Brandon Weeden: I wasn’t overwhelmed


Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden threw in the towel on his baseball career because he had an ERA of 5.02 as a minor league pitcher.

That looks uncomfortably like the 5.1 quarterback rating he posted in his start against the Eagles on Sunday, which obviously wasn’t what the Browns were hoping for when they handed Weeden the starting job this summer. Weeden didn’t get much help from the running game or receivers who couldn’t hold onto passes, but he still threw four interceptions and fumbled twice, both recovered by Cleveland, in a messy performance. It gave the impression that Weeden wasn’t quite ready for prime time.

Weeden couldn’t argue that his play was up to snuff in a game that the Browns might have won with one or two fewer mistakes from their quarterback. He did dispute the idea that he couldn’t handle the moment, though.

“The outcome wasn’t what I wanted, but I wasn’t overwhelmed,” Weeden said, via Bud Shaw of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

With the notable exception of Robert Griffin III, it wasn’t a good day for rookie quarterbacks. Weeden, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill all struggled on their way to losses, a reminder that the life of a rookie quarterback is often fraught with early stumbles. There have been plenty of guys who went on to be great after messing the bed their first time out of the gate.

The Browns have no choice but hoping that Weeden follows that track. Going back to Colt McCoy isn’t a realistic option and growing pains had to be part of the equation when they made their decision in the first place. They might not have expected a day quite like Sunday, but they’ve got to deal with it all the same.

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  1. I guarantee you Holmgren was knee deep in klennex’s watching his QB on the field perform while looking at a monitor in his suite with RGIII carving up the Saints at the same time. All because he had to be greedy and not give STL what they asked for in March. Factory of Sadness for life.

  2. 5.1 QB rating. He managed to make Vick’s nearly 5 pick + 1 fumble performance look good.

    They really can’t go back to him at this point but McCoy most likely wins that game for them.

    On the plus side, the Steelers won a superbowl with Roethlisburger having a 22 QBR.

  3. the problem is the right side of the offensive line right now…

    The rookie Schwartz is a huge problem right now – and not looking like a very good pick – early second round should be plug-n-play – but this kid needs time

  4. The Browns offense was ugly, but I wasn’t terribly surprised. The Eagles have one of the best defenses in the NFL, rookie QB’s have a steep learning curve, and Richardson lost his preseason to knee surgery. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

    I’m actually far more impressed that the Browns defense kept them in the game so well. Even with some significant injuries, Jauron managed to put together and execute a pretty effective gameplan.

  5. Maybe this derek anderson clone should just shut up and stop the macho crap! He was horrible Period! One game left before he’s benched,he can try baseball as a 29 year old rookie! Another browns wasted draft pick!

  6. We reached for weeden in the draft instead of getting a wr or a lb. we couldve jus stuck with mccoy instead we reach for a 29yr old rookie qb who is basically a Derek Anderson reincarnation. Gun for an arm but little to no accuracy at all. He over threw the receivers atleast 5 times and couldnt even throw a 4yard out to the fb. Richardson was a dead man walking due to weeden being incapable of completing anything. Eagles jus stacked the line. Our defense played great D’quell, Haden and Ward played the best tho. But until the qb gets fixed we’re screwed.

  7. If Weeden wasn’t overwhelmed, then I am the Pope!

    If the objective is to win games, they’d better go to Colt McCoy in a hurry.

  8. Close game. If Colt had played they would have won. I’m sure his rating would have been a tad higher than 5.1.

  9. Here’s an idea…why don’t the Browns tape clay pigeons on every receivers jersey? McCoy starts again by week 4. Welcome to Derek Anderson 2.0.

  10. He wasn’t overwhelmed, just overmatched. I don’t know what Shurmur was thinking benching Colt before Weeden’d even taken a preseason snap. Dudes another bust, I can feel it.

  11. eagleswin:
    There’s a difference between a passer rating and a quarterback rating. The Steelers won a Super Bowl with a quarterback who had a 22 “passer rating,” which should not be confused with “quarterback rating.”

  12. I think that’s more indicative of the Eagles defense than of Weeden being overwhelmed or anything…The Eagles have one of the best, and definitely the deepest, front line in the league and can sub in 6 or 7 guys who can all put good pressure on the QB so throwing a rookie in against a defense like that will not give you a good result

    That being said, I still think the Browns should have passed on the QB and drafted another impact player, probably like a WR or something since they have no real playmakers outside of Richardson on offense or maybe an offensive lineman…They probably would have tanked this season anyway and wound up with the #1 pick and Matt Barkley next year

  13. Take a guy from a college run and shoot offense on steroids, who had a playbook of about two pages, hand him the job by going through a fake QB competition and expect him to succeed in the NLF right away?

    Man, Haslam’s going to be handing out a lot of pink slips after this season.

  14. Props to the Eagles for driving 91 yards to win! Cleveland’s defense played their butts off! They basically played two games worth of defense in one game, because the offense under Shurmur and Weeden, was pathetic! Shurmur should’ve swallowed his pride, and put McCoy in because Weeden looked like he still needs a lot of work!

    You can’t ask that much out of your defense week in, week out and expect to win games! Granted, the eagles have one of the best defenses in the league, you just can’t expect to win with Shurmur’s play calling! Turn it over to chilly! Congrats Eagles, best of luck the rest of the way!

  15. WHAT IS THE GOAL OF ANY NFL TEAM? TO WIN! You can’t go back to Colt? What you mean is you can’t suck it up and admit you made a HUGE mistake with Weeden! That kid has yet to admit he was overwhelmed, yet it shows every time he takes the field……no admittance necessary! You may not have felt overwhelmed Brandon, but you were definitely UNDERWHELMING!!! I have no doubt Colt would have won this game, and EVERYONE on the field would have performed MUCH better for the Browns! Sorry Browns fans, you are truly screwed if until Haslam gets control and makes the needed changes!

  16. Larger question beyond this game is when did Weeden ever show he was ready to be an NFL starter on Week 1? They set him up to fail by first reaching when they drafted him, but then compounding that by immediately naming him the starter in an attempt to fool everybody into thinking he was ready…which he clearly never was.

  17. OK seriously, NO one could have put up decent numbers with that crappy line and receivers dropping balls all day. Weeden is smart and has a huge arm, but like Brady Quinn, he is doomed by the offensive line and his”receivers”. RIP Weeden’s career!!

  18. Weeden had a rough start. Oh well. It wasn’t all on him. The Eagles have a great D, and that will become increasingly evident as the season goes on.
    Every rookie QB but one lost yesterday. No one expected the Browns to go to the Super Bowl this year. The rookies have to grow together, and that will happen only after suffering through the adversity together and being better for it.

    I’m no Chris Palmer, but I’m not passing judgment on the Browns starting QB after his Week One performance.

  19. So as I’ve said numerous times before, Weeden was a ridiculous choice when you have a glaring need for offensive weapons. You could have picked several good receivers that were available or another TE…something. McCoy did better with less yet wasn’t even given a shot once they drafted Weeden. Just goes to show why the Browns will never be a legitimate football team…decisions like these and the loss of a second round pick next year will set this team back a few more years. Thank God they have a good defense. Put McCoy in a at least win a few games.

  20. Everyone’s over reactions are hilarious to read. Guy is a rookie he is going to make mistakes. Us Browns fans are desperate for a positive player at the QB that we seem to be blinded by the fact that not every team has an elite QB. Calling for McCoy is childish and ignorant. One game isn’t going to tell you everything you want to know about a rookie, no matter what position they play. Colt is aweful yet Browns fans are forgetting that. I am a fan and I am disheartened by how other fans are reacting.

  21. After watching Colt McCoy over the last two seasons, I know he is never going to be a franchise QB. The Browns HAD to make an upgrade in the position and lost out in the RG III auction. So they took a chance on Weeden. Let’s see how it works out. It’s only one game.
    If Weeden stinks it up all year, the Browns will in in position to get Barkely.
    The good news is that the Browns have 15 rookies and some of them can really play. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  22. Just the facts…the Browns starting offense in a 2 WR, TE, FB and RB set…
    …the average experience per man = 2.45 yrs

    In a 4 WR and RB set…
    …the Browns average experience level = 1.36 yrs

    Has there ever been a younger starting offense in the NFL, in terms of years of experience?

    GOOD QUESTION…this could be the youngest starting offense “ever” in the NFL, in terms of experience.

    I’m not about to get down on my Browns knowing this group of young players “will get better” with each game and each season.

    BTW, the Browns defense averages 3.18 yrs of experience and that is with the 10 veteran Sheldon Brown starting at RCB. Replace our 10 yr veteran with the #2 RCB and the Browns defense averages only 2.45 yrs of experience.

    The Browns young defense limited the high powered Eagles offense to 17 points and picked off the Eagles great QB, Mike Vick, “4 times”.

    Experience does matter in the NFL and while some Browns fans are all doom and gloom, I know the future is bright in Cleveland…once the youngest team in the NFL (in experience) pays a few dues as they gain NFL experience.


  23. Just think, if Cleveland hadn’t been so conservative with their precious draft picks they could have RG3 throwing to Julio Jones for the next decade or so.

  24. OK seriously, NO one could have put up decent numbers with that crappy line and receivers dropping balls all day. Weeden is smart and has a huge arm, but like Brady Quinn, he is doomed by the offensive line and his”receivers”. RIP Weeden’s career!!

    Oh here come the Quinn/Weeden apologists. What a shock. Hey, guess what? Those WRs didn’t do any better for Colt and the line wasn’t any better–yet, that didn’t matter, because for you Weeden apologists, Colt blows.

    Newsflash: it’s hard for WRs to catch balls that are 15 feet over their heads and others that are twenty feet to either side. ONE pass was bobbled for an INT. The other three were flat-out on Weeden.

    Weeden actually ISN’T smart–in terms of the pro game and reading defenses. It’s why he’s locking onto his WRs, gripping the ball like you’d like to grab Quinn’s ass, and overthrowing. The game’s way too fast for him.

    As for Quinn, give it up. He isn’t any good either and he never was. He’s Matt Cassel’s backup. Doesn’t THAT say it all?

  25. Holmgren is so ridiculously over rated its sinful. Ron Wolf stole Brett Favre from the Falcons and dumped him in Holmgren’s lap. Did Holmgren make Favre or was it the other way around?? Obviously it was the other way around. Yes he got Seattle to the Super Bowl once but the NFC was pathetic that year. So much so that the following year the best team in the NFC had Rex Grossman as the starting QB. So throw that one year in Seattle out and what has he accomplished w/o Brett? It’s a QB driven league and the browns need a QB. Weeden is never goingto be an nfl QB. It’s one thing to be a rookie and to be rattled. That causes holding the ball and bad decisions, it’s not an excuse for not making the throws. How many open guys did he miss, including a sure TD on the opening drive? Our GM is a big, bully, blow hard, that shoukd be interviewed and asked if he was overwhelmed.

  26. He keeps reaching and reaching. Since we’ve become Philadelphia west why not trade for Kevin Kolb. He’s super over rated and our GM is, so it could be a great fit. Michael Vick was awful, Andy Reid had a RB gaining huge chunks of yards but had a struggling QB throw 56 times and was basically saying here you go Browns you can have this one. The Browns offense converted 2-13 third downs. That’s almost impossible to do.

  27. The coach was calling for curveballs, but Weeden was throwing fastballs and bouncing the ball 2 feet in front of the plate or sailing it over the catcher’s head. No wonder he flamed out of baseball. No touch and no accuracy.

  28. Going to be rough for him in the division vs these pass rushers. I thought the browns reached in a panic for a qb, will probably cost them all their jobs unless weeden sorts himself out

  29. In my opinion, the Browns had other areas of need that they could have addressed before QB, like receiving corps and defensive line. Maybe Colt McCoy isn’t a franchise QB, but I don’t think he’s that bad. You can probably get by with him if you have the right pieces. If they were going to replace McCoy with Weeden, they had to be sure that Weeden was the right guy to win RIGHT NOW, not in two or three years as a developmental prospect.

    By the looks of it, Weeden is still far behind in development. Not that it’s bad for a rookie, even a first rounder. The thing is, he’s just a month away from being 29 years old. QB’s take some years to hit their prime, specially in terms of football knowledge and execution. Just look at Matt Ryan or Matt Stafford. They’re in their 5th and 4th year in the league, respectively, and are just expected to make the leap to the next level this year. The Browns must be sure that Weeden will be the great QB they were expecting before he’s 34.

    In essence, the Browns must have been sure that Weeden is going to hit his prime sooner rather than later, and that he’ll be a great QB, when they drafted him. For their sake, I hope they’re right.

  30. The people who think McCoy should get his job back must not have ever watched him play in the NFL. Weeden was horrible, terrible, miserable, and wretched, but if you think McCoy is a better (or even viable) long-term solution, you’re clueless.

  31. McCoy had very similar stats to Andy Dalton last year. So to say he is a bad QB or a regression is just plain ignorant. The play calling by the browns is god awful and no matter who is playing QB for the browns they are going to suck butt until they fix that. So saying Weeden will be a bust is just as dumb as saying McCoy isn’t good.

  32. The Browns have the worst running game in football, and possibly the worst receiving tandem in the history of football.

    Keep wasting draft picks on quarterbacks, guys.

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