of those picks.

    If he throws picks against the Ravens and doesn’t get pulled, the Eagles deserve to get blown out.

  9. The bigger story here which no one seems to be talking about is just how bad the Browns are. The Eagles played about as poorly as they possibly could and still walked out with a road win. Media and fans regularly bash GM’s like Jeff Ireland (and proxy GM’s like Jerry Jones) for poor draft choices. We all bashed Josh McDaniels for wrecking Denver’s roster. Why does Mike Holmgren get a pass? He traded up to take a running back 3rd overall and then picked a 60 year old quarterback with the #22 pick. Last year, he gave up Julio Jones for Greg Little and some other fodder. We’ve made some big draft mistakes here in Philly, but I can’t even imagine what would happen if the Eagles made those moves. Somehow, though, Holmgren is still revered as some sort of football genius. Based on his record, he is the worst GM in the entire NFL.

  10. Reid is correct to a degree and an earlier commenter mentioned it as well. The lack of running the ball on first down coupled with getting away from running the ball when it was working, about made me sick.

    Now, Vick has to shoulder most of the blame for his picks. He locks in on receivers and doesn’t go through his progressions, then forces the ball into triple coverage. It was like watching two rookie QB’s yesterday.

    The third part of the problem is the left tackle situation. Dunlap really struggled early yesterday until they gave him tight end and RB help. Problem there is that we have no one better as Bell was so bad this preseason that I would have cut him.

    Last worry I have is our defense played it very vanilla yesterday. Maybe blitzed 3 times all game, little to no pre-snap movement to confuse the QB….nothing. I’m hoping that the only reason for this was they didn’t think they needed to do anything other then stuff the run and man up, because if we go into the Baltimore game and think that will work, we have another thing coming. (I realize the defense dominated, I’m just giving a concern for this week)

  11. I just gave myself a thumbs down for writing a book. Man, I need to get out of this estrogen filled house and get some buddies to vent to after a tough Sunday game! Sorry to PFT planet for that mess above.

  12. Vick looks terrible. I know hes rusty from no preseason but what he was doing wasnt from rust. Rust is when you have no timing and your passes have no zip. Not Vicks case. Vick stared down receivers and the LBs started jumping the lanes on him. He had no desire to ever just step UP in the pocket and set his feet. He gets killed running around and throwing off his back foot exposing his ribs to late hits. He looks lost with what to do. At his age I dont see this getting better. Hes so gifted with arm strength and because of that he uses it against himself by flinging balls across his body that get picked. Who knows what Nick Foles is and what he could be, so at this point RUN THE BALL.

  13. Of course this game was another example of why philly fans are so ready to move on from andy. At one point the pass/rush ratio was 43/13 and at that point the eagles were averaging 8 yards a rush. You have a Qb who looks awful and a running back who the defense can’t stop. Not to mention last year the browns were 30th in run d and 2nd in pass d. And what did andy do continue to pass on first, pass on second, and be forced to pass on third and long. Everyone who watched the game would think to themselves, RUN THE BALL.. well everyone but andy. This is a 14 year problem that he will never fix.

  14. Chris Vegas is crazy! It’s the first game of season what are you going to do give tge ball to McCoy 40times? It’s week 1. McCoy got 20 carries not including about 75 extra yards that were called back as penalties. 1st and 20, 2nd and 20 make it hard to run him again after he just ran 40 yards down field and it was called back. Sure they could of picked spots better in first half to run but Vick is the one throwing in triple coverage. When ball is snapped Vick has to read we’re the blitz is coming from and get rid of ball. Brady, manning they can’t run but they read the play quicker. So hopefully it was just rust and it’s out of the way. I got Reids back the players plsy hard for him, he is trying to be more open with media, he is the best QB coach in football with a young buck who needs to be taught how to play over next three years. We need Reid. Vick better learn to read a defense the weapons they have people were open he just held ball to long.

  15. Vick had one great half season, and thats it. He was brutal in Atlanta, and hes been average at best in Philly.

    Give the guy credit for being physically & mentally tough, but he just is not one of the top 20 QB’s in the NFL.

    If ever there was a backup that you could sprinkle in for 8-10 plays a game and feel comfortable filling in for a game or two, it would be Mr Vick. As a starter though, he doesn’t have it.

    Grandpoopah you nailed it with your Browns analysis. Their drafts have been so poor its jarring.

    Grabbing Weeden @ 22 was a COLOSSAL mistake. Even if you love him they had to know that at the very least they were going to be able to take him @ 37. Consider the next team that took a QB was Denver @ 57. There was no chance that Denver was taking a 28 year old QB to sit behind Peyton for 3 years.

    The next QB after that was Russell Wilson @ 75, which was considered a gamble.

    So IF the Browns didnt take Weeden @ 22, where would he have gone? Could they have waited until the 2nd? 3rd? 4th? Tough to project but I can tell you for sure that no other team was bringing him in to start.

    Perhaps its a little bit of overreaction theatre, but wow he looked like he had no idea what was going on out there.

  16. So lay the blame on him, then give him credit when credit is due also, goes both ways Andy. Take blame when things go bad, but when they go right give credit to Vick? Vick’s a big boy, he can take the blame for his mistakes.

  17. @chrisvegasiscrazy
    They didn’t need to give McCoy the ball 40 times there’s a thing called backup running back where the eagles have 3 very competent backups

  18. Sounds like a typical Andy Reid canned response.

    “Give the guy credit for being physically & mentally tough”

    Michael Vick? Are you serious?

  19. This is not news to us Eagles’ fans. We have been hearing the same exact nonsense after a bad game for 14 years now. I don’t know what is sadder, Andy Reid making the same mistakes after 14 years of coaching or Vick making the same mistakes 11 years after he was drafted.

  20. Every year, this team lays an egg against a team it should never lose to….the Cardinals last year, the tie with the Bengals, the Vikings on that weird Tuesday game….hopefully this is that game, except that they came away with a W.

  21. Sure it’s Reid’s fault. He’s the one who signed a QB who can’t stand in the pocket and put the ball where it needs to be. Never has there been a QB who had the term “this is the year he breaks out” used to describe him for so many years.

  22. As a Browns fan, it was a total embarrassment to watch Weeden play. There is no way he should have been out there. None. He is not ready. Not even close. Now we see why the Browns didn’t dump McCoy because, as bad as he is, Weeden is worse right now. The front office house cleaning starts the day Haslam takes over as owner.

    Sorry Eagle fans, but if the Browns can confuse Vick, you’ve got no shot at winning the Super Bowl. He should be reading defenses a lot better by now and making much smarter decisions by now. He’s been playing, what, 8 or 9 seasons total and this is the crap he produces? Ouch.

  23. david0303 says:
    Sep 10, 2012 6:50 PM
    They didn’t need to give McCoy the ball 40 times there’s a thing called backup running back where the eagles have 3 very competent backups
    I’m crazy? Why because I said they should run the ball more on 1st down? McCoy can’t handle more then 20 touches? I have no problem with running the other guys as well, but giving McCoy the ball a few more times isn’t going to hurt him.

  24. @chrisvegasiscrazy

    How many carries did McCoy get in the 3rd qtr? Answer that Genius. ZERO!! They were winning then to, usually teams run the ball when they have the lead. Besides as David0303 pointed out, the Eagles have some very capable Backup rbs, why can’t they get a few carries each?

  25. “Sounds like a typical Andy Reid canned response.

    “Give the guy credit for being physically & mentally tough”

    Michael Vick? Are you serious?”

    I am serious, he took an absolute beating during that game. I think anyone that plays in the NFL can be assumed to be tough. And yeah, lets not forget his past, I doubt a day goes by when someone doesnt call him a dog-killer/murderer/scum bag etc. (FTR I agree and if he got hit by a bus I would call it Karma, however Im not talking about his moral standings.) Additionally the pressure of playing in Philly is absurd, so I think its reasonable to say hes mentally tough.

    Hes just not a good NFL qb.

  26. The Ravens are crushing the Bengals, who are not a bad team, tonight. It’s 17-3 near the start of the 2nd quarter (TV’s in other room). Bad news for the Iggles next week.

    Then again, if trends continue, Vick will also be crushed, and Foles will get a regular season baptism by fire, next week, while the Eagles will get a glimpse of the future.

  27. Your right, Reid needs to use McCoy at the beginning of the game more, not only because he’s a premiere back in the league but also to establish a rhythm to the offense so Vick can settle into the game and become more comfortable in his role instead of thinking he has to throw 56 times to make the big plays. The Eagles won’t go very far if they only rely on Vick. You don’t see the Ravens not using Ray Rice early in the game, give LeSean the ball, runs and screens and he will set the tone for the offense making it possible for Vick to make the plays we know he make when the defense has to worry about 2 people in the backfield.

  28. All though mike Vick is athleticly gifted, he is not intellectually. If the man was able to read defenses and new where the pressure was coming from he would b unstoppable. He is no way no how capable of bringing Philly a championship. Until Andy reid figures out that a quarterback will not win championships on athletic ability alone the outcome will b the same. Yesterday was another same old same thing pass 10 times run once. It is the same thing every year. I know the eagles won but it felt like a loss, they should have lost. The beginning of the story is the same as it always has been and the ending will b too.

  29. While there is no excuse for how the Eagles played yesterday, Andy Reid was facing people very familiar with how he does things. People he has worked with before and talked to about his strategies and philosophies. I can’t help but think that played a role in this. Also, the Browns defense did not play a bad game at all.

  30. Cheere up Eagles fans. Vic will not make it to the end of the Ravens game this week. The Nick Foles era starts this week!

  31. I love how Eagles fans ALWAYS need a reason or excuse for there teams poor play. Get over yourselves, you’re just fans…..roll with punches and stop being babies!

  32. Around Philly, we are used to the whole “I’m at fault” that Andy Reid always gives. Goes back to, if he feels there is no one willing to make him pay for all of his “faults” then he will just continue to take the blame. Used to be admirable, now it’s just pathetic. Even more than the bad play, the fact that once again there appeared to be a total lack of adjusting to what the defense is giving you. Once Andy decides the gameplan, he will not waiver from it just so he can prove how brilliant he is. Problem with that is, look at his subpar record for the last 7 years. Might not be as brillaint as he thinks.

  33. grandpoopah says:
    Why does Mike Holmgren get a pass? He traded up to take a running back 3rd overall and then picked a 60 year old quarterback with the #22 pick. Last year, he gave up Julio Jones for Greg Little and some other fodder.


    Let’s not forget that the Browns also passed on Shady McCoy…three times in the 2009 draft

    Round 2:
    Pick 36 Cleveland takes Brian Robiskie(out of a job now).
    Pick 50 they take Mohammad Massaquoi.
    Pick 52 they take David Veikune (canadian league now)

    Pick 53 Philly takes Shady McCoy!!!

  34. Ahhh Vick stinks. Can we trade some backup qbs and qbs we haven’t drafted yet for Flaco. I promise they will be good.

    ps indyeagle
    Defense played well. No need for the fanciness. Look where that got us with Vick.

  35. Vick’s entire career is people making excuses for his poor decision making. The truth is, he is not a very good QB. He never has been, its always been hype, marketing, and more about some story about HIM than his actual play. He had great half season, I can name a dozen other guys who have done as much. I hope he is duly embarrassed against the Ravens.

  36. Lewis didn’t play, brown and Polk had never played so I understand why eagles didn’t give them a ton of touches. You forget how many times we were in 1st and 20, 3rd and 15. If Reid ran more I’m ok with it but you need McCoy to last entire year 26 total touches week 1 is enough its the timing that I agree with you. What if they ran him
    More in first then had a 21 point lead you going to give him another 15 carries to run out clock? Thats to much to start season. Brown and Polk another 15? Ok fine I’m ok with that but they threw and the thing was the WR’s, TE’s were open it’s just Vick holds on to long. I hope it’s rust and the speed of game threw him off. Will know against Baltimore. Its easy to blame a coach but when he calls plays and guys are open and there then you have to blame the guy who can’t execute. I like Vick, I like he put it on himself, mcnabb never would of and players respect that. I think this week will see what Vick is. No excuses against ravens there a beast of a team.

  37. @ chrisvegasiscrazy – so the Eagles didn’t give the young guys teh ball because they don’t have experience? Demarius Thomas didn’t have experience and he was in there for Maclin. Boykin didn’t have experience and he was returning kicks and working the nickle. I’ve always been loyal to Reid but there is no excuse for spreading the ball around your backfield if your confident in your talent. Why else do you keep them on the roster?

  38. i am woundering why we dont just use Nick as our QB and Vick like we started him out wild cat! he want to run the ball all the time anyway UGH. sincerly: Going to die before my birds win a superbowl!

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